‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

An Evening in the Hospital

Alex walked in to see Sergio moving to sit up, "We'll leave you two alone, the paramedics should be in here in less than 30 minutes." The medic said before closing the door. Alex was silent, unsure of what she should say. Sergio wiped his face and fixed his matted hair before looking over at her, his face softened and he smiled at her, "Get over here beautiful." He said. "I can't believe you managed a smile for me." Alex said as she walked over to him. "Anything for you." He said as he carefully moved his legs to dangle over the side of the cot. Alex looked at him, "I'm sorry." she said looking at the ground. "I forgive you, thank you for what you just did, for coming in and everything." He responded. "No stop Sergio." She responded quickly, Sergio looked puzzled. "I'm really sorry It's not your fault, It's never been you fault. You deserve more, I'm so sorry for how I've treated you." She said, her eyes watering. Sergio wiped her tears with his thumb, "I really don't want anymore, I've got all I need standing right in front of me. Models are stupid and boring, they're shallow and there's nothing to them. I've gotten involved with them enough. But what I do hear is that the designers are rather complex, smart, funny, and /really/ good kissers." Sergio said smiling at her. Alex giggled, "You're a flirt even when you're in pain; I don't know how you manage." She blushed. "Well I get by alright." Sergio said coolly, giving her a sly look. Alex moved to stand in between his legs before she looked him in the eye and kissed him. Sergio pulled her closer, placing his hands on her hips. Alex matted her fingers into his hair and pulled as she licked his bottom lip. He tightened his grip and nibbled at her lips. Alex felt her heart flutter as she pulled back, Sergio pouted and pulled her back down to him. "I missed you." She whispered against his lips. "I missed you more." He whispered back, kissing her gently. There was a knock at the door, Alex pulled away and walked slowly to the door, she opened it slowly and peeked out. "You want the peppermint oil from my locker for those "I totally didn't just make out with Sergio" lips." Iker joked before stepping inside. "No need captain sassy. I've got my own." She winked and pulled out a small silver tin. Iker chuckled and walked over to Sergio, "Good news, we won, Xabi to Kaka, Kaka crossed it in to Ronaldo, beautiful header." Iker said as he sat next to Sergio. "That's fantastic!" Alex said. Sergio hugged Iker. "So how are you?" Iker asked. "Well I was saved from severe injuries and possibly months in recovery by the love of my life. My shin was a broken mess but she put it back, I should be alright but I have to go to the hospital." He responded. Alex walked out to give Skylar the news, closing the door behind her. "Alright, now down to real business, are you still going with your plan at the final? Or are you waiting for the World Cup?" Iker asked. "I'm even sure I want to do it on that big of a scale, so we'll see." Sergio said. "I may just wait a while." He continued before Alex came back in. "Hey babe, the paramedics are here and are ready to take you to the hospital to get checked out. Do you want me to ride in the ambulance with you?" She asked. "Of course." He smiled. "I would expect no less." "Alright you two, I'm going to have a shower and meet up with Skylar and then we'll be over. See you guys soon love you." Iker said walking out. "Love you too." Alex said as she kissed his cheek and hugged him.

"Ready to go love?" Alex asked as she moved over to his stretcher to push him to the ambulance. "With you by my side, I can't lose." Sergio said as he painfully moved to lie down. "I love you." Sergio said looking up Alex as she wheeled him through the hallways. "I love you too. The paparazzi are out there so look somewhat distressed." She winked at him and hurried to the awaiting truck. Sergio faked a wincing look as he was put inside. "Good work love." Alex smiled at him and held his hand as they placed an IV needle in his inked, tan, muscular arm. He rubbed his thumb over her finger as he held her hand, smiling up at her. "How's your leg?" Alex asked him as she squeezed his hand. "It's seen better days." Sergio replied. "I mean how badly does it hurt smart one." Alex joked. Sergio never liked when he looked weak around Alex, in general he never really let it show how badly he really was in pain. "It's felt better." He said. "Sergio, this is important, I can't help you if you're not truthful with me." Alex looked at him seriously. He sighed heavily, "It hurts really really badly." He sadly looked up at her. "On a scale of one to ten?" She quizzed. "a nine or a ten." Sergio replied, the ambulance hit a bump, causing his leg to move awkwardly. Sergio cried out in pain, closing his eyes tightly and squeezing Alex's hand. He took a deep breath and spoke again, "You're 'distraction' in the training room helped a bit." He winked at her. Alex admired his ability to mask the pain, she could see he really was hurting. "Oh shut up." She giggled. "Well I didn't feel it then, okay maybe I did, but not as badly." He smiled. "Ugh thanks babe, now the paramedics think I'm a whore." she joked. "They don't /all/ speak English, and I'm sure this isn't the worst that they've heard. Plus who cares I love you." Sergio defended, "Well we are going to a French speaking hospital so I'll do the talking there." She giggled Sergio smiled "ce que vous dites mon amour." (Whatever you say my love.) He responded. Sergio winced in pain again, squeezing Alex's hand again. "We're gonna need to get you some pain medication before you crush my hand." She smiled. "Please, it's pain shooting through my entire leg." Sergio said. The paramedics unloaded Sergio from the ambulance, "Stay with me." He said to Alex. "Always." She replied following him inside to get x-rays and be examined. Sergio held Alex's hand tightly, as she shielded her eyes from the f;ashing lights and cameras. Alex held his hand tightly, constantly reassuring him that everything would be alright.

