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Silence 1/1


I was inside that huge room full of people I didn’t know thanks to my friend, but the only thought in my mind was if I’d be able to see her again… the blond angel who walked so gracefully and was always beside the host of these masquerade parties, inside the fancy hotels he owned.

My friend had advised me not to fall for that woman but by the time I realized it, I had already fallen for her. My eyes followed her every move, without caring if her partner knew about it. Her eyes seemed like they were looking for mine amongst this crowd of dancing bodies and yet she wasn’t alone. He was there, by her side. Not leaving her alone for even a moment.

She looked so much like her. Yet she wasn’t her.

Her honey brown eyes shined with such a kind yet sad light and her figure was so slender. She looked like she would break if you only just touched her. Just like a pile of ash… You touched it with your fingertips and it fell.

She pushed her long blonde hair to the left side and let it fall in front of her chest, reaching her waist. Her long black dress covered her body, except from her back which was completely exposed till her waist. Instead of the black fabric of the dress, her back was covered with diamond chains, showing clearly how much money he had spent on her. She was his silent princess which he loved to bring with him, just to show to everyone that she was his.

And to think I still didn’t know her name. Everyone just called her ‘Beauty’. I didn’t blame them though, because she really was a beauty. I just really wanted to know her name. She reminded me so much of her, that I was thinking she might have been the same person, even though that wasn’t possible. My wife had passed away over six years ago.

I looked into her eyes while she did the same, the sadness never leaving those shimmering browns. She was alone for the first time in six months, so I slowly walked towards her. She stood by the backdoor and by the time I was in front of her, I connected by lips with hers, not even caring about the people around us. Her lips were soft like silk and had the taste of cherries. She kissed me back for a moment but then she bit my lip hard and just left.

I touched the right side of my lip which hurt slightly and when I pulled my finger off, I saw the blood. I licked my lips and touched the passing waitress on the shoulder before asking her, ‘‘Hey, do you know her name?’’ pointing at the woman who had just bitten me.

‘‘She’s Silence,’’ she said as she left to continue her work.

In the end she wasn’t her, and my wife remained dead.
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This is my reply to silk tea's comment for further explanations:

In your comment you wrote that it's love at first sight. That's not the case, the man has been seeing that woman in every party. At the first lines of the drabble, it says that he went to the parties just so he could see her again. Again being a key-word.
He knows that it's the first time she's been alone in six months because he has been asking around on the previous parties he went to. Since its not the first time he went to that kind of party, there was no need to mention that cause most readers already thought about it.