Big Brother


“What the…? Guess the date went well,” Dennis walked out in his pajamas, rubbing his eyes.

“There’s some breakfast in the kitchen,” Erik told him, “Laney stopped on her way over.”

“At least someone cares about my growing needs,” he mumbled, “Hi Lane.”

“Denny,” I giggled.

He left the room in search for food as Erik and I sat on the couch talking.

“Notre Dame, wow,” he shook his head, “That’s a good school.”

“Eh,” I shrugged, “It’s not super hard to get into, especially if you’re a legacy.”

“Legacy?” he gave me a wide eyed look.

“Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Uncle, brother…they all went there. Actually, that’s where my parents met
and my brother met his wife.”

“Shit,” he scoffed

“I think I went there more for my M.R.S.,” I joked.

“M.R.S.?” Erik asked.

“My Mrs. Degree. Tell me you’ve heard of that?”

He shook his head, “Never.”

I rolled my eyes, “It’s basically just a girl who gets a degree in anything but meets her husband
while there…it’s a joke. I think everyone thought I would meet someone there, but I didn’t.”

“Pretty glad you didn’t,” Erik set his arm on the back of the couch.

“I am too,” I realized I was leaning forward.

When he tried to kiss me at the tattoo shop the previous night, I turned my cheek. I wanted to kiss
him, but not in a tattoo parlor. While it was kind of cute in a way, it just wasn’t the place for a first
kiss, at least not with him.

I felt too much of a connection and already cared too much to ruin it by having an awkward first kiss
with a tatted up giant scribbling all over Erik’s arm with needles. As much as I wanted to kiss him
right then and there, I wanted the environment to be different.

Erik took my cue and leaned into me too, brushing his hand along my shoulder and moving my hair
away. He looked nervous and I’m positive I did too.

We were inching closer and closer, mere centimeters away from one another, “Hey, are there any
hash browns left?”

Erik groaned and I blushed when I heard Dennis’ fork hit his plate, “Ah shit, sorry,” he tried to

“I ate em all,” Erik laughed.

“O…Okay,” Dennis slowly backed away.

I leaned closer to him again, “Want to show him?”

“Yeah,” Erik nodded as he stood.

I stood too and when I went to walk, I ran into his chest, “First though,” he leaned down, brushing
his lips against mine and with one hand cradling my face.

One of my hands latched onto his wrist and the other settled at his side as our mouths moved
together slowly. I smiled and felt him do the same. I was prayin the kiss would deepen, but he
moved back, taking my hand, and walking to the kitchen, “Hey Den, I wanted to show ya something.”

“If its’ that you stole my girl, I think I got the hint,” he winked at me.

I laughed but Erik started rolling up the sleeve of his t-shirt. He moved his arm and laid it on the
counter in front of his brother, “Whoa,” Dennis smiled, “Seriously?”

Erik nodded, “Seriously.”

“That’s fucking awesome!”

I stood back with a smile as the two brothers embraced, “Have you shown Mom?”

“Not yet.”

Dennis snapped a picture and sent it to their mother.

“She’s going to flip, you know she hates all those tattoos,” Dennis laughed.

“Your mom hates them?” I asked.

Erik nodded, “Yeah, she isn’t the biggest fan.”

“What is this, rebelling against your parents?” I teased as Ruby stood at my side, nudging her head
against my hand.

“No,” he scoffed, “I’m a badass on my own.”

I laughed as Dennis went back to his breakfast and Erik walked toward me, “You busy today?”


One of his arms wrapped around my waist while his other hand rested on my hip. He leaned down,

“You are now,” his lips were against mine.

“Mom is getting a picture of that too,” Dennis said after Erik and I moved apart.

“You little shit,” Erik laughed.

He shrugged and went back to his food again. I smiled at Erik, "So, what's the plan?"

"It's Denny's last day, he leaves tonight, and I thought the three of us could hang out."

"Don't you want to spend the day with him?" I asked.

"He's sick of me and we both like you, so this works out well."

I blushed, "I like you both too."

"More so me, right?" Erik joked.

I stood on my tip toes, "Yes, more so you," we kissed again.
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