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Royal Blood

Rosenne Goldbrave is the only daughter and heir of Alexander Goldbrave—the figurehead of Goldbrave Corp. When he mysteriously dies, the competition—Vaden Aro—has dedicated himself to convincing her to sign her father's company over to him.
Soon, she starts to uncover deep secrets within her family lineage. Now, without the protection of her father, she finds herself in more danger than ever before.

Rating: PG-13 (Violence/Death, Blood/Gore, Language/Suggestive Themes, Alcohol)

Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy/Sci-fi, [Soft] Romance, Dramedy


Guardians: They are extremely powerful beings that many don't bother or stir without dire consequences. They are the Equivalent of Demi-Gods.
There are some that commit some sort of crime or misdemeanor, so they are given the job to protect a creature (human or otherwise).

Familiars: They are beings that serve as protectors of the weak. They are very powerful creatures, but they are not the same as Guardians. They are normally only of male population, yet there are the rare female counterparts. They are also the Equivalent of Demi-Gods.

Titans: A legendary creature whose blood and tears can heal the wounded. They can be just as powerful as guardians. The difference being that Titans range from seven to ten feet tall. Very large... They live in the Gigas Mountain Range and are very few in number.

Royals: A race of Monarch-like beings whose blood and tears can revive the dead and heal the wounded. They were the supreme rulers of Terra (besides Terra herself of course). They are presumed as near extinct, but there is one last family line descended from them left.

Demons: Creatures from the underworld that are normally summoned a when promised the soul of those they are summoned in which to serve. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ranks.

Vampires: A race of immortal creatures, said to originate from bloodsucking bats found deep within the darkest caves. Sunlight mames them, but it doesn't kill them. They drink blood to sustain their immortal bodies. Contrary to popular belief, garlic and holy water doesn't have any effect on them. Almost nothing can kill a vampire.

Dark Elves: The dark cousins of the elves. They are shady and dark in nature. They are a race of sly and cunning creatures that know how to manipulate the shadows to their advantage. For Example: Vaden and Solara Aro.

Goldbrave Corp. - Alexander Goldbrave is the owner of a powerful tycoon of bold businesses that dominate and destroy their competition. He built his empire upon the principles of dominance.

Aro Corp. - Vaden Aro is the center piece of Aro Corp. His company has a bitter rivalry with Goldbrave Corp. that continues on for a decade.

Main Towns:

Barron - This is a common town in which many live. The population and area of this town is the third biggest in all of Terra. The population of this town is made up of common people; Bakers, Artisans, Blacksmiths, Scholars, ect... (This is the home of William Haygen.)

Goldbraven - The largest town, which was built around Goldbrave Corp. This large, bustling city is the home of Alexander Goldbrave. This was built around Goldbrave Corp. and is full of casinos, factories, and elite facilities. There is a very high cost of living within the town unless you live in the outskirts of this massive city.

Periculos - The second largest town built deep within the Umbra forest. This industrial city is highly revered and dreaded for its vicious people, brutal streets, and shady atmosphere. This is where the highly respected and very powerful Guardian, Savien, resides. Many hardcore freaks, sleazy characters, and rouges dwell here.