Status: Five Shot

Hold Your Ground

I Could Fill Your Cup, You Know My River Won't Evaporate, This World We Still Appreciate

Two days after the fire, Daisy was at the arena, arriving early with Pekka as he headed in for the Sunday afternoon game. She had begrudgingly agreed to let Pekka take her to the mall for clothes after washing the one outfit she had, refusing to leave his house in sweatpants even after he insisted she looked mind numbingly gorgeous in his native tongue. Gus had called her the morning after the fire to let her know they had salvaged what they could but it unfortunately wasn't much. He was keeping her things at his own apartment and had told her they would refund her security deposit just as soon as he could.

Pekka kept an arm around Daisy’s shoulder as he talked animatedly as they made their way inside. Daisy laughed at him and the sound floated down the hall, catching Shea’s attention. He frowned as they moved towards him, talking to one another, lost in their own private joke.

“Hey, Webs!” Pekka smiled as they approached him.

“You’re here early,” Shea commented to Daisy.

She blushed. “My car is in the shop and Pekka offered to let me drive in with him,” she explained.

“Well it would have been dumb for you call a cab to bring you when we were leaving from the same place,” Pekka added.

“I’m sorry? The same place?” Shea choked out.

“Dr. Daisy is living with me.”

“Since when?” Shea nearly shouted. He cleared his throat. “I Since when?” he repeated.

“Since her apartment burned up.”

“Your apartment caught fire?” Shea asked her with concern, taking a step towards her.

“Technically my neighbors apartment caught fire. It just spread to mine. Pekka offered to let me stay with him until I figure out where to go.”

“And I took her shopping,” Pekka said proudly. “On account of her losing everything.”

“You lost everything?”

“Gus said I have a few things at his place that they salvaged, some pictures and some small stuff from my kitchen mostly.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that, Daisy. If you need anything, you let us know. You’re part of the family.”

“Thank you, Shea. I should go find Mr. Poile and let him know what’s going on before he finds out from someone else.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Pekka asked.

“No, I think I can handle it,” Daisy told him. “You’ve done enough for me anyways. Besides, you have a game to win,” she smiled.

“I’ll win you a game and Shea will score you a goal. How does that sound?”

“Like you shouldn't make promises you can’t deliver,” Daisy laughed.

“Olen aina toimittaa lääkäriin Daisy,” Pekka winked. “Joten ei kapteeni.”

“Ne commencez pas avec moi, gardien de but garçon.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me in french.”

“Pekka Rinne!” Daisy admonished. “You terrible boy. What I just told you was not to start with me, goalie boy."

He chuckled and leaned in close to whisper in her ear. “I always deliver Dr. Daisy. So does the captain.” She blushed, causing Pekka to chuckle again as he pulled back from her. Shea watched him, a stony expression set on his face. “You’re so easy," Pekka said with a smirk.

“And you are the worst friend a girl could ever have.”

“Naw, I’m totally the best.” He hugged her. “We’ll see you after the game.”

“Bye, Peks. Bye, Shea.” She waved and headed down the hall and Pekka headed into the locker room, Shea following closely behind him.

“She’s living with you?”

“Yep. She makes me breakfast; it’s kind of awesome.”

“You’re living with the team dentist?”

“Who's living with the team dentist?” Mike Fisher asked.

“No one,” Pekka answered. “Shea is having delusions of grandeur.”

“When are you going to ask her out anyway?” Rich asked from across the room.

“Excuse me?” Shea said to him.

“Dr. Daisy. We all know you have a crush on her.”

“I do not have a crush on Daisy.”

“Uh, yeah you do,” Mike told him. “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you contemplate killing Peks a few times for talking to her.”

“And you were going to wreck Dicky’s face at the club the other night after our win,” Pekka pointed out. “Why do you think Daisy came over? I told her you were jealous she was flirting with him.”

“That is Mr. Dicky to you, sir,” Rich grinned.

“Did Daisy call you that?” Pekka asked him. Rich nodded. “Damn. I just got goalie boy.”

“What does she call you, Webs?” Mike asked.

“She doesn't call me anything,” he replied. “She can't date any of us. She’d lose her job.”

“How do you know that?”

“She told me.”

“I thought you guys were friends,” David Legwand spoke up.

“Who told you that?” Shea asked.

“I heard it around.”

“This is your fault,” Shea accused Pekka.

“Hey, I’m just trying to help you out, stud. You won’t talk to her.”

“She’s not interested.”

“You aren't paying attention, Webs. She’s plenty interested. You’ve just got to give her a reason to break the rules with you.”


Daisy smiled politely at her bosses secretary. “Is Mr. Poile available?”

“Let me check.”

“Thank you.”

Daisy sat as the woman picked up the phone and spoke in lowered tones. She looked up after several moments and motioned Daisy to the door. “Mr. Poile said to go on in.”

