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Sequel: Come Back to Me
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Beside You

The After Party

"Don't be surprised if the boys get handsy tonight." Skylar said as she put on her makeup. "Why would they be handsy?" Alex asked as she slipped into her tight black dress. "They always get handsy after a big win, it's like they think they have a sense of entitlement to us." Skylar spoke. "They expect us to please them." She continued. "I kind of look forward to it now, it's more fun than when they lose and I have to do all the work." She laughed. "You big whore." Alex joked as she moved to put on her makeup. "You're wearing that and you're calling me names?" Sky shot back, looking Alex up and down. "I figured I should give him a show, he earned it." Alex said. "You're gonna have to give him more than that, he not only won, but he also asked you to marry him and you said yes. It's double for you tonight." Sky nudged Alex. "You better be ready to work, we all know Sergio is the most.... Oh how do I say this.." Skylar thought. "Driven. That's a good word for it, he knows what he should get tonight and he's gonna make sure he gets it." She finished. "Oh please I can handle that child." Alex scoffed. "What's he gonna do? Shove his hand up my dress? Like he hasn't done that one before?" She joked. "Okay if you say so, I'm giving you a heads up, after a big win they all try to hop in our pants but Sergio is definitely the most hands on of them all." Sky responded. "Worse than his birthday?" Alex asked as she put her earrings in. "He can be, I've known him a long time, I don't know how he will react when he sees you in this." Skylar said gesturing to Alex's short, tight fitting dress. "Thats the plan." Alex smiled evilly.


Alex and Skylar arrived at the venue for the party, both of them had to admit, it was nice being back in an English speaking country. Skylar walked quickly ahead inside to give Sergio a heads up. Skylar strolled right up to Iker, kissed his cheek, and walked over to Sergio. "Well don't you look stunning." He smiled giving her a friendly hug. "I'm proud of you Sese, you guys earned it. I just wanted to give you a heads up, your girlf- I mean fiancé looks drop dead gorgeous, so just be prepared and keep it in your pants until you get back to the hotel." Sky joked, smacking his chest. "Hey hey, I will do my be-..." Sergio trailed off and his jaw dropped to the floor faster than a speeding bullet. Sky smirked as she turned to see Alex strutting in. Alex smiled and hugged her buddy kaka and gave Iker a kiss on the cheek and a hug before finally locking eyes with Sergio, as his jaw still hung. Skylar reached up and closed his mouth for him, "close you mouth, you'll catch flies. I will talk to you later buddy, good job today." She smiled before walking back over to join Iker.

Alex walked right up to Sergio and wrapped her arms around his neck, quickly pulling him to her lips with passion before either of them said hello. Sergio gripped her waist and kissed her back just as forcefully. They heard whistles coming from Kaka and Iker. Sergio smiled as he kissed Alex, she on the other hand, held up her left hand, showing off her engagement ring before flipping off her big brother and Kaka, making them both laugh. Sergio pulled back and looked at her dumbfounded, "Díos mío hermosa, I should win big trophies more often." He said as he tried to catch his breath. Alex blushed and giggled at him lightly. "You are my champion tonight and you will be treated as such." She smiled. "Would you like a drink? You surprisingly don't reek of champagne." She joked. "I took a shower before I got here." He smirked. "I'll be right back with a drink for you." She smiled and smacked his butt before walking to the bar. Alex was about to grab the glass of Jack Daniels when someone approached her. "You know it's bad to drink during a pregnancy." Kaka spoke leaning his head on his hand, sassing her. "It's not for me dumbass." She stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed her Sprite, "this is." She said taking a sip. "Cheers." Kaka laughed as he held up his Coca Cola. "He's staring at you right now." Kaka said smiling as he took a drink. "I know, I didn't just wear this for me you know." She smiled. "Well you look beautiful, simply stunning, Caroline told me to make sure I say so." He smiled again. "Well tell your wife she is lovely as usual and I must say your children are literally the cutest things I've ever seen." Alex responded graciously. "They get that from their mother." Kaka smiled looking over at Caroline who was talking with Sky. "I better go give this to him, it'll make him less.... I don't maybe it'll lighten him up." Alex smiled looking at Sergio. "He's surprisingly sober." She mentioned to Kaka. "He wasn't four hours ago trust me, he hasn't changed," he laughed and sipped his soda. "He had a lot of greasy, cheesy, delicious pizza so I guess that absorbed the at least bottle and a half of champagne he drank himself. He can really put it away, it's ridiculous." He said, his eyes widening for emphasis. "Trust me I know, it's very rare I see him actually drunk, the closest I've seen is him high on pain killers, that was hilarious." Alex laughed. "I bet." Kaka smiled. "I'm sure we'll talk later, enjoy the evening" he smiled. "You too, amazing job today Ricky." Alex smiled back as he thanked her and walked off.

