Sequel: The Masked Feelings
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A Heart Full of Emptiness

Chapter 9: Never Leave A Fight Un-Resolved

Cris was at training, and I was on my way to Pilar's, to spend the afternoon with her and Sara (Iker's girlfriend). I arrived at Pilar's house, and rang the door bell. Pilar opened the door and embraced me in a hug, before I saw Sara who I also hugged. "I've missed you so much" Sara spoke in a soft tone. I smiled at her sadly, knowing that it was kind of my fault that we'd drawn apart; Cris just didn't like her for some reason. We walked towards the sofa and sat down as Pilar furrowed her brows at me. I returned her questioning look.
"Spill." Pilar began as I looked at her in shock. Please tell me that she isn't talking abut Cristiano. "Come on, your eyes have finally got that spark back that they'd been missing. Who's the guy?" Pilar asked smiling shyly, sipping on her water.
I rolled my eyes at Pilar, knowing that I couldn't lie; but the truth would certainly trigger a reaction out of Sara. "Cris." I replied watching Pilar and Sara intently. They looked at each ot her and sighed, before turning their attention back to me. I shifted nervously, praying that they wouldn't get pissed off with me for falling for Cris again.
"Why? After all that he's put you through. He was a jerk to you... And me!" Sara replied coldly at the thought of Cristiano. I stole a deep breath and nibbled on my lip.
"I love him Sara, I never felt like this with anyone before. I know that he was an ass towards you, but I promise that I won't allow that to happen." I argued, I know that it was selfish, but I didn't want to loose Sara or Cris.
Pilar and Sara shared a look of guilt before looking back at me. I wanted to know what that look was about, but then part of me didn't. I wasn't ready to hear whatever they had to say.

I glanced at the clock. '10:23' it read, where the hell was he? I sighed and put the curry that I had made back in the fridge and walked to my bedroom, to go to sleep. Alone. I tossed and turned in my sleep where was Cris? It was all that I could think about. How could I possibly sleep not knowing where he was? I got up and looked at the time '00:05', I was getting really worried now. I had a glass of water and checked my messages. Thank goodness, I had received one from Cris, he had sent it at 11 o'clock. 'hey, don't wait up for me; am not gonna be able to go to ur house 2nite.' I threw my phone at my sofa. I know that I was over reacting, but it pissed me off that he hadn't bothered to text me at 6 to let me know so that I didn't waste time on a romantic meal for him. And he didn't even send any kisses.

It had gone been 3 days since Cris had stood me up. We hadn't made any contact with each other, and I was starting to wonder what Cris an I were. Did he just come back to play with me and then run away from me? I had decided to show up to his training so that we could finally talk. I arrived as the boys were going in to the changing rooms. I stood by my car and was in the middle of texting Pilar. I heard a loud cough from someone standing right in front of me. I jumped in shock, not expecting Ancelotti to be right in front of me. "Can I help you?" I asked bitterly, remembering our last encounter.
"well, I certainly was right!" Carlo began, I raised my eyebrows. I didn't understand him, I wasn't some gold digger like he thought I was, so what was he right about. "I knew that you and Cris still had something for each other. If you'd have accepted my offer then maybe you wanted to hurt him, but you didn't because you still cared about him. And now look at you two, you're together just like I knew you'd be!" Carlo explained, laughing slightly. I felt slightly better that he didn't think I was a gold digger, but well were we actually together? I smiled shyly at Carlo, and looked behind him where Cris had emerged. I smiled at Cris who seemed different. He walked over to me and got in my car, I said goodbye to Carlo and then got into the car as well.

I started the engine and Cris didn't even look at me, what the hell was his problem, I was mad at him, not the other way round! "I haven't heard from you in days" I began as Cris made an emphasized sigh, staring out of the window.
"I really don't want to talk right now." He replied as I rolled my eyes and continued driving, at this point in time I was pretty sure that we weren't a couple. I drove into the drive way, and parked. Cris leapt out of the car and walked quickly into my house, slamming the door behind him. What was up with him? I followed after him, trying to remain calm. Cris had gone straight to the lounge and was on his phone texting. I walked straight past him and into the bedroom slowly, crashing the door into it's frame behind me. I sat down at the end of the bed, cradling my head in my hands and rocking my body slowly. This was really screwed up.

Cris had left and I was up, watching a movie. I was sobbing away at the sad scenes from 'the lovely bones'. As the movie was drawing to an end Cris returned home. I looked at him and then turned back to putting my disc away. He walked straight through to my bedroom and 5 minutes later I followed after him. I slid into the bed and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I needed to know what there was between us. "Cris, you up?" I whispered. I heard him grumble, so I repeated. "Cris." This time slightly sharper. I ha gotten his attention as he turned around and looked me in the eyes coldly.
"Shut up. I don't want to talk ok? I'm tired." He replied icily. He rolled back over away from me. I got up from bed and made my way toward the door. "where are you going?" he asked bitterly.
"To the spare room." I hissed back and left the room. They say never to leave a fight un-resolved. I'd agree.
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So Rose and Cristiano are already fighting, and not really speaking. What's going on with Cristiano?