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Sequel: Come Back to Me
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Beside You

Shattered Memory

"Alex, it's me, Sergio." Sergio said worried as he held her hand. "Sergio? I don't know a Sergio." She said with a weak voice. "Yes you do, I'm your fiancé." He said as he panicked. "No, I don't have a fiancé, I broke up with Justin yesterday, after Skylar's wedding, then I went to bed and now I'm here." She said looking around. "Please let go of me, you're scaring me, where Skylar and Iker?" She asked as she quickly pulled her hand away from Sergio. "Um, I'll go get them." Sergio said sadly as he walked out.

Sergio returned with the couple and Carter to see Alex talking with the doctor. Carter ran over and hugged Alex, she seemed to remember him, but when Sky asked if she knew how long Carter had been with her, she couldn't remember. It seemed to be that Sergio and the last five months were a complete blur, nothing made sense and Alex could hardly remember having Carter for so long. Alex did have a faint memory of tall muscular man who seemed to be in every fuzzy memory, by her side, but she swore up and down that it wasn't the man who was holding her hand when she woke up an hour ago. "She has memory loss, as you obviously know already Mr. Ramos. It may come back, it may not. It could come back three days from now or thirty years. Or it she may never remember. Just be patient this Is all very hard for her. I'm so sorry sir." The doctor said solemnly. Sergio nodded and walked back into the room, "I'm gonna go get some air, and maybe some food." Sergio said, Sky nodded as he walked out. "That Sergio guy is pretty hot." Alex said to Skylar. "I know, and he's a great kisser." Skylar responded. "I bet." Alex smiled. Iker looked up from where he was playing with Carter, "and how would you know?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "I've had my fun, I wasn't always boring mi amor. I thought he told you." Sky laughed. "We will discuss this when we get home missy." Iker faked being angry. "So you really don't remember him?" Sky asked the if her attention to Alex who sighed. "I mean he's hot and all, but when I look at him, I don't feel anything, no familiarity, nothing. I almost don't believe him." She said seriously.

Five days later:

"I'm glad you decided to stay with me." Sergio said awkwardly, breaking the silence as they drove to his house. "Oh well, I figured I would give it a shot." Alex said looking out the window. Carter was confused at first to say the least, but he finally was able to understand that Alex had no recollection of Sergio, and he would do anything to help her remember him. Sergio was slowly becoming one of Carter's favorite people in his life. Besides his aunt and uncle and his mother of course.

"Here we are." Sergio said pulling into his extensive driveway as the gates closed behind them. "You live here? In this giant house?" Alex asked surprised. "I used to have a wild party side, I got into a lot of mischief." Sergio smirked, trying to flirt with her, Alex was paying no attention and got out and grabbed her bag as Carter sprinted inside. Sergio moved to place a hand on Alex's butt as they walked in. Alex jumped and moved away from him. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it. I- you- I'm sorry." Sergio said blushing as he stared at his shoes. "It's alright, would you mind showing me to my room?" Alex asked professionally. Sergio nodded still not looking at her as he led her to a guest room right next to his. "I assume you don't want to stay with me." He said quietly as he opened the door. "My room is right across the hall, there's a bathroom in your guest room and Carter is downstairs in a room I had set up for him. If you need anything let me know." Sergio said before walking out. "Thank you." Alex responded. Sergio nodded and left to make dinner.


Alex was left to stay in Sergio's house on her own, the next morning. A note on the kitchen table said "Taking Carter to a friend's house and then going to training. I will be back around 5, my number is on the fridge if you need something. X Sergio." It was 10am, what was Alex supposed to do for seven hours? She decided to have a quick breakfast and snoop around Sergio's house, after all she really didn't know a thing about him besides him being a professional footballer on Iker's team. Alex walked into what appeared to be an office to find framed magazine articles and photos of Sergio with famous people. Alex approached a Men's Health España magazine on the desk with Sergio on the cover.

Alex swallows at the sight of him without a shirt, she knew he must've been muscular, based in the tight white v neck he wore yesterday to pick her up from the hospital; but she had no idea he was that muscular. The tattoos that littered his body made Alex drool, especially the on sitting right where his jeans began. She flipped through the magazine, not reading anything since she couldn't understand; she simply ogled at the pictures of his rich, clear, sparkling hazel eyes, his striking jawline, and amazing muscles. Alex flipped the magazine back to the front and ran her fingertips along the image of Sergio, struggling to remember anything about him, she simply couldn't.