"Here you go babe." Alex said handing Sergio the drink. "Jack Daniels?" He asked before taking a drink. "Of course." Alex smiled. "You love me." Sergio said after he swallowed. "Oh I do." Alex smiled and held up her ring. "Looks beautiful on you." Sergio smiled. "And that suit doesn't look half bad on you." Alex joked, looking him up and down. "Oh look what I can wear now." Sergio said holding up a bright, shining, platinum band around his left ring finger. "How long have you been planning this." Alex asked. "You don't want to know, you'll make fun of me." Sergio flirted. "Please tell me love." Alex begging grabbing his arm and shaking it lightly. "I bought the rings, a long time ago, too long." He smiled, sipping his drink. "I've heard rumors about how this night will go being near you." Alex nudged him. "Oh? What have you heard Ms. Roberts?" Sergio asked leaning in close. "I've heard you get very /hands on/" she whispered seductively. "It all depends on you, and where you want it to go." He responded, shooting her a devilish grin. "I want it to go where ever you want it to." She responded. "Oh is that so?" Sergio asked as he rubbed her thigh. Alex nodded and bit her lip. Sergio downed his drink, "another." He gestured to the bartender. Another drink was rushed to him and he downed it as well. "Dance?" He asked. Alex nodded and grabbed his hand. "Alright everyone watch out, the terrible two are at it again!" Kaka yelled. "Are we really that bad?" Alex asked. "Trust me sissy, it gets worse than Skylar and I." Iker said laughing. "It's wild." Xabi chimed in. "Oh honestly! Since when have you guys cared! We are champs, get your wives and join us." Sergio said. Iker shrugged and looked at Sky who shrugged. "Let them get a few drinks in them and they'll be out there." Iker responded. "You're missing out." Sergio said as Alex leaned her back against his chest. Sergio wrapped his arms around her. The two decided to keep it clean to make everyone happy for a while. Sergio had his head nuzzled into Alex's neck as they swayed, she placed her hands over his across her stomach as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Sergio placed gentle kisses along Alex's neck lovingly. "You're so sweet." Alex spoke, turning her head to look at him. Sergio gave her a big smile, "Because I love you, and I'm not drunk yet." He joked. "That's true, the night is still young Mr. Ramos." Alex said as she cupped his cheek and gave him a kiss. "Just don't go too crazy with the alcohol please, I don't like it when you drink." Alex said seriously. "I know nena, I'm sorry." Sergio said looking sad, his night had ended before it began. "Don't apologize, this is your big night, I want you to have fun just don't get fall over drunk. You and I still have the rest of the night after you leave here." She winked and kissed his cheek before walking off to get another soda. "I know you're staring Sergio." Alex said as she turned and caught Sergio look at her ass. Sergio turned bright red and quickly turned his head and smiled. Alex chuckled and walked over to socialize with the other WAGs.

"SHOTS!" Karim yelled as the team ran over to where he was.

The music got louder and the amount of shots got higher. Alex went and dragged Sergio away at shot number 5. Alex knew that when Sergio got giggly that he was on his way to the point of no return, if she didn't stop him now he would be a mess. "Babe, lets dance." Alex grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips. "Dancing or..." He gave her a deviant look, "/dancing/" he smirked. "I think you know." Alex raised an eyebrow suggestively. Sergio gave her a devilish grin and moved to get behind her. Lady Gaga's song "Do What U Want" came on, almost as if it was planned; Sergio moved up against Alex and started kissing her neck, sucking lightly as he did so. Alex moved her arms above her head, allowing Sergio to run his hands up and down her sides. Alex even went as far to let Sergio feel her up slightly, without being too obvious. Sergio ran his hands down to the hem of her dress, sliding his hand under briefly before moving back to Alex's hips and swaying with her as she grinded against him. "Kiss me hermosa." Sergio said against her neck, Alex could smell the alcohol on his breath. She turned her hand and moved her hand to his face before she started kissing him with passion. "Get a room you two!" Xabi said as he walked past. Sergio pulled back and dragged Alex to a booth in the back, partially out of sight from the team. He moved to sit and pulled Alex onto his lap, she quickly straddle him and grabbed his shirt collar, "where were we?" She smirked. "Right here." Sergio responded before continuing their kiss that ended up as a full blown make out session; complete with Alex tugging on his hair and Sergio slipping his hands under her dress to rub her thighs and grab her ass. After being gone for a sizable amount of time, they rejoined the rest of the party once more. Alex had to admit, the alcohol did make him a little more grabby. "Nice hickey hermana" Iker whispered in Alex's ear as he passed her. Alex moved to cover her neck that she assumed was covered in marks, "honestly Sergio, are you sixteen?" She faked being mad as she playfully smacked his chest. "No I was just marking my territory." He played along. "You didn't think this was a good enough mark?" she asked holding up her engagement ring. "Nope, I like to add the Sergio Ramos touch to it." He smirked. "You are a child I swear." Alex said before walking off to find Skylar. "No stay and dance with me!" Sergio said pulling her back to him. Alex sighed and smiled kissing him before they danced again. She let her hands wander to Sergio's frontside, behind her butt, feeling him slightly before bring her hands back to the front.


