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Drugged 1/1


I was thinking what I should wear tonight as I looked through the clothes in the wardrobe. Judging from Kristie’s figure, I had to pick something simple but nice looking. I studied her as she was fixing her make up. Her short blonde hair were shining, more alive than ever and her red painted nails were perfect. The light brown blouse she was wearing, hugged her frame slightly, the right side of her back being exposed just a little. Her small tattoo with three flying birds, always made me think how much I wished I could fly like a bird and escape from all those memories. The black tights she wore along with the light brown short boots, made her look like perfection. She was perfection.

"Like what you see?" She asked me smirking and I just stuck my tongue out before returning to the wardrobe. I decided to wear the same kind of clothing she wore, but with different colors. We always bought the same clothes in different colors, so it would be no different than before. I got dressed in a red blouse, white tights and a pair of short, black boots. The only thing missing was the tattoo. I had yet to get one because I was too much of a chicken.

I sat down on the bed and closed my eyes. Kristie sat in front of me and started working on my make-up. Once she was finished, she pushed me off the bed and towards the mirror. She had applied some black eye liner and eye shadow that was in the color of my skin, just a bit darker, making my eyes seem like a cat’s. My lips had a glamour look to it and they were the same as the eye shadow. My cheeks were a bit red, but that only made my face seem sweeter.

Kristie and I walked down the stairs and went to the living room, where the rest of our friends were waiting for us.

"Get up. We’re leaving," Kristie said to all of them and the girls did as they were told, by adding a few words here and there.

I was going to open the door when my adopted sister, Clarity, opened the door from the other side. She stood in the entryway, judging us all from heads to toes.

"I see I just got here in the right moment. Mom said you’re not allowed to go out so you’re not going anywhere. It can’t go on like this Katrina. You can go out once in a while, but not so often! You’re staying at home tonight and that’s the end of our discussion."

"But…" I tried to reason with her, hoping she’d let me go out for just tonight.

"No buts. Don’t try any of your tricks, too. And no, Kristie," she eyed Kristie, "you won’t be able to pull any of your tricks since the door is gonna be locked.’’

There was pure disappointment displayed on our faces, not to mention the anger.

"Now Katrina, go to your room and have fun?" My sister said over her shoulder on her way out.

"Goodnight, Clarity," We all said to her, together. Everyone turned around to head to my bedroom, but Kristie stopped us.

"You can’t expect me to pass a Saturday night party, huh? I guess we can have our little fun here as well. Just come here." She said and then she literally shoved us into my room, where she showed us a bunch of colorful paper squares.

"And what’s this supposed to be?" I asked, playing around with her.

"Come on, don’t play dumb sweetheart. You have seen LSD more than just once. Well then, who wants to go first?"

Drugs? Never tried them before… is what I’d love to say but I’d be lying. I may be a saint but all saints have a past, don’t they? And mine was very tempting since Kristie was offering it to me, with her little black heart. We sat down in a circle while Kristie distributed the magical stuff.

"What exactly are we supposed to do with it?" One of Kristie’s friends asked doubtfully.

"You might as well put it up inside your round ass." Kristie dead-panned and I couldn’t contain my laugh at that sight... not at all.

"You are not funny," snarled the other girl. "And you, Katrina! You should defend me!" She said turning to me.

"For real - just put it under your tongues for a while." Kristie instructed, in a serious tone for once.


Over the next hour, we were steadily getting intoxicated, thanks to the alcohol mixed with drugs. I wasn’t expecting to feel this good. The world was spinning, as if I had just came off some roller coaster. As expected by Kristie, to be honest.

My hands were shaking in an epileptic manner and, to say the least, my brain was making fun of me. Well, the sight before me was not exactly what I’d call normal, and with that I meant the cats. I wasn’t sure if they existed or not before me, but they definitely shouldn’t be in my bedroom. I totally hated cats with a burning passion. Suddenly, blackness took over and I disappeared into the never ending darkness.


My head felt heavy as I slowly opened my eyes and saw the walls spinning as well as disco balls going round, making circles. I tried to get up and even though I didn’t manage to do it at first, the second try was successful. I was inside a club and my friends were dancing on the dance floor. My head felt heavy so I grabbed the first glass I saw filled with the bittersweet liquid I desired. It was supposed to take the heaviness away so I could have a bit more fun. I closed my eyes and sat with my head against the wall, trying to relax and calm down so I wouldn’t throw up.

After a couple of minutes or more like an hour, I opened my eyes again, realizing my friends were already sitting around me,drinking their cocktails and all that crazy stuff as they talked and flirted around. Kristie was sitting beside me and I had just realized her hand was around my waist, when I turned to look at whose hand it was. Her red painted nails were covered by the skin of another person’s hand as they took the pills she held. I looked to my right, and saw Kristie’s face. Then to my left, seeing Claudine, Kristie’s older sister by three years.

