Status: Active for your Eyes Only. <3 [Incomplete/Ongoing]

Chaotic Demons

Harper Davis moves away to keep her nephew safe who was never expecting to meet Beast while Ace Evans (Beast) wants to do the best for his biker gang. He never expected to meet a girl that consumes his thoughts.

Copyright: The story is ours. We own the plot and characters. Please don't steal. It won't make you the cool kid.

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  1. Almost Normal Day
    'I would say welcome to the neighborhood.' -Beast
  2. School and Boxes
    ‘’Yes, that would me.’’ -Harper
  3. Ex-Girlfriend
    "You’re nothing but a slut." -Beast
  4. Sick at Home
    ''Would you like to come in?'' -Harper
  5. Addresses and Destruction
    “I figured that I would be the nice guy” -Beast
  6. Being Friendly
    ''Sure, but take the keys.'' -Harper
  7. The Vegas Strip
    "You can get your gun." -Beast
  8. First Day
    ‘’Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.’’ -Harper