Daisy knocked before opening the door. “Miss Bishop, how can I help you?” David said as he stood from behind his desk.

“I’m sorry to stop by unannounced but I just needed a few minutes of your time.”

“Of course; go ahead.” He gestured to a chair and Dausy sat as he did the same.

“There was a fire at my apartment building the other night and I’ve been displaced as a result. Pekka was dropping me off at home when I found out and he offered to let me stay with him. I wanted to stay at a hotel but he insisted and wouldn’t drive me to one. So I’m living with him until I get my security deposit back and find somewhere else to stay.”

David nodded. “Why was he driving you home?”

“My car died after the last game. I had it towed to a garage but am still waiting for it to be fixed.”

“Why Pekka? Why not Shea? I thought you two were friends.”

“I met Pekka last summer and we’ve gotten to be better friends since I moved here,” Daisy lied smoothly. “He walked me to my car and when I found it wouldn't start, he offered me a ride since everyone else was gone and he didn't want to leave me alone. Mr. Poile, I assure you that Pekka and I are only friends. I just wanted to be honest and upfront with you before you heard it from somewhere else.”

“I do appreciate that, Miss Bishop. I’m sure you can understand the necessity in keeping things within some very clear boundaries.”

“Of course, sir.”

“Thank you for letting me know the situation. Is there anything else?”

“No sir,” Daisy said as she stood. “Thank you for your time.” He nodded and Daisy hurried from his office. She pulled her phone from her purse and shot off a quick text message to Pekka.

I know you're getting into the zone or whatever but I told Poile that I met you last summer and that we’ve become better friends since I moved here. He wanted to know why I was staying with you and not Shea. So thanks for making me a liar to my boss.

You’re very welcome. Anytime. PS: Shea is totally jealous that you're staying mere feet from my bedroom and not in his bed.

You are terrible and I hate you.

It’s not nice to lie, Dr. Daisy. ;)

Definitely hate you.

The captain is glaring at me. He must have a sixth sense when it comes to you.

Knock it off, goalie boy. Go focus or whatever it is you weirdos do. I’ll see you after the game.

“She’ll see you after the game?” Rich said, reading over Pekka’s shoulder. “I thought Webs said she couldn't date any of us.”

“Daisy and I aren't dating,” Pekka told him as the room stopped to listen to the conversation. “She’s just riding with me.”

“Riding with you or under you?” Rich leered. “Oh! On top? Reverse cowgirl maybe?”

Pekka shoved him good naturedly and Rich laughed. “It’s not like that. Her car broke down and I offered to drive her."

“So then why is she lying to the big boss?”

“Daisy is lying to Poile?” Mike asked.

“I lied to Poile," Pekka clarified. "And Daisy went along with it, not by choice. Now it's sort of spiraling.”

“What happened now?” Shea asked.

“Uh, I met Daisy last summer if anyone asks,” Pekka answered him. Shea rolled his eyes.

“I told you this was your fault.”

“Well she needed a reason why she was staying with me and not you.”

“Daisy is staying with you?!” Rich exclaimed. “Like living with you? Holy shit you work fast, Rinne.”

“Fuck you, Dicky. Her apartment burned up and she needed someplace to go. I wasn't going to take her to a hotel. She’s a part of the team.”

“Her apartment burned?” David asked.

“Yeah; she lost everything.”

“She's only been here a month. That has to suck. What can we do?”

Pekka shrugged. “Maybe we can take up a collection,” Rich suggested. “You know, so she can buy stuff when she gets another place.”

“Who says she’ll want to leave my place?” Pekka asked.

“Weber,” a chorus of voices sounded around the room.

“I hate all of you,” Shea grunted as he exited the room.


Daisy waited on Pekka at the end of the game and offered a friendly smile to each of the players as they began to file out following their 4-3 overtime loss to Minnesota. Rich stopped and pulled her into a hug.

"What was that for Mr. Dicky?" She asked as he pulled back from her.

"Pekka told us about the fire. I was sorry to hear it. If he drives you crazy, you can stay with me. Shea might kill me but whatever; it'd be worth it," he grinned.

"Shea would not kill you for being a good guy."

"Sure he would. He's in love with you, Daisy. And I'm better looking than he is. You might fall in love with me and not him."

Daisy giggled. "You are the most incorrigible man I know."

"Why thank you, Dr. Daisy," he smiled. "Seriously though, Shea told us that you can't date any of us but I'm pretty sure they'd make an exception for the captain. He's too important to piss off."

"What exactly did Mr. Weber tell you guys?" Daisy frowned, pulling Rich down the hall with her.

"Uh-oh.... Did I put my foot in my mouth again?"

"Spill it, Dicky."

