Big Brother


Your brother is either a massive ladies’ man or trying to play Cupid.

I wasn’t too shocked to see a text from an unknown number but I was shocked that it seemed to be from Laney.

Dennis was passed out in the guest room after taking a pain killer for his arm that had started hurting worse after we got home. Poor kid was a trooper who hadn't been fazed by breaking his arm and only whined a little after dinner about the pain. I would have been calling my mom and begging her to come visit.

Speaking of our mother, I had just gotten off the phone with her. She had lectured me on taking care of him and how she'd trusted me to watch him for a couple days and then I'd gone and let him break himself. Then, in the same breath, she explained how she was glad I had taken him to get it looked at and then she asked if I'd met a nurse. She was either psychic or Denny had texted her about Laney. Either way, that part kind of smoothed everything else over.

Yeah, I’m sorry about him.

I really was. I didn’t want her to think we were a crazy family or a pair of idiot brothers either. Yes she was gorgeous and yeah I would have liked to get to know her better, but this felt staged even to me, I couldn’t imagine how it felt to her.

Honestly? That was the highlight of my day. he’s a sweet kid, made me miss my little bro.

Okay, she had a little brother, so she knew how this kind of stuff went.

Just wait until Friday, he’s going to be worse!

Dennis had already given me advice on what to do with her after the game. I think he watched too much TV or something because his ideas were damn good, better than any I could have come up with.

It’s cute. I just hope he doesn’t make me a move, I don’t know if I could turn him down!

She was funny, something I really liked in a girl. she reminded me of a friend from back home, a girl I’d had a crush on half my life, but never had the guts to say anything to. She made me feel the same way too; that giddy, I can’t get a word out feeling that didn’t happen all too often.

I’ll let you in on a secret, he’ll use the cancer to his advantage.

Oh shit! I made a cancer joke to someone who probably would take it as me being an asshole. My family and I were used to that way of thinking of Dennis’ unfortunate battle, but others probably weren’t including Laney.

Hey, he survived! He should wear that as a badge of honor! I’d use it too. If I could pull out a card, I would.

Crisis averted! She didn’t call me out on being a dick.

I don’t have a card to use either, just the “I’m Erik Gudbranson” one. not good enough, is it?

It was starting to get late and I wondered what she was doing. Maybe she was still at the hospital or maybe she was lying in bed texting me, I hoped for the second one. I could just picture her lying between sheets with her phone and smiling at the remarks I was making. I hoped she was smiling and laughing, maybe feeling the same thing I was every time my phone dinged with a new message.

Gudbranson. I couldn’t remember the last name to Google you. hold please.

Oh boy.

Well Erik, look at all those tats. You must like pain? I don’t know how you people get all those tattoos, I’d be sobbing in the chair. PS, cute dog.

Ruby, my dog, was ironically at my feet at the moment. I snapped a picture of her and sent it to Laney Meet my little girl, Ruby. The pain goes away eventually, but the last one on my side, I would have liked someone there holding my hand.

I was addicted to getting inked and the rush it gave me. It was painful, but it was an expression for me, just like hockey. I got hurt all the time and I always got the same weird rush of energy and excitement; to me it wasn’t pain, it was a feeling of accomplishment. When it came to playing hockey and playing defense I felt htat I was doing my job by fighting and getting banged up. That’s why in the off season I went out and got a tattoo, to feel that same kind of pain.

Ruby is a big girl, but adorable. As for the someone holding your hand, you looked like you wanted to vomit when your brother’s arm was set, had to leave the room and all; I can’t imagine you getting a tattoo, I’d have to see it in person.

I laughed at the memory of me leaving the room and then got an idea, something my brother wouldn’t have thought of, something that most girls would be turned away by, but maybe Laney wouldn’t.

How about Friday after the game you come with me to get another one? I’ve been thinking about getting a little something added to this masterpiece.

This was either going to go over really well or really bad. She was either going to think I was a nut or I was the coolest guy in the world.

You want me to bring a teddy bear for you to squeeze?

I laughed very loud in my quiet condo. I liked Laney's sense of humor, I liked her girl’s looks, hell I think I was starting to like her in general without really knowing her.

I’ll hold your hand, it’s more manly.
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Okay, so I'm glad some of you seem to like this already. I hope I do it justice because I honestly don't know much about him or his brother, but that caught my eye so I ran with it...I'm sorry if it doesn't work well for some of you, but so far, I think it's far....haha