Status: Rated PG-13 because of language used in later chapters and Abre (main character) isn't just a character to me, as she has helped me see my own light, which seems ridiculous I know. But it's true.

Imprinted Years

I feel something in the pit of my stomach when I mouth his name, but it is no longer fear that controls me. I feel his touch run through my hair, but I no longer stray from him. I see her talking to other souls, yet I no longer envy them. I feel… free. In the sort of way I’ve never felt before now and in the sort of way I feel relaxed about. I know it wont ever be cast aside and I know, that this time, this world with my father, my soul mate, her and I, will now and forever be endlessly mesmerizing.

Now, when I see a glimmer of light in the distance, I run away from it, not at it. I should need him, not them. I should feel the need to escape, but I don’t. Even though I was brought up my entire life to hate them and stray from them, I wanted to be with him, the one who now owned my heart, more than anything. I feel the real light, my light, is with the only human I’d ever let into my heart and also with the only friend I’d ever known, who’d helped me so much without even me noticing. But now, I fear I may never see her again.

When his light brushes against mine, I feel… uplifted. Whole. When I feel his love turn to angst, I needn’t run. I strive to help him see the good side to the light, as his angst is only caused by his pain that he felt when he thought I was going to die, which is the most caring and touching sort of angst I could ever think of. He isn’t just any human and I’m sure many have spoken sweet words alike this before, but he truly is more than that to me. He’s my love, my heart, my soul mate and I can’t ever lose his light...
  1. Brush
    Brush of cool wind against my skin
  2. Behold
    Behold the demons that lie within
  3. Begin
    Begin the spark that lights the heart
  4. Battle
    Battle the emotions that can tear you apart
  5. Beast and Beauty
    Beast and Beauty can come in one form
  6. Belong
    Belong to the night and stray from light till dawn
  7. Break
    Break the habits of arrogance and fall for the one
  8. Beware
    Beware of the choice you make because it cannot be undone
  9. Brave
    Brave the things that you feel you must let fade
  10. Become
    Become one who's not afraid of change
  11. Angst
    Angst is the emotion she depends upon
  12. Acceptance
    Acceptance is what she must learn to go on
  13. Aim
    Aim for what’s right and keep the soul from bleeding
  14. Ambitions
    Ambitions are never easy
  15. Anticipation
    Anticipation must lead the way
  16. Affection
    Affection can brighten her days
  17. Aching
    Aching hearts will lead to making amends
  18. Alienated
    Alienated feelings lead to dependence
  19. Appreciation
    Appreciation will form into a growth of respect
  20. Age
    Age will bring situations that are hard to mend
  21. Rules
    Rules will decide how your fate will be played.
  22. Resisting
    Resisting will show how your character is portrayed
  23. Remembering
    Remembering will lighten your nights
  24. Ruins
    Ruins will re-awaken your fight
  25. Rein
    Rein as superior will lead to great failure