‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

The Quarter Final

"She's not coming. I haven't talked to her in two days man." Sergio said to Iker as he tied his show laces and Iker grabbed his gloves. "I know she will, she loves you." Iker said. "You were there when she came, she our job isn't a real job, she said-" Sergio was cut off. "I know what she said! She doesn't think things through, alright? So just forget about that for now, we have a game to play." Iker said as the boys jogged out and lined up for the anthem. "Stop looking for her." Iker said reading Sergio's mind. "If you look for her and don't see her, you're going to worry." Iker said. "You're right." Sergio responded. "Of course I am." Iker smirked. Iker went to do the coin toss as Sergio went to the bench to take off his presentation jacket. Sergio jogged back out and turned to look for Alex once more, he did not find her. He saw Skylar, "You can do this." She mouthed to him, making him smile. Skylar was one of Sergio's best friends and if Alex wasn't going to attend, he felt better knowing Sky would support him.

"Here's your mail Alex. Sorry I forgot to get it to you sooner." Ryan said. "It's alright." Alex said as she sifted through the mail before coming across some very familiar handwriting, an envelope was addressed to her, saying nothing more then "Alex Roberts; R Designs Inc; Paris, France" Ryan watched her intently. Alex opened the envelope and the only content inside was a ticket "CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER-FINAL - MATCH 1: REAL MADRID VS. PSG - VISITING TEAM VIEWING BOX" "I'm going out and I won't be back please lock up, have a nice evening Ryan." Alex said professionally as she hugged him before quickly walking out to the awaiting car.Alex arrived around half time, quickly running into the box and finding her seat next to Sky. "Nice of you to join us." Sky joked. "Not in the mood." Alex shot back. The boys ran back onto the field to start the second half but this time Sergio didn't turn and look for her, he kept his head down and took his position. Alex frowned as she watched him carefully, he looked mean, upset, even just plain angry as he played. Taking risks he shouldn't have been taking, flying into challenges and hitting people harder than he needed to, he was given a yellow card shortly after the second half started. "You alright?" Sky asked her. "I fucked up and am currently losing the best thing I've ever had, so I'm here to swallow my pride and apologize for once." Alex replied as she watched Sergio with worried eyes. Sergio yelled at other players and continued taking foolish risks and hitting people harder than he should have been. It baffled everyone that he wasn't red carded. "What the hell is he doing, he doesn't play like this." Alex asked extremely confused. "He doesn't control himself very well when he's upset." Sky replied, her eyes glued to the game. "If he's not careful he's gonna get hurt." Skylar said. "Fuck." Alex said under her breath as she saw Sergio go up for a header. Sergio was pushed from behind and came down on his ankle badly, not being able to get back up. Alex's hands flew up to her face as she watched the pain course through his body. Sergio stayed on the ground, clutching his leg as Iker ran over to him and the trainers came out to assess him. Alex could see the mouths moving and asked SKylar to see if she could pick up anything from the Spaniards. "He is cussing up a storm over there and says he's in a terrible amount of pain. At least that's what I'm picking up." Sky said. Iker looked up at them, his hands on his hips as he shook his head with a solemn look on his face.

Alex began to shove her way through the crowd and the people next to her. The medical staff pulled Sergio to his feet and took him into the training room, he wasn't able to put any pressure on his left leg. Alex made her way down near the tunnel and could hear Sergio cussing and almost screaming he was so much pain. Alex felt awful and it made her sick. She ran into the training room, she saw half a dozen men surrounding Sergio, she saw tears running down his face that was now contorted in pain. "Leave." She said to the men, they all looked at her confused. "Salen ahora!" She said. Sergio said something and shooed them away, he had been in too much pain to recognize Alex's voice so he thought it was a paramedic. Sergio spoke in fast Spanish as he covered his face with his hands. "Sergio. Sergio listen to me, when I was 14 my brother did the exact same thing in the middle of the woods. I'm going to help you, it will hurt a lot at first but will help you feel better after." Alex said trying to calm the now panicky Sergio. His knuckles turned white as he clenched his fists, trying to deal with the pain. "No! No! I was pushed, he did that on purpose! This is awful! I landed on my ankle then the rest of my leg fell full force badly as well! Why did you make the trainers leave?! They're supposed to be helping me!! It's what the club pays them for!" He snapped. "Shh." She ran her fingers through his damp, sweaty hair. "Quiet down, I'm going to help faster than they can, and healthier too." Alex said as she tried to calm him again. "Just let them help me please!" Sergio begged as he grimaced in pain, he yelled something in Spanish, most likely directed at the medical staff. "Just shut the hell up!" Alex snapped at him. She breathed in and out slowly, "relax your leg." She commanded. Sergio fell silent and covered his face as the pain flowed through his shin and ankle, the trainers came back to supervise. Alex grabbed his foot, "This is going to hurt a lot." She warned. Sergio looked at the med staff, "let her try, but do not let things get worse." He said in Spanish. "Don't make this worse Alex." he warned. "I won't." She responded as she nodded reassuringly. Sergio took a deep breath and gripped the sides of the metal cot tightly. "Okay." He said nodding. Alex placed on hand on his ankle and one on his knee before pull the two away from each other and moving them to the sides to reset and align his separated shin bone. Sergio cried out in terrible pain but relaxed after a moment. "Tape." Alex commanded. "Uh.... oh la cinta." Alex said. The med handed her a roll of tape and she quickly wrapped Sergio's shin to hold it in place, making a soft, makeshift cast. Alex finished taping and left without another word, leaving everyone in awe as she walked out into the tunnel.

"SeƱorita, oh I mean, miss!" One of the medics yelled as he chased after Alex. "Yes?" She asked. "He would like to see you." The medic answered out of breath. "You must be mistaken, that man hates me." She answered plainly. The medic looked at her confused before speaking again. "No no miss, he asked for you specifically." He answered.
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So, Alex saved Sergio, what's going to happen when he asks to see her?

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