Sergio sat up on his stretcher in a closed off room listening to Alex talk with the doctor in French. She nodded and the doctor walked off. "Looks like you won't need surgery, we got to in time before it completely separate, it's just a small hairline fracture, somewhere along the lines of a crack. You should be able to play in the semi-final in Spain next month." Alex smiled at him. Sergio pulled her into a bear hug, "thank you so much." he whispered in her ear. "What are you thanking me for? They're the doctors." Alex said. "You fixed it first." Sergio replied. "It was just a coincidence my brother did the same thing." She said shrugging it off. "You still fixed it." He smiled, as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. "I worked on my Spanish for you." She smiled against his lips. "I saw that." He smiled back. "Just for you." She smiled. "Juste pour moi." (Just for me) Sergio laughed. Alex smiled and kissed his lips, there was a grunt behind her and she saw Ryan standing in the doorway. Sergio rolled his eyes and pulled back in a huff. "Uh hey Ryan. What's up?" Alex asked awkwardly. "Ya Ryan why are you here?" Sergio growled as he wrapped an arm around Alex's waist. "I-uh was just coming to make sure Sergio was alright." He stuttered. "That's really sweet Ryan thank you." Alex smiled and walked over to give him a hug. "Yeah." Sergio said suspiciously "Thanks." He coughed awkwardly, Alex pulled away "How are you?" She asked Ryan. "I'm fine, just a little stressed." He said. "About what?" Alex asked. "Just all the stuff I realized we have left to do to meet deadlines since you were at his game, we fell a little behind." Ryan said. "Well that happens Ryan, this was an important match and I need her there for me." Sergio interrupted. "I'm sorry, I should probably work long hours next week to make up for this week." Alex shrugged. "I'll talk to you about it later." "You're fine nena." Sergio said. "I'm glad you came to my game. Ryan I'm fine you can get back to work." He said coldly. Alex turned back to Sergio, "Relax big guy." She spoke. Sergio huffed and crossed his arms. She turned back to Ryan, "He's right though, you should get back to work." Alex spoke, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'll be in tomorrow, I have a new line of suits to create." She said winking at Sergio. "I had some inspiration." Sergio smiled at her, knowing she had found his design that he had gotten in trouble for. He limped over to Alex, "Love go lie down, I'm going to give some instructions to Ryan and I'll be back soon Okay?" She said. Sergio sighed, "really I'm Ok." He responded. "Go sit." Alex enforced. "B-b-but." Sergio fought. "Sit before I make you." She said seriously. "Is that a threat or a promise?" He flirted. "Just sit." Alex said. "Alright, alright. Promise you'll be back soon?" He asked. "Promise." She smiled and walked out to give Ryan some instructions.

Alex returned within five minutes and walked back into the room, "Hey love." She smiled. "Hola hermosa." Sergio responded. "Are you alright? You look upset." Alex asked. "Yeah, I just don't like him, it's like he's trying to wiggle his way between us, he acted how I did when you were with Justin." Sergio replied. "Love, that's ridiculous, I would have noticed, I noticed when you were doing it." She said as she walked over to him. "He just makes me nervous, like something bad is gonna happen." He said nervously. "Nothing is going to happen, he's not going to do anything, he's a friend that's all." Alex said. Sergio knew she was telling the truth, he knew she would never do something, but that didn't mean Ryan wouldn't try something. "I trust you, but he still makes me nervous." Sergio said. Alex walked over to him and sat on his lap, "Nothing will happen, I love you. Like a lot." She smiled. "Like a lot a lot?" He asked. "Like a lot a lot." She responded leaning closer. He looked down at her lips while biting his own, then back into her eyes. "Well I definitely feel the same." He smiled. "Good." Alex replied, she pressed her lips to his and melted into him. Sergio pulled her close and deepened the kiss, she parted her lips in response, Sergio following shortly after. Alex shoved her tongue in his mouth and pulled at his hair. His tongue wrestled for dominance as he moved his hands under her shirt to sink his fingertips into the flesh of her hips. Alex moved in sink with Sergio, completely lost in his lips. Sergio moved his hands higher up, Alex pulled away and grabbed his wrists. "Sergio, we're in a hospital and you have a booboo leg. No sex." She stood up from his stretcher. "Awww my booboo is fine." He whined. "Plus I don't technically need my leg to do that." He winked at her. "We're in public, no." She said. "Can we at least make out again?" He asked like a little kid. "No I need to get back to my hotel." She said. "Can't you stay at my hotel, with me?" Sergio begged. "Just sit with me and help me since I'm injured, and then sleep next to me." Sergio said. "Of course, once they discharge you." Alex replied. Iker and Skylar walked in holding hands, "Oh good you guys are here, I'm going to run to my hotel real quick and grab some clothes and then I'll be back to get him." Alex said. "We'll keep him company." Iker smiled. "There should be a nurse coming with pain killers and a prescription for him soon, if they need something authorized, tell them I said it was ok." Alex said. "You got it." Skylar said hugging her, "They may just give him something so he can sleep." Iker suggested. "They may, I will be back in a little bit, maybe like forty five minutes to an hour. Thank you guys." Alex said hugging them and walking out quickly. "I'll just come with you." Sergio said moving to get up. "Love, relax would you, I will be back before you know it." Alex replied. "Are you sure?" Sergio asked. "Yes, please just rest for me." Alex begged. Sergio huffed again and lied back down on the bed, Alex stroked his hair, "I'll come right back for you." She said before kissing him softly and walking out. Sergio watched her walk out lovingly, "I love you." He said as she walked off, "I Love you too." She smiled. "Excuse me, we are going to have him take a siesta while his painkiller IV starts, just to keep him relaxed." The nurse said walking in with a few medical supplies. "Yes ma'am we'll just say good night." Skylar said. "Good night buddy." She said as she kissed his forehead. "take it easy would ya?" She joked. "Good night mate, see you back in Madrid, enjoy a few days to relax why don't you." Iker said hugging him before walking out with Skylar, leaving him alone to nap, patiently awaiting Alex's return.
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