‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

Memory Lane

Alex woke up and stretched her arms in the large empty bed, it had been two weeks since Sergio came running in to hold her; she still had no memory of him or being in love with him. She decided that she would give him a shot, though ever since she told him to stop touching her, he had kept a respectable distance between them. He had been so good with Carter in the last three weeks, it brought a large smile to her face. She could clearly see the two were best friends, Sergio loved spending time with him, probably because Carter reminded him so much of himself when he was that age. Alex could see that Sergio wasn't happy, he was quite awkward around her, always cautious about what he said or did. He was quiet when he talked to her and usually didn't maintain eye contact, it really must've been rough for him. Alex yawned and crawled out of bed to go find some breakfast downstairs. As she stepped onto the ground floor, a flurry of childish giggles echoed through the house. Alex smiled as she heard Carter, "stop it daddy! That tickles!" He shrilled happily. "Oh yeah? Watcha gonna do short stack?" Sergio responded happily. "This!" Carter yelled as he lunged at his neck, knocking Sergio to the ground. Sergio lifted Carter off his chest and started bench pressing him, "uno! Dos! Tres! Cuatro! Cinco.." Sergio said as he began doing reps with Carter. Alex walked in with a large smile, Sergio didn't seem to notice. Alex decided to hide around the corner, if she wanted to know the real Sergio she had to see how he acted when she wasn't around. Carter was grinning from ear to ear and began squirming as Sergio got to fifteen. "Ay díos mío Carter! Your putting on some muscle weight there." Sergio said as he hugged him to his chest again. "One day I'll be big and strong like you." Carter smiled. "I want to be just like you and Uncle Iker when I grow up!" He exclaimed. "And why is that?" Sergio smiled at him. "Because you guys play football for a living, and really fun and nice to play with. You guys look after me." Carter said seriously. "I love you Sergio." He said wrapping his arms around Sergio's neck. "I love you too buddy." Sergio smiled as he kissed his cheek. Alex walked in to see Sergio and Carter with their heads in the fridge discussing what snack they wanted. Sergio pulled out two apples and placed them on the island, he looked up and saw Alex. "Buenos días." He said quietly. He cleared his throat, "oh I mean good morning." He said as he reached for a knife to cut the apples. "Morning." Alex said softly. "Would you like an apple?" Sergio asked, not looking up from cutting. "Yeah that would be nice, thanks." Alex smiled, though he didn't see it. Alex had to admit she felt guilty, almost as if she was responsible for him being so sad. Carter had left to go play on his own, the couple was left alone. "I don't want you to feel guilty about this." Sergio said, reading her mind. "I know but somehow I feel responsible." Alex said. "Well you shouldn't, there's nothing you can do about it." Sergio said quickly, cutting a slice of apple a little too forcefully in frustration. "Can we at least try not being so awkward, do um, do you wanna, i don't know. Never mind." Sergio trailed off. "What were you gonna say?" Alex asked. "Nothing, it was stupid." Sergio said moving to clean the knife over the sink. "Sergio what were you gonna say?" Alex asked. Sergio finally turned to look at her for the first time all morning. "I was wondering if... Maybe... You and I... Could go out and do something... Just the two of us. Maybe that could help you." He said, his eyes darted to the floor after he finished the sentence. "I would love that, how about tomorrow?" Alex asked. "Yeah. That would work, tomorrow afternoon. Carter could go with Kaka to play with Luca." Sergio suggested. "Kaka is a teammate of mine, Luca is his son, and Kaka is a good friend of yours." Sergio said filling in the blanks for her. "Oh ok yeah that should work." Alex said. "Ok cool, I'm gonna go bring Carter his snack." Sergio said as he left Alex in the kitchen. "Oh and Alex?" Sergio asked, popping his head in. "Yeah?" She asked. "Um if you want to, maybe we could, I mean if you wanted to, you could sleep in my room with me tonight if you want." He said nervously. "Yeah, that would be nice." Alex gave him a small smile. Sergio nodded, and left with a smile on his face.


Sergio returned to his bedroom after checking on Carter one last time to find Alex sitting there waiting for him. He smiled and crawled in next to her, he wasn't sure if he should cuddle her close or just leave her. He decided he would leave her unless she said something. "Goodnight Alex." Sergio smiled "goodnight Sergio." She responded. Sergio turned so his back was facing hers. "Sergio, did we used to sleep like this? Like an old married couple?" Alex asked laughing a little. "No, we hardly slept like this." Sergio answered. "How did we sleep?" She asked, almost flirting with him. A smile crept Across Sergio's face, "like this." Sergio said as he turned to press his bare chest against Alex's back, and his strong arm across her. Alex snuggled into him, "I like this." She said softly as she quickly drifted off to sleep. "I love this." He whispered to himself, hoping she was asleep and didn't hear him. It was the first time in two weeks he was able to have close to him, safe, where he could protect her.

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"Alex are you almost ready?" Sergio yelled up the stairs. "Yes I'm coming." Alex said as she walked down the stairs. Sergio struggled not wrap an arm around her waist, he decided he would just try to hold her hand. "Where are we going?" Alex asked as they walked out the door. "We are going on an adventure, I know you love country music, and the American south so, we'll see how you like this." Sergio said. He reached to grab her hand but she pulled it away as soon their hands met, making him frown. Sergio was determined to at least be able to hold her hand by the end of the night.

