Status: Rated PG-13 because of language used in later chapters and Abre (main character) isn't just a character to me, as she has helped me see my own light, which seems ridiculous I know. But it's true.

Imprinted Years


The Day After The Fear Had Arose:
December 12th 2012

I still saw her face, everywhere I went and in the eyes of every believably deserving human I stalked upon and wished to hurt, but, it was no longer only fear that lurked in the air as the memory of her face. I felt wildly embraced and intrigued by yesterday’s fight and the more I think upon it, the more the fear of the unknown creeps up inside my heart and soul, but also, the more the hunger in my stomach rises, as I yearn to see this stunning, yet fearless creature once again.

One more encounter would be enough to settle the burning fire in my lungs, as I’d no longer have to bore through the days like a meaningless paper bag caught in the wind.

Yes, I may go places and I may see new sites, but to never re-live yesterday ever again, sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. But then again, yesterday, I wished so hard and hopeful of the chance of our meeting was only a dream. A piece of a story in my mind that was all due to my extensive imagination, that brought on the curiosity that followed.
But instead, it was more like a piece of a 10,000-part puzzle and that was the very first piece I’d picked up upon. Which meant that I had a long way to go yet till I uncover the truth about this demon who claims to be my match and a lot more to learn of this unusual world that I was now willingly entering into.

I hated the thought of being weak, useless, pathetic and even worse than all of those three, being an equal to a human! A human who tells me lies about how I, myself am actually one of them and that I am not Asgardian at all! Does she even know who my father is? He could kill her if he so wished to! Wait, she does. I remember now. She told me his name and where he came from and that he had lied to me all of my childhood. Saying she was “only the messenger.” Oh, okay, because “messengers” go around trying to kill so-called child humans?

She did try to kill me, remember? Choking me before I even thought of the plan to knock her to the ground and torture her my way, but she could have killed me, yet she didn’t. The main question here is why. Why didn’t she finish the job? It would’ve been so easy, seeing as she got me by surprise.

Yeah, that’s what it was. I could’ve easily taken her down and murdered her however and how long I wanted to, but I simply respected her somewhat spectacular defence mechanisms.

I’m pretty sure she understood that I wasn’t that easy to kill, either. Anyway, I needed to find a way to cross her path again, or for her to cross mine and to do that, I need to figure put what lead her to the cold, icy and incredibly dangerous, for a human, rock pools in the first place and why she was there. To do this, I needed to return to where this all started and where I first learnt what fear felt like.

I yet again had to let out the beast side of me, as if there was any soul out there that day, I would have to immediately dispose of them and I no longer was afraid to experiment the techniques I had within to do this.

I stood at where I had once before walked across these jagged, icy rocks ahead of me and where I’d continued on to find the demon, who yesterday was the obstacle I longed to avoid, yet today was the challenger I now longed back. I took a small step forward, where my foot slid a little as it touched the freezing, cold and uncomfortably pleasing ice, that pierced yet again into my bare feet like sharpened knives on soft, fluffy marshmallows. I looked on ahead of where I half-stood, half-balanced, to distract me from the stabbing pain in my left foot. I then pulled my other bare foot alongside my left and took a deep breath as the feeling of numbness dug deep into my body and soul.

I closed my eyes, taking in the painful, yet strangely pleasurable feeling of pure, excruciatingly dark and cold ice eased its way closer to the edges of my bare skin. Then, a quick brush of air, air that could’ve only been drafted by someone of something, touched the bare skin on my arms, legs and feet, which shot my eyes wide open. I searched around 360-degree angle from where I stood for any sign of movement or life, but nothing. It was almost as if I’d been slightly embraced by some kind of ghost. Or maybe even something disguised in a ghost manner.

Someone, who knew more to the secrets of the dark world and of the light, much more precisely that any other human or Asgardian that had ever lived or maybe will ever live on this Earth. Someone, who knew EXACTLY how powerful and strong they were and who knew everything that needed to be known about life here on Earth and on Asgard. Someone, who is home to both worlds and also someone who may have already crossed my path here on this Earth.

I shut my eyes once more, inviting the either living or dead presence to welcome itself back to where I stood and stroke upon my skin again with his or her deadly, yet curiously inviting touch.

I kept my eyes completely shut, shutting out all fears of death or pain and replaced them with excited feelings of creative plans and insane curiosity.