"Some of us were giving Webs shit about when he was gonna ask you out, on account of his crush on you and he said..."

"He said what?"

"He said he doesn't have a crush but we all know that's a lie. He likes you a lot more than he's willing to say. I think you like him too." She glared at him and he continued talking. "He said you can't date any of us and then he made some dumb comment about how you're no different than Dr. Carter and we wouldn't be asking him out but I mean clearly you're very different from Dr. Carter. First of all, you're hot and you wear those sexy skirts and the fun high heels. Secondly, I let you put things in my mouth without taking me to dinner first. Lastly, well, you're a woman, he's a dude. And you're hot."

Daisy rolled her eyes. "You might have mentioned that."

"Just saying. He told us you got in trouble and that you have to keep things strictly professional and that the only reason you can be friends with any of us is because of the lie Peks told Poile. You don't have to worry though; none of us will say anything about that, I promise. We like you doc. You're a part of our team and we intend to keep it that way."

Daisy smiled and leaned up to kiss Rich's cheek. "Thank you, Rich," she replied lightly.

"Anytime," he answered, pulling her in for another hug. His arms closed around her shoulders and Daisy let herself wrap her arms around his middle, sagging into him as the events of the last few days finally caught up with her. She sniffled against his chest.

"You okay?" Rich asked quietly.

Daisy shook her head. "I can't believe I lost everything. I had to let Pekka buy me a new wardrobe, I'm sleeping in his guest room. So much for boundaries," she tried to joke. "I'm a mess."

"You're not a mess, Daisy. Now me, I'm definitely a mess. I could tell you about it, make you feel good about yourself."

"I'd never feel better about myself at your expense, Rich. You're too good of a guy."

"Not always but I am glad you're fooled. Come on, let's get out of here. I'll take you to dinner. It's only six. What should we have? You pick."

"I don't know the restaurants here."

"Do you like Thai food?"

"Love it actually."

"I know just the place then. It's called the Smiling Elephant. Best Thai food in Nashville. Let's find Peks and Shea and go. The captain isn't going to let me take you out alone and no way I want my face rearranged tonight."


Daisy threw her head back and laughed at the joke Rich had finished telling. She reached across and squeezed his solid upper arm. "You remind me so much of one of my brothers best friends back home. His family runs the most amazing bakery with these cannolis that are better than sex," she sighed dreamily. "God I miss those cannolis...and sex."

Shea choked on the water in his mouth and Rich laughed. "I told you not to let her have the third glass of wine," he said to Pekka.

"Yeah but how much fun is she when she lets loose like this?" Pekka joked. Shea glared at him and Pekka ignored his stare. "Tell me more about this bakery, Daisy. I want to hear about the better than sex cannolis. By the way, what is a cannoli?"

"You've never had a cannoli? Oh goalie boy! You poor, poor deprived Finnish import. I found a bakery around the corner from my apartment last week that makes pretty good cannolis. They're not as good as the orange flavored ones at Nona's back home but they're a close second. I'll take you for one tomorrow when we go see Gus."

"What about me?" Rich pouted.

"Do you want a cannoli too, Mr. Dicky? You seem more like a zeppole guy to me."

"What's that?"

"It's kind of like a doughnut...deep fried, covered in powdered sugar. The best ones are filled with butter and honey in my opinion but the custard ones are always good too."

"Is it as good as sex though?" Rich asked, leaning closer to her.

Daisy giggled. "You'll have to try them and let me know about that."

"Dr. Daisy, you tease," Rich winked.

"Me? Have you seen yourself?" She fanned herself with one hand. "Stop looking like that," she gestured with the other. "And then these two," she pointed at Shea and Pekka. "What even, right? When did boys in suits become a thing? A really, really hot thing. Jesus I need to get laid." Pekka reached for her wine glass as Rich laughed.

"You are definitley cut off now," Pekka said. "Way too much information."

"You're no fun, goalie boy," Daisy pouted.

"Just trying to make sure Webs doesn't kill our best tough guy."

Daisy turned to Shea with a smile. "You wouldn't hurt Dicky, would you captain?"

"Not if you asked me not too," he replied without thinking. Rich and Pekka shared a look as Daisy smiled across the table at Shea.

"Oh captain, my captain," she simpered. Shea's cheeks flushed red and Daisy giggled as she broke their eye contact. "Yeah, I'm definitley cut off." Pekka and Rich laughed and Rich signaled for their check. He handed over his credit card and signed with a flourish when their waiter returned.

"So I expect a zeppole tomorrow after Peks gets his cannoli," Rich said, hugging Daisy as they reached Pekka's car.

"You got it Mr. Dicky," Daisy smiled.

"Alright, in you go," Pekka said, opening the car door and ushering Daisy inside the leather confines. "You are going to hate me in the morning."