I smiled at them before I took Kristie’s hand and led her on the dance floor, not even replying to her questions. Truth be told, I don’t remember hearing what she said. I was just seeing her mouth move. Was it the drugs? Was it the alcohol or maybe a mix of these two? I didn’t know.

By the time I was able to hear her voice again, the music was too loud to actually listen to what she was saying. I was smiling like a stupid girl in front of her as I danced around on the dance floor. She put her hands in the air, before she started dancing to the rhythm of the music. It was what we always did and that was the reason why my adopted sister was always so angry with me or so overprotective, Poor Clarity, she’ll have to come and pick me up again from wherever the hell I will in, by morning or afternoon… it depends.

I was getting closer to Kristie while I danced and when I was totally in front of her, she showed me two white pills with red lines. I grabbed them from her hands quickly and opened my mouth setting them on top of my tongue. I smirked before I set my hand on the back of her neck and pushed her towards me, making our lips touch each other before I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and gave her one pill that way.

When we pulled apart, breaking the kiss she said, "you’re really into it tonight" with a silly smile on her face. I knew the drugs were talking again but I liked it. It was too much fun to let it go to waste, like always…

"And it’s not just tonight." I mused before I pushed my tongue inside her wanting mouth.

My arms travelled all over her back, from her waist to her neck…pushing her against me more and more. It was like I was trying to transmit the sweet burning desire I felt for her. Her hands went around my neck, as she skillfully responded to the kiss, getting hungrier and hungrier for more. Then suddenly she pushed me back, breaking the kiss and she ran away from me.

I saw her going to the back of the club and I followed her there. I looked from the side seeing her talking with a young boy, no more than fifteen. She put her right hand in the valley between her breasts while with the other one she held her bra, and from there she took off three pills. The two of them were blue and the other one was like medicine, pure white. She gave them to the boy quickly and he gave her money. When he left, I took his place against the wall.

"Do you fix everyone and everywhere?" I asked. It was like I had sobered up immediately which was totally strange. It even seemed strange to me and I was supposed to be the drunken one.

"Kind of," she muttered as she looked towards the crowd of sweating, dancing bodies on the dance floor.

"What about me?" I said, the words came out of my mouth without me realizing it.

"What about you, Katrina?" She asked me in that voice of hers, which sent shivers down my spine. Even her voice had power over my body and actions.

"Will you fix me?" I asked her, looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes.

"I already did, didn’t I?" She replied with a question before she added, "no need to say you are a mess and you probably won’t remember anything tomorrow…just like always.’"

"I always remember, but if I say I do you won’t kiss me again, will you?" I shot at her.

I knew the truth. I knew it all too well. Kristie would never be my girlfriend. I didn’t know why. Whenever we kissed, there was passion. We knew each other so well and we had discovered our desires. Every day that passed by our kisses got more and more passionate. And all those times when our bodies were against each other’s, her heartbeat tried to outrun mine every single time. Was she scared of were this was heading? I didn’t know.

"I would just disappear, I think." She stated looking on the floor.

She had replied truthfully and that made me want to get closer to the truth. I wanted to know everything I didn’t know about her. I longed to be with her and understand her.

"I don’t think I’d like you disappearing on me." I smiled up at he,r pushing her chin up with my hand, so I could look into her eyes again.

"Probably not," she answered with kind of a sad smile.

"You know… I’m a sinner with a future you don’t want to have… with a future I don’t want you to have. That’s all there is to it." She said before she tried to walk away but I grabbed her hand.

"I’m not done talking, am I?" I asked her and then I pushed her against the wall.

"Just because you do what you do and because you think you are not worthy to be with me or whatever, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you." I explained to her before I added, "and it’s not just want that I feel… it's love. I love you fucking much that I don’t care if you are selling drugs. I’m even willing to help you, that’s how much I love you and care for you. Is that so fucking hard to understand?" I had started shouting at her while putting pressure on my arms which were holding her wrists against the wall.

Thankfully, I wasn’t pressuring her enough to leave bruises and the music was too loud for the rest of the club to hear me yelling at her.

"I’m a sinner and I’ll never let you be one cause I may have a future and yes, you have a past, but your future can be brighter than mine and I want that for you." She said to me as she pushed me away violently and I would have fallen on the floor if I hadn’t managed to steady myself. I saw the tears leaving her eyes before she left me, and I knew what I had to do to fix things again.


I slowly opened my eyes and yes, it was the most idiotic thing I could have done. I closed them right away, when the blinding sun rays burned my eyes. I cursed myself that I had forgotten to close the blinds the night before, but honestly, such intense sunshine was a rare sight in Greece.

Last nights happenings brought me back at once. Had it really happened, all that crazy shit? I turned my head away from the sun and felt some foreign hair tickling my face. Realizing it was Kristie’s like always, I just stayed there loving the feeling of having her beside me.

The only thing I had to do was to pretend I didn’t remember anything when she woke up. And that’s what I did, because more than anything, I longed to have her by my side, even if that meant as friends.
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