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Sequel: A Perfect Beginning

I Know in My Heart It's Not You

"I should've never thought of you…"

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Just how did Hayley and Oli get together?

The year is 2009. It's been two years since Hayley Williams and Josh Farro had broken up. Two years since Paramore had almost fallen apart. Despite all their issues, the band overcame them, stayed together, and are now playing a surprise show for Warped Tour.

In between those two years, Hayley had met Oliver Sykes and they immediately became friends, yet haven't seen each other in a while. When she finds out that Bring Me the Horizon is playing on Warped, she meets back with him and he's happy to see her again.

New and old feelings soon arise and Hayley realizes that she doesn't know what she wants, as she is afraid that she'll make things fall apart again.

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