‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

All For Love

"I'm sorry, I just, I don't know what I was thinking." Sergio said to Alex as he drove them home. "It's okay, I get it, I know it's hard for you." Alex said. There it was again, awkward silence. "Sergio, why is your hand in a cast, did you ever tell me?" Alex quizzed. "The car crash, it shattered it, they realigned everything in time before I messed up beyond repair." Sergio responded monotonely. "I know, but how did that happen in the crash?" She pressed him for an answer. "If I tell you, you'll feel terrible for not remembering me." Sergio answered again, very business like. "Please tell me." Alex begged. "I was protecting you, they said if I hadn't put my arm in front of you, you could have been completely smashed by the air bag or you could have gone though the windshield." Sergio responded finally. "Oh." Alex said. Silence. "When I kissed you... Did you feel.... Anything?" Sergio asked curiously. Alex decided it was best to lie to him, she didn't want him anymore upset than he already was. "Yes I did, I felt something for sure." Alex lied. She couldn't tell him that kissing him meant nothing and she didn't feel any romantic, love feelings. If she could lie to him for a few weeks, maybe that would buy her enough time until her memory came back.


Two more weeks had passed and Alex had kept up the lie, she hadn't slept with him, sexually anyways. To keep up the lie she had to sleep in his bed with him, Sergio seemed happier, ignorance was bliss. Everything was going well until Alex went to her two month check up, that's when everything went to hell.

Alex didn't know how to tell him, or how he or she should be reacting to this. Their very tiny, unborn child had died from trauma probably when they crashed. Alex felt empty inside, literally and figuratively. She pulled out her phone and dialed Sergio, "hola?" Sergio answered happily. "Um Sergio, I need to talk to you when I get home." Alex said nervously. "Alright, well I'm home, so I'll be waiting." Sergio said almost suspiciously.


"Sergio?" Alex called as she entered the house. "Right here mi amor." Sergio approached her and gave her a quick kiss, the whole pretending to love him was getting harder. "What is it you wanted to tell me?" He asked happily. Alex took his hands and they sat down on the couch as she sighed heavily. "Alex, what happened?" He asked concerned. "Sergio there is no easy way to say this." She paused and inhaled deeply. "The baby, it, it's gone. I'm sorry." Alex said. In that moment Alex swore she literally saw him crumble in front of her, she watches the sadness and heart break well up in his eyes. "O-oh." His voice cracked. "U-uh, I'm gonna...gonna go get some air. I uh I'll see you l-later." Sergio said hesitantly, his mind had wondered somewhere else and needed to get out of there. Alex nodded and watched him grab his keys and go.


"I'm losing her Iker, if I haven't already." Sergio said, fighting back tears. "She loves you, she'll come back." Iker said trying to comfort him. "No she doesn't! And no she won't." Sergio said as he shook his head and started to cry again. "She's been lying for two weeks! She doesn't feel anything for me anymore and she's sticking with it, the only thing that kept her with me was what was supposed to be our child!" Sergio broke down. He was never the kind to cry in front of anyone but it seemed now that he only cried when Alex was involved, she changed him. He had always been the kind that kept self control and never let his feeling show, but now he didn't seem to care. "Why did this happen? Why does stuff like this have to happen! We were happy, we were perfect! I lost my first child without ever meeting them. I'm going to lose Alex too. Iker she was my true love, I never wanted anyone else but her." Sergio shoved his tear soaked face in his hands as he continued sobbing.


"What am I supposed to do?" Alex asked Skylar. "I don't know, I really don't. He's over here right now, I'll text when he's on his way home. But seriously Alex I have no idea what you should do. I mean do you even love him at all?" Sky asked, she loved Sergio to death but if Alex wasn't happy and wasn't going to be, then something needed to be done. "No, I really don't feel anything, I think maybe it would be best if we just took a break for a while, saw other people." Alex said slowly. "Well then that's what you tell him." Sky answered.


"I'm back." Sergio's voice echoed through the large house. "Oh ok, we should talk." Alex said softly as she approached him. Alex noticed his bloodshot and puffy eyes and messed up hair, he must've been crying, though she didn't want to say anything. "Where's Carter?" Sergio asked as he set his keys down. "I put him to bed about an hour ago." Alex said. "Oh. I didn't get to say good night to him." Sergio said quietly. "Sergio, I think maybe we should see other people." Alex blurted out, wishing she had worded it better. Sergio's eyes went wide and sad as he looked at Alex. "I'll move out with Carter and maybe one day you and I can be together again." Alex suggested. "No, no you can't do this, you can't leave and you can't take Carter with you. I love you both too much for that, Carter is like a son to me." Sergio panicked. "Why do you care? He's not even yours." Alex said boldly. "Because I love him likes he my own, I see myself in him." Sergio said quietly. "Well you need to stop, he is my son and he is coming with me, that is that Sergio, you have no legal right to that child." Alex said raising her voice. "Alex he and I are best friends! Please he makes me so happy please don't take him." Sergio begged. "No Sergio you are not keeping my son with you." Alex said strongly. "What would it matter! You missed the first four years of his life! What's a few more?" Sergio spat. "At least I can remember what happened in the last year!" He spewed. Alex shot him a killer look, as if she would tear him to pieces right there. "You know what Sergio? These past weeks, I never felt anything for you! I don't love you! But I did this all for love! I did this for us! I did it in hopes of something clicking together and among sense. So no I don't love you! But I did this for love and guess that's the part that confuses me! As much as this hurts it's the only way." Alex shot back as the argument turned into a screaming match. "so you lied to me? Alex I trusted you! I told you secrets! I told you everything! Stuff Iker and Skylar don't even know! I can't belie you would do that to me! Why even bother leading me on! I thought we were making progress! Obviously i was wrong! I don't know why I tried so hard for you, you don't even care!" Sergio yelled. "You're right I don't and I never will! I don't love you and as far as anyone is concerned, I never have!" Alex yelled before storming off. "Where are you going?" Sergio yelled after her. "Out! Tomorrow morning all my stuff will be packed and Carter and I will be gone, so you can get on with your sad life and get back to the way you used to be, an empty player." She yelled as she opened the garage door. "You can't just up and walk away and look me in the eyes and say you did this l for love! Because that's something you know nothing about! Because if you did Alex! There would still be an us!" Sergio yelled back. He never got a response, all he heard was the door slam and Alex drive off.

It was 2am and Sergio hadn't got one bit of sleep, he had spent the last hour lying on the side of his bed staring at the wall in front of him, his mind was somewhere else and had been for a while. Prior to this he had spent two hours crying quietly to make sure Carter didn't hear anything, though he was pretty sure Carter heard the screaming match that took place downstairs.

Sergio's blank thoughts were interrupted by his bedroom door opening quietly, he heard the sound of tiny footsteps approach his bedside. Carter tugged slightly on Sergio's arm that hung over the bed. "Serg- I mean daddy." Carter whispered. "Yes buddy?" Sergio asked. "I had a nightmare and then I fell back to sleep and then I woke up again and now I can't sleep." Carter explained. "Can I sleep here with you?" He asked cutely. "Of course you can buddy." Sergio said moving over to make room before helping Carter snuggle in. Sergio knew this was probably the last time he would get to do this, and that only seemed to upset him more, "hey Sergio?" Carter said, his back facing Sergio. "Yeah?" He asked. "I love you." Carter said, "I love you too buddy, I really do." Sergio said as he wrapped an arm around the boy. Carter's company was just what Sergio needed to fall asleep.
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