‹ Prequel: Solitude
Sequel: Silence
Status: Drabble/Complete/Finished



You'll never hear me admit it,
those dreaded words.
They don't roll off the tip of my tongue,
as slick as they used to.
They have become bitter and swollen,
so I force them out of my mouth.
I hate the taste and shape of the letters,
so I won’t write them down.
I’ll just scream instead,
I miss you.

It’s the twenty-fourth part of the ''Tales of the Past'' series.

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Story is mine, written by me, edited by me, posted by me. The summary is the poem Words written by iggy. which I changed a bit to fit the plotline I had in mind. Credits for the story's title go to iggy. as well. Credits for the Black Denim Layout go to SugarLandBabyGirl. You steal and I’ll report you, comprende? Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

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