Status: Rated PG-13 because of language used in later chapters and Abre (main character) isn't just a character to me, as she has helped me see my own light, which seems ridiculous I know. But it's true.

Imprinted Years


Memory Date- December 11th 2012
I feel the rough yet peaceful ice that I now walk upon, send shrills of cool embraces through my now freezing spine. I wear nothing but a dead black vest and dark, grey, denim jeans, as I walk across the harsh rock pools that lead me to my next supposed victim.

The pieces of ice covered rock, don’t only make me slip and stumble, but make me breathe out in writhing pain, at the knives of the cold dig deep into my bare feet. Why I’m wearing no shoes or socks even, is simply because the idea of the aching cold stabbing my bare skin, as I continue on to my next wanted kill, makes me feel alive and ready for the task I’ve now set myself. See, this was my first planned kill and only my second overall. Well, I planned this, but it didn’t go the way I thought it would.

You see, my first murder was a mistake, if you will. I got angry, so I lost all control and pushed him over with my own, bare hands. You may be thinking, “You pushed him over? That wouldn’t kill him, would it?” The answer, in my case, is yes, as we were both stood on this lonely, ancient place near home, which had a 500 ft drop either side. You can now see, how and why this killed him. But like I say, it was completely accidental. Ha-ha! How pathetic I was then. I fussed and fussed so much over one kill! It was only one for goodness sakes!

Although, I have to give myself some credit for actually going through with it, I suppose.

So here I am, alive and ready to stalk upon my first real victim, or so I though she would be.
I close my eyes and take in the spooky yet unusually comfortable atmosphere of the chilly place I now lurked in. The skies were dark and grey; the sea was covered with thick, white, dooming ice and the jagged rocks that surround us made this feel even more horrific, which made me feel greatly powerful and ambitious. I eyed up what I thought was my prey and prepared for the kill.

I then took a tiny step forward, just to feel as if I was gaining closeness to her, but then jumped back with the huge shock of her now controlling, possessing and I hate to say it but powerful, blue-green eyes creeping upon me. A foolish, pathetic shiver crawled down my now on edge spine, as her eyes burned into my heart and soul. I now regretted stalking upon her.

Not because I regretted thinking of murder. No. It was because, that one deadly, terrifying stare, was enough to make me wish I’d never come out here in the first place and it was even enough to make me idiotically hope that this was all a cruel nightmare. But it wasn’t.

“Who are you?” she said in a cold, harsh and almost cruel tone that made my insides feel sickly, “tell me.” She didn’t shout, which made this experience even more creepy and edgy. I suddenly had an overwhelming impact to answer her almost immediately after she’d asked who I was, but the little pride left in my heart and mind told me to wait to tell her such details.

“No,” I linked my glare to hers, “tell me why I should?” She now growled through her bare teeth and locked her now even more poisonous stare onto the knife she held in her left hand, then returning her evil stare back to my now wary eyes.

“Is that enough for you, weakling?” I hissed back at her now, her thinking me weak made the shred of courage inside me grow to the size of something a whole lot bigger, as I made my way closer to this dangerous demon.

“I’ll show you weakling like you’ve never seen it before!” I snapped, darkness and anger now in my voice, “now, tell me your name!” A few moments passed, still no answer from the demon. “Tell me! You… you…” She laughed at my effort to force answers out of her. This only angered me more, but before I had time to shout threats at her, she spoke.

“Demon?” she asked, a cocky and overly confident touch in her tone, “that’s what you think I am, right?” I stood there on the icy, cold, deadly rocks and never took my now excessively cautious eyes of hers, keeping my balance stable as I realised the true depth of this girl’s powerful and fearless heart. I was now, completely and utterly afraid of what lay within her pockets, as she now proudly tapped them with her right hand. Something was in them that shouldn’t be. Something that I should fear.

“H-how… how did you know that?” I asked nervously, no longer caring how weak and pathetic I now came across to her. I was now just focusing on my newest task of the day of not getting myself killed by this crooked demon that stood before me. She now smiled, with even more bloodthirsty pleasure than before, which made me feel sharp needles in the pit of my stomach. She stalked upon me like a lion would upon it’s next deer and neared her now intimidating smile closer to me, I could do nothing to escape this terror, because if I ran, I’m sure this smart yet fearless demon would catch me in no time.

