‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

Moving On and Moving Out

Sergio was helping Carter gather up his stuff when Alex stood in the doorway, "Carter, we are leaving in 10 minutes." She said seriously without looking at Sergio. Carter nodded, holding back more tears. He had been crying this morning and it broke Sergio's heart. Alex walked off to pack the car, leaving the boys alone. Sergio pulled out a small box, "Carter, I want you to take this with you." Sergio said delicately, Carter took the box and pulled out the cell phone. "I want you call me whenever you need something okay? If something happens, anything at all do not hesitate to contact me, I don't when I will see you again but I'm sure I will eventually. I love you buddy." Sergio said quietly to make sure Alex didn't hear their plan. Carter took the phone and hid it in his Real Madrid backpack before giving Sergio a big hug. "Alright come on, let's get all your stuff in the car shall we?" Sergio picked Carter up in one arm and dragged his suitcases out to the Alex. Carter buried his head into Sergio's shoulder and neck and started to sob. Sergio loaded the suitcases into the trunk and hugged Carter close, "please don't cry buddy, it's alright, I will see again, I know I will. Remember what I told you." Sergio comforted as he gave Carter one last hug before buckling him into the car seat and kissing his forehead. "Goodbye pal." Sergio said softly. "Bye." Carter said, barely audible. Sergio walked past Alex, he was about to say something but she would even look at him. "Um, alright then." Sergio said before walking back Inside.


Two week later: six weeks until the World Cup

Sergio's phone was blowing up with text messages until it started ringing with an incoming call. He was curious as to who was calling him, it was probably his publicist. Since He and Alex had broken up, he had done a great job at ending up in the papers with countless women. Luckily it was only Carter, who had called him secretly every other day. Sergio wiped the sleep from his eyes, Carter had woken him up from his siesta, "hey buddy what's going?" Sergio asked tiredly. "Mommy is making us move!" Carter said loudly in Spanish. Sergio had been teaching it to Carter for the past few months "What? Where? When?" Sergio asked as a sat up in his bed. "In five days, she told me today. We are going to Los Angeles. I don't want to leave, I'm gonna be without you and uncle and auntie!" Carter panicked as he started to cry. "Stay calm, Carter relax, where are you right now?" Sergio asked calmly. "We are staying at auntie and uncle's house for the next five days. Please come over please!" Carter begged. "Alright, I need to make a plan or your mom will get suspicious. I will be there soon." Sergio said. "Hurry." Carter said before the call ended.

Sergio arrived 30 minutes later with his new girl on his arm. He really didn't care what Alex thought anymore and it was time for him to enjoy himself. Portia made Sergio happy, something he hadn't felt in a while. She was a model for Victoria Secret, Sergio had met her at an event. When Alex had lost her memory, Portia had been there for Sergio, he tried to dismiss his feelings for her but with Alex gone, nothing stopped him.

Sergio and Portia entered the house, hand in hand. "Hola!" Sergio bellowed through the house. "Hola hola." Iker answered from the kitchen. Sergio gave Sky a big hug. "Why are you here?" She whispered in his ear. "Panicked call from Carter." Sergio said "he's upstairs, your usual guest room." Sky answered before letting him go. Sergio nodded and disappeared. "Hello Portia how have you been?" Sky asked happily. She had known Portia for a little while too, she ha both if against her but she knew it wouldn't last, it was one of Sergio's coping mechanisms. "Wonderful and yourself?" She asked happily. "Great. How's the big guy?" Sky asked referring to Sergio. "Seems to be doing very well, he's just so sweet, and caring. Very romantic too." She winked. "Oh I know all about that." Sky answered smacking Iker's butt. "I am very romantic and you know it." He answered as he stirred something in the pot in front of him.

"Carter?" Sergio asked as he entered the room cautiously. "Sergio!" He exclaimed running to his arms. "Hey buddy." Sergio smiled as he hugged the boy to his chest. "I missed you." He muffled into Sergio's black v neck t shirt. "I missed you too pal." Sergio answered. The pair sat on the floor hugging for a while and holding a quiet conversation in Spanish as Sergio's back leaned against the wall with Carter in his lap. "Sergio I don't want to leave, I want to stay with you." Carter said playing with his hands. "I will visit you in the summers okay? I will be in Los Angeles in a few months and I can have Uncle Iker pick you up from your mom for a few days. Your mommy and I aren't getting along very well right now so I can't just come and visit you but Uncle Iker will help us see each other alright?" Sergio answered. "Will I get to see you guys in the World Cup?" Carter asked cheerfully. "Of course you will!" Sergio answered smiling widely. "Will you and mommy ever get back together?" Carter asked quietly. "I don't know buddy, I hope someday we do but I don't think it will happen. She, she and I have grown apart." He answered. "Do you have a new crush?" Carter asked, "I do actually. Would you like to meet her?" Sergio asked hesitantly. Carter nodded. "I'll think you'll like her, her name is Portia." Sergio smiled. Carter took Sergio's hand as they walked Downstairs, only to run into Alex at the bottom of the stairs. Carter looked shocked just as Sergio did. Carter quickly let go of Sergio and ran I find Iker and Sky.