Alex continued walking until she decided to check out his bedroom, it smelled of cologne and hair gel. She walked over to his bed, running her hands over his pillow before moving to his bathroom, you can tell a lot about a guy by what's in his medicine cabinet. Alex opened it to find very masculine contents; a container of hair gel, Old Spice body wash (Alex's favorite, that's why Sergio used it), an electric razor, some shaving gel, aspirin, a comb, some birth control pills (must've been hers) and a box of condoms, unopened. Alex couldn't help the smirk that crept across her face as she read the box. "Trojan Magnum: Pleasure Pack." she had to stifle a laugh as she continued to read, this guy was too much. "Four Large size Magnum condom varieties in one box: Sensations: For Her Pleasure, Fire & Ice, Twisted and Intense." Alex started cracking up as she placed the box back in the cabinet. She couldn't believe a guy like that would have such cheesy condom types. Alex decided she would go through his closet next; Alex walked in and ran her hands along the line of suits and crisp dress shirts. She had to admit he did have taste. Alex shivered at the cold temperature in the house and looked for a sweatshirt. She slipped a plain great hooded sweatshirt on over her pajama top, inhaling the scent. Something was vaguely familiar about the smell, but Alex couldn't decide what it was.


Sergio came home to a familiar sight, Alex had on his sweatshirt and was looking in the cabinet for something. Sergio walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist before kissing her cheek. "Buenas noches mi corazón." He whispered. Alex tensed up and pushed him off of her. "Please stop that." Alex said, she didn't hear him come in. "Sorry I just thought- with the sweatshirt- and the- forget it, it was stupid. Force of habit, I'll stop." He said quietly. "I'm sorry Sergio I really am I trying I just, I just don't remember you." She said as looked in the fridge for a drink. Alex grabbed a beer and was about to open it when Sergio snapped, "what are you doing?!" He exclaimed. "Having a drink..." Alex said as she raised to her lips. "You must've forgotten that too. Alex your two months pregnant with our first child." Sergio said looking at her. "No, you can't be serious. I barely even know your name and I'm having your child?!" Alex slapped her palm to her forehead. "I'm sorry Alex, I'm so sorry." Sergio said sadly. "Um, there's food in the fridge, Carter should be dropped off in an hour, I think I'm just gonna go to bed, I'm not really all the hungry." He said quietly, sagging his shoulders as he walked off. Alex cried tears of frustration, this was so hard on her, she couldn't imagine what it was like for this man who claimed he was deeply in love with her.


3am that evening.

Sergio was downstairs, drinking alone. He hadn't done this since Alex was with Justin, he just needed it right now. He sat in a pair of grey sweats, without a shirt. A faint scream traveled the house, landing on Sergio's ears. He dropped his third drink and ran upstairs to Alex's room to find her crying with the blanket tucked up to her nose. "Alex are you alright?" Sergio asked breathing heavy. "The crash... Fire... Carter... Trapped... Explosions... Me... You... Suffocating." Alex muffled through her flood of tears. "Please, please hold me, I may not remember you but yo-you-you're all I-I've got right now." She said as she gestured for him to enter the room and lay with her. Sergio was hesitant, "you tense up every time I touch you, then you pull away. Are you sure you want in the same bed as you?" He asked quietly. Ever since he had brought her home, he had found himself talking less, and when he did it wasn't confident and it was quiet. "Pl-pl-please. I-I need someone." Alex said as she sobbed. Sergio carefully walked over and crawled into bed next to her, Alex cuddled into his chest and pulled his arm around her. Sergio responded by gently running his hands through her hair and rubbing her back. He placed a delicate kiss on her head, that certainly didn't go unnoticed, but Alex was too shaken to care. "Shhh, sleep nena. I'm here, I won't let anything happen to you." He cooed as she began to calm down. She may not have remembered him, but he thought there must've been some progress if she wanted him holding her.
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Alex still doesn't remember Sergio, but an instinct told her to trust him, what will happen next?

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