I'm the last fall leaves clinging to the dying branches of a tree. I'm holding on with no hope of surviving. I know the winter will soon creep up and take over, and I will have no choice but to fall. Fall and be stepped on, crunched into little bits of nothing until I am only dirt in the ground. I will be buried by heavy layers of bone crushing snow and ice for many, many months. I will be bitter like the January wind, and harsh like the bitter snowstorms to come. I will be nothing but cold and frozen until brighter days spring will bring. Until then I will wait. I won't breathe, I won't blink, I won't feel - I will only wait.
♠ ♠ ♠
Completely unedited done in 5 minutes. I haven't been on mibba for months nor have I posted anything for years. Opinions would be appreciated greatly. I would love to give others feedback as well.