Sergio managed to find a very secluded, and what seemed to be the only, old wooden dock that had a resemblance of the ones you'd find in the American south, all his effort made Alex smile. Sergio thought it would be fit to bring the truck instead of his usually Audi or range rover, his mind couldn't help but wander to the last time he and Alex went on a date and he brought the truck, it was the last night before he left for three months. A perfect night for him. "What are we doing?" Alex asked. "We are listening to country music, sitting on the edge of the dock and for the first time in three weeks we are going to hold a real conversation." Sergio said seriously. "I think I can manage that." Alex smiled walking down the dock. "What are we going to talk about?" Alex asked. "Oh wait I know, let's talk about those ridiculous condoms in your bathroom." Alex said sticking her tongue out. Sergio turned a violent red, "oh... You saw those." He said awkwardly. "Yeah." Alex said laughing. "Ya see, they, well I was going to try them after the semi final game, but uh, that's when you told me you were pregnant." He trailed off. "Relax, it gave me a good laugh." Alex smiled at him as they sat down at the edge of the dock, their feet dangling over the water. "So what would you like to talk about?" Sergio asked, leaning back on his hands and looking out at the view. "Tell me the story of you and I." Alex said surely. "What would you like to know?" Sergio asked looking at her. "Everything. Tell me everything, from the moment you met me." She smiled. "Well it was It was a year and a half ago, maybe more. Iker and Skylar dragged me out to meet you and Justin. Frankly at the time I thought it was stupid, I would have just been 5th wheeling, but I went anyways. I saw you and immediately I was gone, just this gorgeous girl with beautiful blonde wavy hair and sparkling blue eyes." Sergio gushed happily. "You slept with me." Sergio said turning to look at her, "I did? While I was still with Justin?" She exclaimed, her eyes widening. "Yeah, well first we shared a kiss outside your house, actually it was more like making out but still it was unlike anything else." Sergio continued as Alex watched him intently. "Then, you told me it meant nothing, you and I had angry sex at a party I threw, then we got in a huge fight and it tore me up." Sergio paused, and started inching his hand towards hers. "Then you showed up at my door very late one night about a month later, it was pouring rain. I brought you in and let you stay but I just couldn't talk to you it was too hard. Then you showed up two months later needing a key to your office that I had somehow, and you walked into my room to find at girlfriend at the time, you and I had another huge fight and then realized we both cared for each other, you told me you couldn't be with me because you would break me and I cried Alex, I cried so hard, for days." Sergio paused and took a deep breath, he moved and interlaced his fingers with Alex's, this time she didn't pull away, in fact she squeezed his hand quickly before he continued. "Then a month before the wedding you and I ran I to each other, you were in a bad place, cuts all up and down your legs and arms. It was scary you were bleeding badly so I took you my house, and you were fixing a tie for me on the suit I was trying on and... We kissed in my closet, for a long time I didn't realize how much I missed you until then." Sergio said as he stared at the water. "You broke up with Justin at the wedding and then we got together." Sergio said turning to her again. "Oh, seems like we had quite a crazy romance." Alex said quietly. "I refused to give up on you." Sergio said plain as day. The pair sat in silence, holding hands and listening to the music play from the truck, Alex was studying Sergio's face, "where did you get that a scar?" Alex asked pointing to a small, thin, white scar above his eye. "Protecting you." He said looking at her. "Why?" She asked concerned. "We were in Paris and you went to fire your assistant and he had a knife and tried to rape you, I was in your office resting my fractured shin when I heard the screams." Sergio said as the images flashed through his head. He let go of her hand and moved to take off the plaid shirt. "I got this one and this one from the fight too." Sergio said gesturing to two long thin scars on his arm. Alex gently ran her fingertips over them. "I want to remember Sergio. I'm trying so hard." Alex said, her eyes watering slightly. "I know you are nena, please don't cry, it breaks my heart to see you cry." Sergio said, his arm still in her lap as she continued running her fingertips over his arm. "Look at me." Sergio said, tilting her chin up to face him.

Alex's bottom lip was quivering, Sergio looked into her eyes and then her lip before returning to her eyes as he leaned towards her. Alex was hesitant at first, she wasn't sure if she could do it, she figured if she'd done it before maybe something would come back to her. Sergio close the space between them, kissing her gently and cautiously as if she would shatter if he wasn't careful. Alex took a moment to respond, she wanted to pull back and tell him she couldn't do this but somehow, she didn't want to stop. Alex kissed him back, her hand placed in his cheek. Skylar was right, he was an amazing kisser. Sergio was passionate about every move he made, he wanted Alex to know how much he loved her without him saying a word. Sergio wanted more, he wondered if the more they did, the more that would come back to her, it was a worth a shot. Sergio moved to lay Alex down on the dock, as he climbed on top of her. Alex was almost shaking, she wasn't sure what he wanted and she knew she couldn't give it to him, not now. Yet there was that little voice in Alex's head telling her to keep going. Alex moved her hands to grab handfuls of Sergio's tight, white V neck, pulling towards her. Alex wanted to see if what she saw in men's health was true. Sergio took one hand and gripped his shirt, pulling it off over his head, exposing his completely muscular upper body. Sergio came back to Alex's lips, as she ran her hands over his toned muscles, yup men's health doesn't lie. Sergio held himself up with one hand as the other played with Alex's hair, he teased her mouth open with his tongue. Alex finally did something that made Sergio think something was back to normal, Alex moved her hands up to his hair and tugged on it as she messed it up in her hands. Sergio moaned into her mouth and moved his hand down to the hem of her shirt, sliding his hand underneath her shirt. Sergio trailed his lips down to her neck, kissing her lightly. Alex came to her senses and realized something didn't feel right, she couldn't do this, something wasn't letting her. She felt like a tease for letting it get this far, it shouldn't have happened, she didn't even feel anything for Sergio. "Sergio, stop, I... I can't do this. I'm sorry." Alex said pushing him off lightly before sitting up. "I'm sorry." She said softly with her arms folded and her eyes fixed on something in the water, anything so she didn't have to look into his devastated eyes.
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