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The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End


Splashing the cold water on my face, this was a daily routine of mine. I arrived every morning at 6:30 to beat the crowd of twenty other girls I have to share the dorm bathroom with. The bathroom was vacant except for a few other girls with the same mindset as I. As I was brushing my hair a blood curdling scream pierced the steamy mist that drifted through the bathroom.

It was like nothing I have never heard before, I gave a slight jump, from the condensation build up on the tiles, I soon found myself sitting on the floor looking numbly around to find the source of the scream. It was coming from a small blonde girl standing outside a running shower. I pushed myself of the slippery floor and walked towards the crowd of girls that were already gathering, and tried to peak over the top over their heads. My wondering eyes landed on the girl standing by the shower, now sobbing over a wet limp body on the floor. I was shocked, as well as scared. I hurried out of the bathroom, leaving all of my belongings behind, as many girls were rushing in.

I hurried down the hall to my dorm room, wanting to get away from malignant obeisance of the bathroom, I threw the door opened and looked around. My roommate was still passed out on her small twin bed by the window. The dorm room I shared with Gemma Baker was medium sized, it had one window by Gemma's bed. Her side of the room was covered with candles and stones of all kinds, Gemma was a very earthy girl. My side, on the other hand, was poorly decorated with generic black and white furniture; my older acoustic guitar and my newer electric guitar were propped against the foot of my bed. I snatched my backpack up off of my desk where I had left it last night and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind me. As I made my way down the stairwell out of the building, I bumped into many girls rushing around, in the distance I could hear police sirens. I made my way to my first course of today, History of Psychology.

Walking to the Psych 101 building, I heard many passing people talking about the girl that died in the showers.

“Did you hear about Katelynn Jacks? Her roommate found her dead in the showers this morning.” said one gossipy female.

“Dude, some chick died in the showers this morning, in the girls dorms.” said a beefy jock.

"Was she hot? Did you bang her?" asked his friend, I didn't stick around to hear the answer.

There were a few people crying, some were gossiping that she killed herself, and others were coming up with ridiculous scenarios about how she had gotten "murdered". There was too much misinformation going around for anybody to be sure what happened, to think of it, I was actually THERE and I'm not entirely sure what happened.

I figured it was just an accident, or at least, that's what I wanted myself to believe. I didn't know the girl, so it didn't bother me too much. I decided to go on with my day like normal and ignore all of the crude gossip. None of it was true, and it was all just misinformation. By the end of the day the hype of her death would die down, and the next big things would be who had the best drugs on campus and where everyone was going for spring break, like it is almost every other day.

was laying in bed, exhausted, but my mind was racing. No one truly cared for the girl that died, they just wanted to be in the loop and have a reason to gossip. Had they been there when it happened, they would have been petrified. Anyone who was friends with Katelynn would not be gossiping they would be grieving. Not making it the hot social topic of the day. I rolled over and turned off the desk lamp, I must have stared numbly at the ceiling for another hour before I actually fell asleep; wondering what tomorrow would bring.


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