She laughed now, a croaked, disturbed laugh and clasped my throat with her right hand, making me choke with shock and pain combined into one. When I did this, she pulled her hand away, but kept her evil and ever so lurking smile steady as she did. “Because, my friend,” her tone was sarcastic, teasing, “my dear, dear, friend. I know you more than,” shrieks of cruel yet uncontrollable laughter poured out of this demon as she struggled to finish her sentence, “I know… myself.” Obviously, this was some sick trick of hers, making me only want to know more.

Wow, she was good, but she wasn’t good enough for me. With one quick action, I pushed this wicked demon to the floor and shoved my knee into her stomach with such a force, she whimpered out in writhing pain. I laughed in her face, returning the teasing and the torment she’d given me and edged my knee further, making her whimpers turn to screams, as the grey skies above our heads turned to an ash black. “Please! Stop!” she yelled out in agony, but no! I wasn’t going to stop! It was my time to seek revenge at her cruel, twisted jokes and I needed to know the truth.

“I will, only if you tell me!” I shouted at her, whilst grasping her thick brown/black hair with the hand that wasn’t pinning her to the freezing, jabbing rocks beneath us and pulled as hard as I could, making her scream in even more pain and distraught.

“Fine!” she shouted at the top of her lungs and I freed my knee from her stomach and my hand from her hair, pinning her down with both now free hands instead. I still didn’t trust her enough for her to not run away, or even worse, turn on me again.

“I read your mind, happy now?” her tone had fallen in pitch, but anger still lurked in her cold, unforgiving eyes, which glared at mine from where she lay beneath me. I nodded acceptance to her statement and moved into a stand rather than the crouch I had taken to attack her, which meant I had to let her free of my control. When I did so, she stood with one quick and precise movement, although wobbling a bit after she did this, as my attack had left her a little weakened and unsteady, which I’m sure she wouldn’t admit. Of-course, she didn’t. Instead of getting me back for my violence towards her, she took a small step back and looked back to me. Motionless, as she spoke, but I could still see that the look in her now wary yet on guard eyes, was no longer anger or revenge, it seemed to me as acceptance.

“Okay, know that if I wanted, I could kill you right now. Just as easily as I can read your mind, don’t ask about that by the way. I don’t even know how or why I do it, I just can and I just do it without even having to think or even mean it,” she never took her cold, yet intriguing eyes off mine for even a second, “But, I know when I have met my match and you, Abre, you are my match.” I didn’t even bother in asking how she knew my name and how she supposed I was her so called match, I was just glad that she knew of my abilities.

“Well, I have no doubt that I could kill you if and when I pleased. But, I too see you as my equal,” I thought I’d have one last chance of being smart and teasing towards her, “well, as close to my equal as any human like you could ever be.” I chuckled mentally, meaning to make her feel fear and confusion. Well, I can safely say the confusion bit worked.

“What, do you mean by that, Abre?” she demanded in a frustrated and curious manner. I took one step closer to her, my so-called equal; my match and I looked her in the eyes.

“You mean, with all of your powers you can’t even detect who or what I am?” I laughed, the same torment from before lurked within my tone and then, I saw her make a small movement towards where I stood, only yards away now.

“No, I know EXACTLY who you are you petty human!” her anger and rise in tone startled me, I must admit, “you have been told all of your pathetic childhood that YOU are an Asgardian! But, I’m sorry to tell you, my dear, dear friend, that YOU are not!” I took a step back from the overpowering beast and looked at her with confusion and disbelief.

“You LIAR! You DEMON! You’re lying to me!”

She shook her head, pity and power in her eyes and came right up close to where I stood still and now more afraid than ever. “I know your father. The frost giant that is Loki Laufeyson and I know that he’s lied to you. Don’t blame me, young Abre. I am only the messenger.” She touched my cheek with her first finger, meaning to tease me and make me tremor. It did and with that, the demon that stood before me, disappeared like smoke in the air. Ever so quietly and quickly, that I had to brave myself to leave the now terrifying yet homely place that I currently stood in.

For the first time in my entire life, I had been purely and honestly scared to what could’ve literally been death…