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Beside You

The Final

Alex awoke to feel Sergio's arm wrapped around her waist, she opened her eyes to look around the room; it was a mess, clothes thrown everywhere and anywhere. Sergio tightened his grip on Alex's waist, "Buenos Dias." He whispered tiredly. "Good morning love." She smiled and moved to face him, Sergio smiled and kissed her quickly before sitting up and stretching. Alex watched his beautiful muscles, tighten and flex then relax. Sergio smiled at her sleepily, Alex smirked at his hair. "What?" He smiled at her, "You have terrible sex hair, it's beautiful." Alex aid as she ruffled his soft, brown hair. "So did you have a good birthday?" She asked. "I had an amazing birthday." He smiled widely. "How did you know I liked... that stuff." He gestured. "I have eyes and ears everywhere. Plus you talk a lot at training so I just asked Iker, he said for the past few years they took you clubbing and got you a stripper. He also said this year you specifically said you didn't want one, so I took matters into my own hands." She smirked. "Well you should do that more often, it drove me insane." He responded. "It's not happening for a while, I'm really sore from last night." Alex said as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and walked towards his shower. "Ow." She said as she limped towards the bathroom. "You alright mi amor?" Sergio asked from the bed. "This is your fault you monster." She joked, "You were... rough last night." She continued. "Yeah, I guess I was." He said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "But those marks look so hot on you." He said gesturing to her neck. "Same to you pretty boy." Alex smirked. Sergio jumped up and checked the mirror, rubbing his neck, he had marks all up and down his neck. "Worth it." He shrugged. "Anything is worth it to you if you get sex of any kind." Alex retorted. "Harsh but fair." He laughed. "But I love you, I really do." He smiled. "I know you do, and I love you Sergio." Alex said, wrapping her arms around his neck, his hands on her hips. "Alex, I don't know what I would do without you." He said. "You would probably get beat up less." She joked. "It was worth it, I saved you, It will always be worth it, if it means you're happy and smiling." He said. "I'm serious Alex, I don't ever want to be without you, because then I would be very, very sad." He spoke, leaning his forehead on hers. "Well you won't have to do that, because I would never want to see you sad." Alex smiled and kissed him, pulling him by the back of the head, closer to him.


Champions League Final Day: Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

London, England

Alex awoke early, her stomach growling, Skylar was asleep next to her, the two and Carter had decided on sharing a room in the team hotel, though they were forbidden to be in the same hotel. "Sky, I'm hungry." Alex said hitting her to wake her up. Skylar groaned, but her eyes shot open, "Shit shit shit shit." She said jumping out of bed and pacing, unlike Alex, Skylar had watched soccer ever since she was little and knew just how important this game was to the boys and Madrid. Alex was much too calm, "Watch your mouth, there's a four year old in the other room." Alex said, "Yeah ok well he and I are gonna watch some pre-game shows, so you can go down and get food if you want." Sky said walking into the room where Carter was already awake. Alex got up and decided she would slip on her slippers and go down in just the Sergio Ramos jersey he had given her when he scored at the first match she went to. The jersey was big and baggy enough to fit her and cover her enough, "You want something guys?" She asked as she grabbed her room key. "A hot chocolate and a chocolate chip muffin." Carter chirped up. Alex chuckled, "You got it buddy, you are definitely your mother's son." She smiled, "I will take a vanilla latte and a croissant." Skylar smiled. "And don't let any of them see you or we are in big trouble." Sky instructed seriously. Alex nodded and headed downstairs.

Alex had just finished ordering when she turned to see Xabi, Sergio, Iker, and Kaka exiting the elevator. "Shit." She said and ducked behind the counter. "Hiding from someone?" Xabi asked as he leaned over the counter and smiled. "Are the others gone?" She asked from the counter, moving to stand up. "Yeah." he smiled. "Thanks. Uh you're not gonna tell anyone right?" She asked nervously. "No of course not, your secret is safe with me, nice shirt by the way." Xabi said coolly as he pointed at the jersey. "Thanks." Alex smiled and pulled it down a little. Xabi heard Kaka's voice and saw him walking over "See ya later, I gotta make sure Ricardo doesn't say something stupid.." Xabi joked. "Good luck." Alex smiled. "Gracias." Xabi smiled. Alex grabbed the food and was about to enter the elevator when she heard a voice. "Ale-" Kaka's voice called, Alex turned to see Xabi with his hand clasped over Kaka's mouth. Alex mouthed a thank you and Xabi nodded and gave her a wink as he dragged Kaka into the team room.

