‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

Trouble in Paris

Alex was awoken early by noises coming from near her hotel room door. She hopped out of bed and tip-toed over to Sergio, she found him huddled up shaking, as he mumbled something in garbled Spanish. Alex could see sweat forming on his forehead and his arms were cold and clamy. "Sergio, wake up." Alex said as she gently touched his arm. "Sergio, babe it's ok, wake up." She said again soothingly. "Huh?" Sergio asked, his fluttering open. "I think you had another nightmare." Alex said as she pushed the hair away from his face and started running her fingertips through it, something that always calmed him down. "Oh uh yeah. What time is it?" He answered. "4:37 in the morning." Alex said glancing over at the digital clock. "Oh I'm sorry did I wake you?" Sergio asked apologetically. "It's fine, I'm glad I was here for you." Alex said still stroking his hair. "I think I'm gonna go have a shower." Sergio said as he moved to sit up. "Alright, are you sure you're okay?" Alex asked as they both stood up. "Yeah I think so, can we just not talk about it anymore?" Sergio as he moved towards the bathroom and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Oh um yeah." Alex said. "I'm gonna go back to sleep." She said. Sergio nodded and started his shower. "Oh Alex," Sergio said as he peeked out of the bathroom. "Hmm?" Alex asked. "I'm sorry about last night, I crossed the line and I'm sorry for that I shouldn't have forced you." He said looking down at the ground. "It's fine, I overreacted, lets just forgive and forget." She said as she slid under the covers. Sergio nodde again and got in the shower. Alex heard the shower turn off shortly after and heard Sergio walk out, she pretended to be asleep. She had thought he had moved to his spot at the door but she soon heard the sheets rustle and felt Sergio wrap an arm around her and press his bare chest to her back. "Please don't stay mad at me." He whispered thinking she was asleep before kissing her head. "I can't lose you." He continued.


Alex and Sergio woke up around 7:30 that morning, "Babe you gotta get up, I need to go to work" she said. "Oh, can I go with you? It'll give me something to do until the boys arrive later." Sergio reasoned. "Are you sure?" Alex asked. "Yes, I want to see what you do, you've seen what I do." He defended. "Ok, but you have to understand I am serious and respected at work, I can't have you fooling around like an immature footballer. You'll slow things up so please behave." Alex said sternly. "You know you give me no credit, I can be an adult when I want to." Sergio said back. "You have bounce houses and a ball pit in your house." Alex responded wittily. "I earned that right." Sergio said smiling. "Yeah yeah just behave and try to keep up today." Alex said as they finished getting ready. "Do you have any hair gel?" Sergio asked as he smoothed out his soft, brown hair. "No looks like you're gonna have to wear it down today." Alex smiled at him. "Fine fine." Sergio said walking into the bathroom with a comb. ( http://www.besthairstyles2013.com/sergio-ramos-hair.html/sergio-ramos-hair-12 ) Sergio came out shortly after, his hair gave a soft appearance. "Ooo you know what, I like that hairstyle babe you should do that more often. It's very sexy." Alex said walking over to run her hands through his hair. Sergio smiled at her and pulled her lips to his, Alex smiled and kissed him happily before pulling back to look up into his beautiful, sparkling, brown eyes. "Have I told you how beautiful your eyes are?" Alex said as she smoothed out his hair. "No come to think of it, you haven't." He said as he placed his hands on her hips. "Sergio, we need to go, I'm going to be late." Alex said as she took his hand and started to walk out. "But you're the boss, can't you be a little late?" Sergio begged as they stepped into the elevator. "No I have a lot to get done today." Alex said. The pair climbed into the back of the car and Sergio interlaced their fingers as the driver took them to Alex's office. "You ready?" She asked as they stepped out. Sergio nodded and they entered her floor.

"Alex you've got two meeting today with your design staff and Nike wants those designs finished by the time you have your meeting with the head of USA-Europe division of their company, and that meeting is in three days. A lot of things need to be approved today and there's much to do, but I will be right by your side every step of the way." Ryan said touching her shoulder as they entered her floor of the building. "Hey watch it hombre." Sergio said as he glared at Ryan still holding Alex's hand. "Sergio!" Alex said annoyed. "I need to go meet with some of my design team, behave, Anna will be here in a minute to escort you to where you can stay for the day, don't touch anything." Alex said as she let go of his hand and started to walk off. "I thought I was spending the day with you." Sergio said. "I'm busy maybe we can do lunch." Alex said as she turned down a hall. "Poor spoiled baby." Ryan said as he walked off towards Alex's direction. "Mr. Ramos, over here." A woman snapped at him. "Do not touch anything, you must stay in Alex's office, it's right down this hall." She said sternly. Sergio nodded and started walking when he saw a room on his left 'Men's Formal Wear Design Room' Sergio looked to make sure Anna had disappeared before he entered the dark room. Sergio had just finished a suit design that he was quite proud of and wanted to show Alex when he heard a voice, "Get out of here before you ruin a three month project." Anna snapped at him. "I was just designing a suit, you expect me to sit in an office for four hours?" Sergio said back. "Yes in fact I do, this is not a play house Mr. Ramos and I have no problem throwing you out." She said sternly. "Are you kidding me? Alex is my girlfriend she wouldn't let that happen." Sergio said. "Really because she specifically told me that if you could not behave yourself I had every right to throw you out and not allow you to return. This is her job and it's a real job, unlike you she had to get a degree and a real education, now go to her office or I will escort you out." Anna said rudely. Sergio was baffled but followed her to Alex's office anyways. Anna slammed the door shut, leaving Sergio by himself. "I'll fix her." Sergio said to himself as he pulled out his phone to text his friends.

Alex was walking by her office when she heard loud talking and commotion on the other side. "Go on ahead Ryan, I will be a few minutes." She said as she opened the door to find a chaotic scene. Sergio and Xabi were throwing around an American football while Kaka was skateboarding around her large office with Iker throwing paper airplanes around the room. All of them laughing loudly and joking. "Sergio Ramos." Alex said angrily. All of the boys stopped in their tracks and stared at her. "All of you get out now." She said. All of the boys walked by saying hello to Alex, "Hi sissy, go easy on him." Iker said as he kissed her cheek and walked out with the boys. The door closed and Alex stared at Sergio, if looks could kill. "What?" Sergio asked as he shifted uncomfortably. "That's all you can say for yourself?" Alex snapped. "Alex what was I supposed to do, I came today to spend time with you and see what you do for a living. That Anna chick was a bitch to me so I wanted to get even." Sergio said defending himself. "I pay her to be like that. I cannot believe you would do this! You're messing around in my design rooms, you talk back to my employees when they're trying to help, and you embarrass me in front of all my staff." Alex yelled. "You got here and you immediately forgot who I was, you ignored me and left me with that bitch." Sergio yelled back. "Sergio this is my job! I don't have time for you here and I can't afford to lose this chance! This is a real job with things on the line, it's a real job, it's just some game for stupid guys who don't want to go to college!" Alex snapped. Sergio's face hardened, "You're right I'm just a stupid footballer and that's not a real job. Forgive me for thinking that what I do matters. Excuse me I have to get to my fake job, we have a game in two days but that obviously doesn't matter to you." Sergio hissed before storming out, passing a smirking Ryan.
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