Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 4: No Regrets

the man started moving his hands up my dress, I tried to pull them away. He just slapped me for even trying to stop him. I was terrified. "Please don't hurt me." I begged, just above a whisper. He shook his head and slid his fingers up my thigh. "No, no, no. Please stop." I pleaded but he continued, smiling perversely at me. I felt my knees trembling, as I fell to the ground, my body was a wreck and so was I.
"Get up." The man ordered. I shook my head, knowing that I was too weak to. The man kicked me hard in my legs. "I said get up." He barked as I climbed up still feeling weak. He went to kiss my lips as I turned my head so that he only got my neck. I closed my eyes tight in fear, not wanting to watch my body be used as a therapy for a perverted man. I was shaking by now, as a man suddenly appeared and came storming towards us. I kept my eyes closed tightly, as more tears came down my face. The man immediately scampered away from me as I opened my eyes to a pair that I knew all too well. I didn't think, I just hugged the life out of Cris, too afraid to let go. He didn't hug me back, but I could see pain flickering in his eyes.
"You should probably go home, I'll give you a lift." Cris suggested as he walked towards the car, with me following closely behind. I could hear the paps shouting at us, begging for an answer to their questions. "Is there anything between the two of you?" One of them shouted out loudly as I pretended to have not heard the question. We got to the car without a word being said. what was there between Cris and I... silence.

The radio was playing loudly to avoid awkward conversation, but Cris turned it down and looked at me quickly, before turning back to the road. There was something on his mind, I just knew it. He took a deep breath as he began, "we were a mistake?" He asked, without even looking at me. I didn't know what to say to that. He was an ass throughout the relationship, and I suppose in a way we were a mistake.
"According to you we weren't anything.... Just a fling." I retorted as I heard hurt dancing on the words that left my mouth, completely unintended. He didn't move, but I knew that he was a little hurt. Why did he even care about me. I'm part of his past, he has replaced me with someone 10 times better than me.
"I was drunk, we were much more than a fling, you know that. But you think that it was all a mistake, huh?" He asked with bitterness hidden in the words. I felt my heart warm a bit at the thought of me meaning something to him. Is that pathetic?
"We were a mistake Cris. We aren't together now... Are we?" I asked, knowing that Cris would be slightly annoyed at me for admitting that, but I'm not going to lie to protect him. He's old enough to protect himself. An awkward silence occurred as I turned my attention to the window. I felt his eyes on the back of my neck, staring at me coldly.
"You're right. You were were a mistake, one of the biggest regrets of my life." He said icily as I felt a lump emerge in my throat, and the warmth in my body turn to coldness. Why do I give a damn anymore? He cheated on me with another woman for a fricking year. He has no heart to claim my heart like this, but he does. And always will do.
"I said that we were a mistake, not that I regretted it. I don't regret one minute spent with you, only the ones spent away." I replied calmly as I could feel the tension in the air being released. I knew that he was touched by me being the bigger person, and admitting to that.
"Then why were you about to sleep with that guy?" Cristiano asked, and I could hear jealously panging through his voice. didn't he realize that the man was trying to rape me? If he hadn't have saved me then I'd have probably pretended that I wanted for it to happen, to make myself come off strong and over Cris, but I'm not going to keep anymore secrets, because they always resurface in the end. A silence grew as I turned my attention away from the window and to Cris, as he drove into Sergio's driveway. "I wasn't about to sleep with him. He was about to rape me." I confessed as I saw shock, shame and pain flash in his eyes for a second. "Please, don't tell anyone, they'll just make it a bigger thing than it is." I quickly requested as I pulled the car handle. Cris grabbed my hand quickly, preventing me from leaving. "Hey, you can't keep these secrets locked up, you need to tell someone." Cris suggested quickly, giving me a look that I despised, of pity. I wanted to lash out at him for that look, but I was in no mood to break down the bridge that we just built.
"I already did." I replied, smiling at him weakly as I finally got out of the car and walked into the house. Sergio and Pilar were asleep, so I crept into my room silently. I got dressed into my pajamas, as laid in my bed staring into the ceiling. I was terrified yet ecstatic at the same time. The thought of the creep touching me gave me shivers that raced down my spine, but the memory of Cris saving me was all that I could think of. Why? Because he may have broken my heart, but he still has it.
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So Cristiano saved Tasha from the creep, and have had a meaningful conversation, that gave some light to their relationship. Will Cris spill what happened to Tasha to anyone else? Will Tasha move on from the incident? Will the pair patch their relationship back together, or is it gone for good?