Alex returned with everyone's breakfast and decided what she was going to wear while the two girls sat in their husbands and boyfriends jerseys and Carter sat in a Ramos kit Sergio got him for his 4th birthday. "What are you going to wear?" Sky asked as she finished pulling on her clothes and moving to do her make up and hair. "I'm not sure." Alex said looking into her suitcase. "What about this?" She asked holding up a crop top and high waisted shorts. "Perhaps something a little nicer, it is the final after all." Skylar said seriously. "Okay, how about this." Alex said laying out a new outfit ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=105120426 ) "Perfect, you know he'll love the red... well.. the red everything, he say it's a very sexy color on you." Skylar winked, sticking her tongue out. "Oh this all reminds me, Sergio had a special kit sent up for Carter, I'll go help him." Skylar said walking into the other room.

Carter came running into Alex's arms, "Mommy, mommy, look at my outfit!" ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=105120981 ) Carter squealed with delight. "Where did you get those shoes baby?" Alex asked looking down at the new bright blue Supras on his feet. "Sergio had on some Supras and I said I liked them, so, so he got me some." He smiled as he ran around the room. Alex caught a glimpse of the back of his shirt with the word 'Daddy' and the number 4 below it. "Do you know anything about this." She asked Skylar as she pointed to the back of the shirt. Skylar shrugged, she knew but didn't want to say anything for fear of ruining the surprise. "Maybe he's just planning ahead, I guess he wants him to get used to that, after all you are pregnant with his child." She shrugged. Alex seemed to accept that answer for now as the three finished getting dressed.

The stadium and parking lot were already jammed, "we have a little extra security here today." Sky said pointing ahead, Alex squinted to see the muscular, broad shouldered, fit man waiting for them at the gate (for appearances sake, imagine him as Gareth Bale). "Is that my client, Gareth Royce?" Alex asked confused. "Yeah, it's Gareth, my boy." Sky smirked as she walked over to hug him, he said something to her, making him laugh. "Ms. Roberts, I assume everything has gone well so far, how have you been?" Gareth asked formally. "I'm fantastic and please call me Alex, how about yourself Mr. Royce?" She answered. "We've discussed this please call me Gareth." He smiled before squatting down to say hello to Carter who had hidden behind his mother's legs. "You must be Carter, I'm Gareth, that's a lovely kit you've got on, where did you get it?" He asked, smiling. "Sergio got it for me." Carter said quietly. "Very nice." Gareth smiled. "Do you work for my mommy?" He asked, moving his thumb from his mouth. "No I work for Nike, I tell people what products of your mum's to make and where to sell them." He explained. "C-Can I have some new shoes?" Carter blurted out. "Carter, baby that's not polite." Alex said. "It's quite alright, and I'm pretty sure Sergio was already working on something for him." Gareth said as he stood back up. "I'm here to escort and protect you ladies and the little one, based on orders from Iker and Sergio." Gareth said as he moved for the girls to link their arms with his. "Thank you." Alex smiled. "Not a problem, anything for my boys." He smiled. "No wife and little girls today?" Skylar asked Gareth. "They decided they would go and stay in the Nike box for today's match, I'll pop in between both." He smiled. "You have kids too? Are they girls? How long have you been married? How old are you?" Carter fired a million questions at once. "I'm sorry, he's in the questioning phase." Alex shook her head. Gareth chuckled and smiled, "Yes I have kids, two girls and a little boy on the way. My girls are 7 and 4 years old. I've been married for 8 years, and I'm 32." He answered happily.


The boys entered the field for the anthem and Sergio blew a kiss to Alex and Carter and pointed to his small tattoo on his hand. Alex blushed and caught his kiss, making him smile happily. The first half seemed very evenly matched, a few great shots and saves from both sides, half time rolled around and Alex needed to run to the bathroom, being pregnant was not helping. The en-suite bathroom was occupied and she couldn't wait, "Carter do you have to go too?" She asked, "Yes ma'am." He said walking over. "Let me make sure you don't get attacked by paparazzi." Gareth said walking over to her. The three made it to the bathroom without any problem but were found and attacked in a sea of flashes on the way back. Carter froze, immediately frightened. Gareth picked up Carter and grabbed Alex's hand, weaving and fighting through the crowd of yelled questions. "Alex is it true you're pregnant? How do you feel about cheating allegations? Who's child is that? Is this Carter? Carter! Carter over here! Does Sergio know? Is it true you're engaged? Why does his jersey say Daddy number four? Is Sergio Carter's father? Why haven't we seen you and Sergio out recently? Are you guys on the rocks?" They hounded Alex all the way to the elevator. The doors closed and Alex sighed a breath of relief before seeing Carter with his head buried in Gareth's shoulder. "Mommy, I want big bad Sergio to scare them away. I don't like them." He sniffled, fighting tears that were clouding his eyes. "I'm sorry baby, you can run into his arms after the game okay?" She said as Gareth rocked him, trying to relax him. "Don't listen to what they say, it's all bullshit just to get a reaction out of you." Gareth said to Alex. "Ignore it all, it's better that way." He said as Carter still had his arms wrapped around Gareth's neck. They arrived back at the box and Gareth set Carter down to run over to play with the other young boys.

