Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 8: Rekindled Flame

when I had reached my house the movers were still not finished. I strolled through the lovely rooms, and smiled to myself. It's not Cristiano's house, but that's what I like about it, it's fairly large, but cosy. The walls were pale, of course and the rooms were spacious, with windows open, allowing the cool breeze to waft into my face. I began moving things to where I wanted them to be, I love moving things-I'm incredibly organized! This was the fun part of moving... Everyone else hates it, but I love decorating my house. I played some music and started working. "I'm so excited" I whispered to myself jumping up and down in excitement. I started off with the bedroom, placing the bed in the right area and so forth.

I had been organizing my stuff for an hour. The movers were finally done, so I had the house to myself. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly independent... but the thought of living alone was kind of scary, just the thought of someone attacking me... It kind of freaked me out... I had completed my bedroom and living room, and was now working on the kitchen. I heard a knock at the door, it's 7:00, why would anyone be here? I walked to the door as my eyes widened. I swear that I've seen him more after the break-up than I did when we were actually together! He smiled at me shyly as I returned it. Things have changed so much, Just one week ago I would have jumped at the opportunity too murder Cris, but now I'm being civil. And as much as it kills me to admit it, I do miss him. I miss his smile, the way that his eyes would light up when he got his way, his arrogance, his smile. I just miss him. Everything about him.
"Can I come in?" He asked me as I opened the door wider, allowing for him to walk through. I closed it behind him, and as I turned around he was right next to me. Why am I so small? I looked up at him as he smirked, he could read my mind. His hand cupped my cheeks as I gazed into his eyes, and I felt him look straight through me, before he leant in, to kiss my lips. I didn't think. The next thing I knew, I was moving my lips along with his. this was what I wanted. This was what I had been missing. His touch that send shivers racing through me. The explosion of passion that burst as his lips graced mine. I felt him smile into the kiss, before he pulled away. "You moved out." He began as I sighed. This man is too confusing. He led me on, just to start a fight with me.
"Yeah." I replied softly avoiding eye contact, I knew that he was going to hold this against as a reason as to why I'm the problem. It's what annoyed me about him, the way that he is NEVER the problem in his eyes. Everything that I do is below him; well that's how I feel most of the time. But the other time he treats me as if I'm the most important thing that exists!
"Why? I mean you clearly still want to be with me... So why not move back in?" He asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world!
"I needed a new start. I couldn't stay at Sergio's forever and I wasn't ready to go back to your house, I mean you have Irina." I replied as he rolled his eyes. Crap. Irina, I just kissed her boyfriend. Shit. I'm just as bad as her. I came back to planet Earth and saw Cristiano watching my movement carefully.
"I don't have Irina. We're not going out." Cris began as I raised my eyebrows. He took a breath before continuing. "Um, Irina and I went through a rough patch. Remember when you went away to America? Well She was getting really annoyed that she wasn't able to act like a 'couple' with me. When we did I pretended to be happy; but I hated it. I felt wrong, that I was with her and not you, so I pictured her as you. Then I realized when we broke up how much I love you, not her. I broke up with her the night after Sergio's party. I couldn't stand the reminder of what I did to you." Cris explained as he drew me closer. A sudden surge of relief rushed through me, I'm not as bad as her I reminded myself. "Would you want to move back in with me?" He asked, as I looked at him unsure. was he being serious or just seeing where we stood in our relationship.
"I want to be with you Cris. But you changed when we lived together, I need to get to know the real Cristiano that I fell in love with before we take this step." I replied, not trying to be rude. Of course I want to live with him, want to be with him forever-but I want to find the old Cristiano. The one that loved me more than anything and would do anything to make me smile. He grinned at me as he pulled me in towards him, and kissed me passionately. "What?" I asked, noticing his sudden happiness. I just said rejected his offer; why would that make him smile?
"You said that you wanted to be with me." Cris replied as he kissed me again and pulled me down onto the sofa with him. I nodded my head making his smile grow bigger. This is what I mean, he can be so cute and childish, all part of his charm.

I woke up the next morning with the covers pulled over me. Cris and I had been watching 'Titanic' last night, under the covers in my bed. It was so lovely and romantic. Just the two of us cuddled up together, and being so in-sync with each other. I rolled over and saw Cristiano who was still sleeping. I got out of bed silently, not wanting to wake Cris; he was certainly not a morning person. I got into the kitchen and started buttering 2 bagels, one for me and one for Cris when he wakes up. He loves my smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, so I thought that I'd make him one before I left for my morning run. I needed to get my thoughts together, and the best thing for that was a morning run. I grabbed my I pod and headphones as I got out of the door. I suddenly felt the flashes of one million cameras, before I turned on my heels and headed back in the house. Great, paps. Every celebrity's worst nightmare.
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So Tasha and Cristiano are finally back together. They appear to be going well, however now the press know. What effect will the press make on their relationship?