Sergio had lost Alex in the past hour and he finally stumbled upon her on the rooftop looking over the city of London. "Hey nena, are you alright?" Sergio asked before instinctively removing his suit jacket and placing it around Alex's shoulders. "Yeah, I'm fine, just needed some air and was thinking." Sergio wrapped an arm around her as they moved to sit down. "What were you thinking about?" He asked looking out at the view as well, rubbing her back gently. "How just a year or two ago, I would be at a club like this with my tongue half way down some guy's throat, I would get so drunk and pass out, I just didn't care and Justin didn't seem to either; and now... I'm engaged and going to have my second child and..." She trailed off and paused for a moment

"Everything has changed."

She spoke finally turning to look at Sergio. Sergio swallowed, he wasn't sure what he could say. Alex turned back to look at the view. "I miss America." Alex couldn't stop herself when she realized what she'd said. Sergio seemed to panic and began talking fast. "I know Alex and I'm sorry I just, I just can't move there yet I can leave yet. I can't. The team is doing so good an-" Alex put a finger across his lips. "I know, I didn't mean you had to transfer, it's just this view reminded me of New York and I just got homesick, that's all. Wherever you are, as long as I'm with you, it's home." She said as she leaned in towards him, her eyes darting down to his lips. Sergio leaned in "we should go back to the hot-" he said as he was drawn to her before his lips met hers. Alex brought her hand up to his face as she kissed him lovingly, she could still taste the alcohol on him. It baffled her that he wasn't drunk. Sergio had his hand on Alex's leg and was moving it up when the door swung open loudly. "Get a roommff" Xabi slurred drunkly as a slightly tipsy and giggly Iker followed. "We did but you found us." Alex said. "This is a roof, not room silly." Iker said, perhaps he was more drunk than Alex had thought. "Come on hombres I'm trying to get some and you all keep cock blocking me!" Sergio yelled at them in Spanish. Xabi and Iker started cracking up with laughter. "Alex you should sleep with Sergio." Xabi blurted out. "Dammit Alonso shut up!" Sergio glared at him only making the other men giggle more. "Oh c'mon we know you want it!" Iker shouted. "You both are ridiculous." Sergio said, laughing now. Alex got up and walked over to Iker, who handed her a bottle of water, "thanks bro." She smiled and took a sip. Alex suddenly realized how dark it was near them and started feel around for Sergio. "Right behind you." He said placing his hands on her waist. "Oh good." Alex turned to kiss his cheek but couldn't see and kissed his neck instead. "Sorry." She said. "No no, you're fine right there." He flirted. "Okay well we're gonna go back inside and try it on with our ladies, you kids have fun." Iker smirked and walked inside. "Can we go to the hotel now?" Alex smiled. "Of course mi corazón." Sergio placed a hand on the small of her back and led her through the party out to his rental car where he moved his hand to her butt. "You drive, I've a few." He said opening the driver side door for her. "Good idea, now get in hot stuff." She smiled.

Alex placed a hand on Sergio's knee and slowly slid it up to his thigh as the drove to the hotel. "Victory sex." Sergio cheered under his breath. "I heard that." Alex smirked, squeezing his leg as she parked and turned off the car. "It's the best kind their is! Beside birthdays." Sergio rambled. "Of course babe, now come on." Alex said as she grabbed his hand and strutted inside to the elevator. The doors close and the couple started up to Sergio's floor. Alex slipped her hand into his back pocket, slightly pinching his butt, he was more than happy to return the favor. "You seemed pretty tame, I was surprised." Alex announced. "I made out with you four times, got half way drunk, and grinded with you for an hour, and felt you up, it was a good night, I didn't need to push for anything." Sergio responded. "We did all that?" Alex asked as she thought. Sergio nodded. "Come to think of it, I do think I felt something when my hand went between my butt and your hips." She smirked. "Yeah yeah okay, so I got antsy, and possessive and kept you with me." Sergio said, brushing off his boyish reaction to dancing with Alex. "Why possessive?" Alex asked. "Because no one else is allowed to tap all this." He responded, gesturing to her body. He really was half drunk, he was never this straight forward with her about this stuff. "How romantic." Alex said as they exited the elevator. "You want romantic?" Sergio asked, he didn't give a chance to answer. He pulled her tight to his chest and tilted her chin up with his index finger, "I'm possessive because I don't want any other man to have you, I don't want any other man to look at you the way I do, and especially don't want them to have the privilege of seeing the way your eyes sparkle when you smile or laugh at something they said. And they will never get to do this." Sergio said before kissing Alex delicately in the now silent hallway of the hotel. Alex pulled back and dragged him to his room, "let's see how desperate you really can get." She said seductively, dragging him into the room by his tie as he swallowed heavy with anticipation, slamming the door behind him.
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