‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

EPILOGUE: When You Find You, Come Back To Me

Sergio woke up, a blank expression and a blank mind. He wasn't quite sure how he should feel about today. For today was the day it all ended and she left the country. On one hand he was sick of the violent mood swings, the yelling, screaming and all the fights. On the other hand he would miss the kisses, the 'I love you's', the hugs, the cuddling, the warm bed they shared, everything little thing they did, especially the intimate stuff, maybe that's what kept him around even when she was upset, the sex was better than anyone else he had ever been with, even better than the super models. He vividly remembered the last time they were together, the day he won the champions league, seven weeks ago. Most importantly he would miss Carter, the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if by some crazy chance maybe he was the father or maybe he knew the father but he was probably just going crazy. Sergio sat back and thought of Alex, before the crash, sweet, flirty, fun, crazy, loving, caring, beautiful, smart, funny and every other amazing quality, even her sparkling smile and eyes. Sergio smiled slightly to himself, almost as if he was smirking. Sergio reached over to grab the bedside phone, "yeah, around 6, ok excellent thank you." He said before hanging up the phone and moving to call Iker, "hola?" He answered a little hectically. "¿Qué pasa?" Sergio asked happily. "Getting Alex and Carter ready for the airport, we are running a little late. Why?" Iker asked, short of breath. "I need guy time and I'm also fixing a tattoo, will you keep me company?" Sergio Asked hopefully. Iker huffed as the four got in the car, "I guess I can do that." He joked. "I need to go, I will talk to you later to arrange time." Iker said as he buckled his seat belt. "Alright hombre, later." Sergio said hanging up.


"Now you're sure you want to do this?" Sky asked Alex, "there is nothing left for me here, I broke up with Justin and I don't remember Sergio, and I'm not pregnant with his child, so there is nothing keeping me here. Plus fashion is a big thing there, this should be good for me, maybe one day I'll remember things but for now I need to be away from it all." Alex said surely, she had been thinking about this for a long time. "I support you and so does he." Sky said pointing to Iker who nodded as he unloaded their suitcases. "We love you and you simply must come and visit lots! We will see you at the World Cup sissy." Iker said pulling her into a hug, he had to admit he was really sad to see Alex go but he knew she needed this. "If you need anything you know who to call." He smiled at her. "I will let you guys know when we land." Alex said scooping up a very quiet Carter, he had headphones on and was listening to music, he seemed to like that when he traveled, much like Sergio did. The group said their goodbyes, holding back tears.


"And why are you doing this?" Iker asked as the tattoo artist finished drawing up a rough draft of the tattoo to cover the small A & C with a heart on his hand. "It's time to move on, and I can't move on if she's still with me everywhere I go." Sergio said as he relaxed waiting for the artist to start. "Mr. Ramos, you want it to be covered up to say 'Carter' correct?" The tattoo artist asked. Sergio nodded. "I will miss her though, her smile, her laugh, her lips, the way her body felt against mine. My mind has been going back to the beginning of our relationship in the past few days." Sergio spoke in English. "Any guesses as to why?" Iker asked as he took a sip of his beer. "I guess at the end, we think about the beginning." Sergio said as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "You know man, it will take some time but I will get over her, maybe I'll find someone who can make me as happy as she did, when we were at our best. Man we were so madly in love, especially the night I proposed, I really thought everything would be ok." Sergio said reminiscing. "You mean Portia doesn't make you that happy?" Iker asked suspiciously. "Please, Portia is just a model who will have sex with me whenever I choose so, I've convinced myself that having one stable booty call is better than being seen with a different one each night. I've tricked myself into thinking that by doing this I will be happy and move on." He answered. "You seemed pretty happy with her." Iker responded. "That's because I was getting more sex than I have been in a while and it was also an act to piss Alex off." He answered smirking. Iker laughed. "What about what happened in the hallway?" He asked. "That was me warming up for what happened that night." Sergio beamed boyishly. Iker rolled his eyes, "of course." He chuckled slightly. "You seem to have thought all of this out pretty well." Iker suggested. "Well I haven't slept half decent in three weeks so I've had plenty of time to think about it all. I'll set her free, let her find herself and if things are meant to work out, we will end up together again." Sergio responded. "There you go Mr. Ramos, all covered, like it was never there." The artist said. Little did he know how much that small A with a heart truly meant, and how easy it was to erase it and her.


Alex struggled as she slept on the flight to Los Angeles, suddenly flashes of Iker & Skylar's wedding flashed through her head. A vision of Sergio telling her he loved her and her kissing him rushed forth. A romance movie seemed to play as she dreamt; Justin being dumped and her running into Sergio's to kiss him again; Sergio holding her close, dancing and not wanting to let go. Whispers of sweet nothings, and lots of kisses on the head as they swayed, and the two of them walking out together, hand in hand, fingers intertwined. Then it all went black and she awoke. It was the one and only thing about Sergio she now remembered prior to the accident, feeling of butterflies rushed through her body. She finally remembered something about the handsome, young, Spanish man that was holding her hand at her bedside when she awoke at the hospital just weeks ago. Alex sat up quickly, "fuck what have I done?"

Ending credits: Come Back To Me - David Cook
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Sergio's Alex tattoo is covered and Alex remembers the wedding night!!! Surprises!

Ok so this is the end of this story, don't worry there will be a third it's going to be called "Come Back To Me" and there will be a slight delay on that being published if I can't get the chapter up by tomorrow, because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through this. X