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Undead Ahead

You never said you'd hurt me
Now this is all that we have left
You were supposed to save me
From myself

You said you'd never love me
But look how hard someone can fall
I was supposed to save you
From yourself

For Salem, Things in life never went her way. She was the kind of girl who spent most of her time "With the band" instead of talking of boys, or shopping. Nothing along those lines changed whenever she moved to Scranton back in 2005. Besides the fact she was a roadie for her friends band. But what she didnt know, scared her the most. Scranton was a town of rumors. Rumors of monsters, Salem never believed in vampire or anything. But this would all change, right?

Disclaimer: May contain violence, suicidal tendencies, sexual content, and language; You have been forewarned. I DO NOT own Motionless in White, or any other persons that appear in this story, Only the people I have created, myself. This is purely fiction, and nothing that happens in this story is real.