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Camp Kill Yourself: Reloaded

Camp Kill Yourself

The Jackasses are looking for a new member for the crew. So, they are hosting a camp to choose the toughest and strongest to join the team.

Kassandra Everest (better known as Kassi) is not a typical girl.

She loves to get dirty,

She loves adrenaline,

Most of all - she never turns down a dare no matter what it is.

So what happens when Camp Kill Yourself comes around?

Will she survive?

This is her adventure in one of the most abnormal camps that will ever come around. Join her and her new friends on an adventure you'll never forget.

Welcome to Camp Kill Yourself.

A/N: I am re-writing this story because I feel I can make it better. I have a new accomplice, my best friend, Tiffany (Vengenz6661).