Status: completed

Mad Alex

Title: Mad Alex
Main Pairing: Jalex/Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth
Rating: R (for future chapters)
Warnings: Minor death, mental illness, bad words

But his boyfriend was never... mentally balanced. He didn't have a disability or anything, oh no, he was just a bit... strange? Jack guessed. He never knew how to explain his mentality to other people, so he just opted with emotionally unstable to a certain degree.

Of course, this never discouraged Jack. The younger of the two knew his heart belonged to Alex and he knew that the elder loved him just as much. Their feelings were always out in the open, although Alex was a bit more reserved, he always paid the perfect amount of attention to Jack when needed.

But Alex was usually up at long hours of the night, in the basements experimenting on things as Jack either stayed in their room or in the kitchen, shoving his face with a stupid amount of food and keeping the stupid lanky body he's always had.

Sometimes during the night, the younger would hear screams, human and animal screams coming through the basement. He always turned a blind eye though, played ignorant.

The reason seemed stupid though, it was only because he loved Alex.

This story is based off the game, Mad Father