"Why are you here" Alex asked. Sergio wouldn't look at her. "You didn't tell me you were moving." He swallowed hard. "Why should I? We are no longer together, I am no longer tied to you." She said through gritted teeth. "Alright I get it, stop being so hostile, I didn't do anything." Sergio shot back. "You're right excuse me." Alex said pushing past him to go upstairs.

Sergio reentered the kitchen and wrapped an arm around Portia's waist, laying his hand on her waist before he kissed her. Sky could tell this was simply a physical relationship, she just didn't want to ruin their fun. Sergio was good at saying or doing anything he could to sound like he loved a girl as long as it meant he could get in her pants. The only time it was different was with Alex, now he was back to his old ways. "So what are you making?" Sergio asked, his arm still around Portia. "Paella!" Carter exclaimed jumping up. "Oh really?" Sergio asked happily. "Carter this is Portia my-" Sergio began. "You're new crush!" He finished for him. "Hello Carter, lovely to meet you." She smiled before giving him a small hug. Alex saw Carter hugging Portia, in the crowded, delicious smelling kitchen. "I didn't realize you guys had guests." She leaned over to Iker. "Hey don't ask me, I didn't know until they walked in." He responded shrugging. "Mommy this is Sergio's new crush! Her name is Portia." Carter exclaimed. Portia was beautiful, tall, skinny, and very beautiful even without makeup. Her long light brunette locks were styled in light wavy curls, her teeth were perfectly white and straight, just like Sergio's. She had always pictures someone like this with Sergio, not herself. "Hello, you must be Alex." She smiled at her. Skylar always had knack for noticing fake people and seeing right through them, and she was starting to see Portia as a very fake person. Sergio seemed almost as if he was smirking when the girls were introduced. Portia returned to Sergio's side, as he pressed a kiss to her lips.

Skylar was surprised at how well Sergio was faking the lovey dovey act, giving Portia longing looks and pouty faces all through dinner, her feeding him and vice versa, they were also holding hands under the table but only Alex and Sky noticed. Alex had been flashing him dirty looks, he was clearly here to flaunt his new toy. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go to the restroom." Sergio said as he wiped his mouth with his napkin and stood up. He was surprisingly well behaved and cultured tonight. He wanted to show Alex he was fine without her. Portia's phone rang a few moments later. "Perdón." She gave an apologetic look and exited hastily. The couple had been gone for a while, "I'll go make sure they aren't doing something they shouldn't in your bathroom." Alex said excusing herself. "If they are, come get Iker and let him break it up, don't add more fuel to the fire." Sky said, covering Carter's ears.

Alex cautiously stepped around the corner to the hall where the bathroom was. She found Portia leaning against the wall, with one of Sergio's hands against it by her head, the two were talking softly, their faces very close together, and Portia's arms wrapped Around his neck. Sergio was mindlessly, and delicately tracing the small heart shaped tattoo that sat conveniently on Portia's now exposed hip. Sergio seemed preoccupied with that until Portia said something and Sergio looked up at her and smiled before he started kissing her. It was a soft but dominant one, they were going at it for about a minute when Sergio pulled back and smiled at her as they giggled cutely; Alex wished they would talk louder so she could hear them, though they really didn't want to be heard. Sergio gripped Portia's hip in his hand and started kissing her again, roughly this time, she in response gripped his hair. Alex quickly became disgusted, they had ruined the cute moment that they had had a moment ago. She stormed back into where the other three were sitting, Alex motioned for Sky to cover Carter's ears, Sky followed. "They're making out in the hallway, and it's getting handsy." She said. Iker swallowed what he had been eating and huffed, "Sergio! Tú estás tomando un tiempo terriblemente largo para ir al baño, es mejor que no estar haciendo lo que creo que estás haciendo!"(Sergio! You are taking an awful long time to go to the bathroom, you better not be doing what I think your doing!) Iker yelled from the table. "Yo no lo soy!" (I'm not!) was the answer Iker got. "Entonces siempre usted y portia desea reunirse con el grupo sería precioso." (Then anytime you and Portia would like to rejoin the group would be lovely.) Iker sassed. A large huff came from the hall followed by two pairs of footsteps. The couple reentered hand in hand. "You got a little..." Sky gestured to the lipstick that stained Sergio's skin near his lips.

Sergio had just come out of Carter's room to say his final good bye before they left in five days, both boys cried, Carter especially. Sergio had a nagging feeling about how he and Carter were so close, his mind raced about all the possibilities before it was quickly interupted.
"Really her?! Of all people! Her!" Alex snapped shoving him into the wall. "Excuse me? Are you actually trying to question me about this? Who I date is no longer any of your business sweetheart! You wanted out, well you got it. Good bye!" Sergio yelled back as he pushed past her.
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