Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 7: Déjà vu

I woke up the next morning with a text from work, ordering me to do some interviews after the Real Madrid match against Sevilla. I was obliged to go, as I had been off for the past few weeks, I just prayed that I wouldn't have to interview Cris, that would be too awkward. Today I was moving into my new house and I wanted to not have to come with the builders to Cris's house, it had too many memories of us, so I decided that they would remove all of my things when he wasn't there. I grabbed a bottle of water and a today's magazine to read while waiting for the match to begin.

I had just gotten to the stadium, and had taken my seat. I pulled out my magazine and flicked through the glossy pages, when my jaw dropped in shock. Shit. I read the title, 'Cris wants to go back to his old ways with Tasha Grove?' I flipped the page, which was filled with pictures from yesterday when Cris had tried to kiss me, and then me turning my head. This was not good for me, the press will bombard him with questions and then for my reputation... I was already a gold digging whore; what they stoop to now? I threw the magazine into the bin and then returned to the seat. I swear; if I have to interview Cris I might just die.

The match ended 3-1 to Real Madrid, who had an excellent game other than receiving the rather penalty ( in my opinion...) I flicked through my notes, with questions to ask the victim of whoever had to talk to me. They're a victim because the press make them spend an hour doing the interviews. I looked up at the people that I'd have to be interviewing, Sergio and Gareth Bale, that's fine by me; no Cristiano! The camera was about to start up when suddenly a man came rushing to Sergio's side. Cristiano Fricking Ronaldo. Of all people? I smiled, trying to look professional as Cris winked at me in return, so immature. "Sergio, you led your team to an excellent win, I'm sure that you must very proud of your teammates?" I asked enthusiastically, and Sergio beamed at his teammates, pride overwhelming him.
"Yes, it's an excellent victory and I'm so happy for the team." Sergio replied. I smiled back at him when I felt Cristiano's eyes drifting up and down my body, I turned around and glared at him coldly. He smirked at my with his devilish grin. God this man is impossible.

The interview finished I collected in the microphones from Gareth, Sergio. They left before Cris handed me the microphone. At this point I was fuming with anger, Cris had been giving me subtle complements that made me blush-he didn't give a shit that we were on T/V. I just hope that the other members of press don't read too deep into this interview... Who am I kidding? Of course they will! "Thanks." I said coldly as I snatched the microphone from the devil's grip and handed back at the camera man, who was laughing at Cris. I turned around to find him mimicking me, and gave him a bitter smile. this man is too immature for me. I turned and walked towards my car as Cris grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him, this is déjà vu, I swear! "I've been thinking about you recently." He flirted at me, I rolled my eyes at his attempt to 'woo' me. If he thinks that I'm just going to fall into his arms then he's got another thing coming. "I miss you." He continued as I sighed. Yes I still love him, yes I still want to be with him. But I can't be with him. I just can't trust him anymore, he hasn't changed. Besides he doesn't deserve a second chance after how we broke up with me. He was seeing some model for a year behind my back, and it all started because of my miscarriage. I remember that day, sitting in the chair with Cris squeezing my hand tightly, full of excitement. I waited for her to detect a hear beat when she frowned, I blacked out. The next thing that I know, I'm lying in a bed with machines around me, and no swollen stomach. I still recall the look that Cris gave me. Not of sorrow, not of disappointment, but of emptiness. Ever since then he changed, he was much quicker to loosing his temper, he would shout at me for days on end for no reason.
"Cris, please don't." I begged as he came closer to me. I stared at the ground, feeling his eyes on mine as he took my hands in his and squeezed them gently. I couldn't go back to my old ways with Cris... Could I. No. He has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who is stunning and loves him, Either way someone's going to get hurt, and I know that it'll be me. I looked up at his eyes and got lost in them, they were brown but full of curiosity.
"I want you Tasha, I need you." He pleaded as he leant his forehead against mine, suddenly everything around me stopped. It was like slow motion; just Cris and I together, no drama, no nothing; just passion. I couldn't stop myself from hugging him tight.I felt him smell my hair, as a smile crept over my face. What am I doing? I'm falling back into his trap. I need to go, go home and stop myself from falling, because whatever falls breaks.
"I'm sorry Cris, I can't go back to what we were I just can't" I replied softly as I slipped out of his arms and went towards my car, biting my lip to try and stop the tears that were threatening to come streaming down my face.
"I've changed, I have." He begged as I continued to walk away from him, but I turned around.
"What about Irina? you're just using her like you used me? If you really have changed then you won't cheat on her and betray her trust like you did to mine." I retorted as anger flashed in his eyes. He deserved it, someone needed to tell him to grow up, he just didn't want to hear it. He was going to have to move on from me, he won't have my stuff lying around his house to remind him of me anymore, I needed to move on from him to. I got into the car and started the engine, I could see his figure in my wing mirror, the exact same look. Of emptiness.
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So Tasha's moving out and Cris wants her back, what will he do when he finds out about her moving her things out of his house?