The second half got underway with much of the excitement as the first half, it seemed as if the game would go into overtime when Sergio committed a dangerous foul on the inside of his own penalty box, and was kicking himself for being so foolish. Iker lined up for the penatly kick that would surely end the la decima dream of Real Madrid. Skylar grabbed Alex's and Gareth's hands and squeezed them tightly. "Bones Sky bones." Alex winced. "You get used to it." Gareth said. "He hasn't saved one since before he broke his hand, he has to save this, I know he can, he can do this." Skylar said more to herself than anyone else. Xavi Hernandez ran up and shot a beautiful, cracking shot into the upper 90 of the right side of the goal, all was silent as everyone watched Iker dive, flying through the air towards the ball. It was destiny, he was meant to save this, there was no way after an effort like that he could fail, he had to have known it was going in that exact spot. Iker's fingertips reached the ball, and soon secured it in his hands, Iker came crashing down to the ground. The crowd erupted as he stood up, pushing the team forward, there was less than a minute left, it was now or never. Iker saw Kaka sprinting up to get the ball, while Sergio made a parallel run, screaming for a cross, Kaka settled the punt and chipped it over the defense, it landing on Sergio's right foot as a volley. He swung and ball sailed towards the net at a cracking speed, time seemed to stop as the ball gracefully hit the back of the net, causing the stadium to erupt in cheers as the final whistle blew. Alex and Skylar screamed with delight, Gareth picked up Carter and went to grab his family in the other suite before bringing him down, giving the girls time to kiss their men.

Alex ran into Sergio's outstretched arms as tears of joy streamed down her face. "I'm so proud of you." She said before kissing him passionately. Sergio set her down and grabbed her hand, walking her to the center circle. "Take in this moment, remember each and every second of it, because here is where you get a rare glimpse of what it's like to be me and to be a member of this amazing team. In these short 90 minutes, we have made each and everyone of our fans entire year that much better. It's why I love what I do more than almost anything else in this world. Though there is something I do love more than this." Sergio trailed off as Alex did a 360 looking around the stadium, her mouth gaping. A staff member approached Sergio, unnoticed by Alex and handed him something. "Alex promise me you'll remember this moment." He spoke, getting her attention. Sergio kissed his quickly before backing up and getting down on one knee, opening the box and exposing one of the most beautiful rings Alex had ever seen. "Alex, from the moment we shared a kiss, was the moment I knew I had to have you. You give me these amazing, indescribable feelings whenever you look at me and I never plan on finding out how many other girls can make me feel this way because it wouldn't matter, they would never be you. I don't want to go a day without you and I want to make you mine. Will you, Alex Grace Roberts, make me the happiest footballer in the world? Will you marry me?" Sergio asked, smiling widely and looking deep into her eyes. Alex covered her mouth and started crying as she nodded a yes. "Yes." She said weakly. "Yes." She said again, louder this time. Sergio's smile grew larger than he thought possible as he slid the ring on her finger and stood up, pulling her into a kiss and dipping her like he had on their date at the soccer field. They heard cheers and whistles from his teammates and Sergio pulled Alex back up, "I'm not done yet." She smiled, pulling him back to her lips by his neck. Sergio kissed her lovingly, and pulled back to place his forehead on hers. "I love you." He said grabbing both her hands in his and giggling like a lovestruck teenager. "I love you too." Alex smiled, she looked down at their hands and saw he had a piece of medical tape in a band around his left ring finger, making her smile.

Sergio was ripped away from Alex by his team, as much as he had tried to fight them off, it didn't work. He and Iker raised the trophy together and got their champion t-shirts. Carter charged over to Sergio, who gladly picked him up and cuddled him into his arms. "Hi buddy." He smiled before kissing the boy's cheek. "Hi Sergio, I missed you." Carter said wrapping his arms around Sergio's neck. "I missed you too." He responded as Carter moved to play with Sergio's medal. "You wanna wear it?" He asked, Carter nodded quickly in agreement. Sergio took off the medal and the t-shirt and put them both on Carter, his face lit up as Sergio placed it around his neck. Alex smiled as she watched and soon strolled over to Sergio, "Picture time." She said as the walked over to the trophy, Carter stood behind it with, Alex and Sergio on either side. Alex placed a hand on Sergio's ass for balance, making him jump before she removed it. Iker took the camera from the photographer and lined up the shot. "1...2...." Iker said as Alex and Sergio each moved to put a kiss on Carter's cheeks as the camera flashed. "Alright lover boy, we got champagne and singing to do, you will see your kryptonite at the party later." Kaka joked as he dragged Sergio towards the tunnel. Carter chased after them, "Car-" Alex said beginning to panic before she saw Iker scoop him up and take him into the locker room with the team.
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