My next, more creative plan, if this didn’t work that is, was to call upon the demon myself. When I had finally come across to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to work, I prepared to open my eyes. But before I did, I heard her voice behind me. I didn’t dare turn to where her booming, demanding voice came from. “Abre!” she shouted, louder and higher than before, as if she was really angered by something or someone’s ignorance to the situation that only someone had brought herself into, “why are you here?” Her voice rose as she announced the reason for her angst. She hated my being there, which probably meant she hated me too.

“Maybe, she doesn’t like competition.” I thought to myself confidentially, but the rest of me hid in terror, as her breathing seemed to creep up closer and closer to where I still stood, only metres away from the demon. “Beast and beauty really does come in one form, doesn’t it, Jessica?” I slid my eyes open, knowing I had startled her with my comment, so I had time to take things at a non-rushed speed and turned around to where she now stood only a metre or at most two away from me. I gasped in shock as I saw her fully face for the first time and it took me a minute to recall that this, this beautiful, youthful girl, was the demon, the beast, who had choked me into such literal and emotional pain and terror yesterday.

This, was Jessica Marie White and even though her face told convincing lies to me that she was an ally or just the average, yet slightly more memorably stunning than others, human that I first thought she was yesterday, she was actually much, much more than that.

Yes, maybe she could turn into an ally, maybe even some sort of friend, but she was also different and different could mean untrustworthy. Although, I bet she thinks similar things of me. But all I knew was, was that this human, or whatever she was, was certainly more unique, more brilliant and more powerfully distinctive than any other human, or even any other soul for that matter, that I’ve ever came across in all of my years on this Earth.

She was the kind to be idolized, feared and challenged all at once, as she was everything I aspired to be, was afraid of and she was the one who came the closest to being an equal of mine. I was now sort of proud, in a way, to think of her as my met match in what may become the battle of our lives.

“I assume your referring to me, right Abre?” she laughed and took a few steps closer to where I still stood frozen just like yesterday, but this time, not violence or intimidation was meant by it, “I must show you something, young Abre.” I questioned her statement with the confused look on my face and the intrigued glimmer in my blue-green eyes, but I let her continue, anyway.

“You see, I completely understand what you’ve just said, Abre, more than you think I understand, anyway,” she smiled what seemed to me to be a true and honest smile, which made me feel curious as to why, “we’re a lot more alike than you think, or than you and I either want, but trust me, this isn’t a bad thing. We all have that beastly demon side of us, that threatens the beauty on the outside, or even the little beauty left in on the inner side. Do you understand, Abre? The one and only daughter of the great god that is Loki Laufeyson and the only human and I do say human to be honest not cruel, who I may ever trust on this Earth with my tales.”

I nodded; not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into and whom I was beginning to talk to and in a weird kind of way, respect more than I’d respected anyone in my entire life. This could and should be dangerous, but the beautiful, yet disguised beastly demon, who now still dared to stand before me, made me feel this need inside to find out more about her and the world she lives in, because even though I was pretty much clueless as this point, I knew that her and I must certainly be from different worlds.

She stalked over to where I stayed still and I realised that this was the exact same spot I was stood yesterday, when we first crossed paths, but this time, we wouldn’t fight pettily or in some way argue over our power and control. No. Today would be the day, we would link forces, even if it wasn’t easy, which was obvious it wouldn’t be, we’d do this to find out exactly what dark secrets the other possesses. Which could help us both understand more about the lives we lived and how others go about their lives too.

See, her tales, even though I hadn’t heard of them yet, intrigued me so. It wasn’t like she was some kind of celebrity and I longed for her stories, as I knew who and what she was. Instead, it was so much more powerful, more meaningful, than it would have been if she were a celebrity or a TV idol or even an Asgardian idol, as it seemed she was only real in that way to me. What I mean by this, is that someone else or something else could look upon her and think she was the average human/ whatever she was and not care anymore, but I saw something in her the moment I saw her pale, yet in some way dark face, which made me want but more importantly, need to follow her.

Even if the outcome could’ve been pain or even deceit and maybe, even if the outcome was death. The fire inside of me, wanting to find out more about this darkened angel, would have me follow her. No matter the cause of my actions.

It was in that moment, when she smiled at me with that same wicked smile I remembered so well from the day before, that I saw how the beast inside of her and I, could maybe overrule the rest of our heart and souls. This thought should have had me afraid to my very limit, but, again, the fear inside was obliterated, when I felt the strong eagerness to hear her tales, but maybe what appealed to me even more than that, for her to hear and appreciate my tales also…