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Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

Drunk Secrets

Alex arrived back at the hospital an hour later, just as she had said; she quickly walked through the front doors and turned a few corners before a nurse startled her. "You must be Mrs. Ramos." She said looking at her, Alex gazed at her confused. "We only allow immediate family here past visiting hours, we asked him who you were and that's what he told us." She explained. Sergio knew Alex would want to get to him, and he also knew how badly he wanted to go home and sleep in his hotel room so this was the only way that was possible. Alex nodded at the young woman, "He was also administered a powerful, and I mean /powerful/ painkiller about an hour ago so he would be able to sleep tonight, so he's gonna be a bit loopy tonight, get him some food and that should help a little bit. His prescription is on the counter, it shouldn't make him as crazy because it's less concentrated and he is ready to be discharged. I'll get the papers ready, you can go and visit him while I do so." She spoke before walking off.

Alex walked into Sergio's hospital room, his back was turned to her, he was still in his now grass and mud stained white kit. "I'm back as promised." She said as walked in, she could hear faint snoring but it stopped once she had started talking. "I'm sorry did I wake you?" Alex asked. "Mmmm no." Sergio said sleepily. "Don't lie to me." She said as she neared his bedside. "Alright fine maybe a little bit." He gave her a sleepy smile as he turned to sit up and face her. Alex chuckled, "ready to go?" she asked. Sergio stretched his arms, "I think so." he said softly. "You are so cute." She smiled at him, "As are you." He said as he finally sat up. "I hope our kids are as cute as we are." Alex widened her eyes at her words, she hoped he didn't hear that. Sergio smiled widely, "In due time mi amor." "I-uh I mean-" Alex was cut off by Sergio, "I'm hungry." He spoke. The nurse entered the room, "Here are his papers, just sign for him and pick up the prescription on your way out. Oh and one more side effect of his painkiller IV, he may not remember much of what happened here at the hospital, it's similar to being drunk minus the hangover in the morning." She smiled and walked out. "Uh-ok." Alex said as she started signing papers, she was relieved he wouldn't remember what she said. Alex finished signing the papers and looked up at Sergio, "Waffles!" He exclaimed, his hair was messed up in a really cute way, a sign of all the things he had endured for the past few hours. Sergio tried to stand up too quickly and winced in pain before sitting back down. "Be careful." Alex instructed. "Ouchies." Sergio said giggling like a child. "Ugh, it's like me when I'm drunk. Come on love, let's get back to the hotel." Alex said reaching for his hand. Sergio started giggling as he clumsily leaned on her to stand up. "You're pretty." He slurred. "Can we get fooooood on da wayyy home?" He asked as he continued to lean on her. "Yes love." Alex answered. "Wooooo!" Sergio exclaimed loudly down the hall. Alex blushed and asked for a wheelchair. The nurse arrived with a wheelchair and some forearm crutches, knowing that he wouldn't want to sit in the wheelchair later on. "I don't need thatfldksh." Sergio slurred again. "Yes you do. You can't walk and you're heavy." Alex said seriously. "I can walk just fineeee and I'm not heavy, just google me I'm not fatttt." He answered. Alex laughed and set him down in the wheelchair, "Are we going on a joy ride?" He asked giddily "Yes, let's go to the car." Alex answered as she started to push him, grabbing the prescription bottle as she walked out. "JOY RIDE!" Sergio yelled in the quiet parking lot, Alex helped him into the car and soon Sergio began to drone on and on in a garbled mix of Spanish and English, so much so that Alex had given up on trying to understand him.

They arrived at Sergio's hotel and Alex pushed his wheelchair up to the elevator, it was silent as they rode to his floor when he started to speak again. "Let's play the question game!" He blurted out. "Um alright." Alex said. "Ask me something." Sergio giggled like it was a secret. "Why are you so threatened by other guys?" She asked. "Well duhhhh, have you looked in the mirror lately? I couldn't do much better than that, not to mention your personality, as soon as some guy hears your laugh, they'll fall in love. I don't want anybody to have you but meee." He gushed drunkly. Alex giggled, "Okay, you're turn." She said. "Ummm do you like waffles?" Sergio asked. "I love waffles." She responded. Sergio's eyes widened, "I LOVE WAFFLES!" he said excitedly. Alex laughed as they exited the elevator, "Your turn pretty lady." Sergio said in a high pitched voice. "Umm-" She began, "Shhh it's just us playing, don't let anyone else hear." Sergio whispered and giggled quietly. Alex found his hotel room and helped him inside, "What's your favorite color?" She asked, "Blue!" he exclaimed. "Your turn." Alex said. "Why do you love me so much?" He asked cutely. "I can't help it." She kissed him quickly. "Ooooo." Sergio giggled. "Your turn, ask me another question." He said as he moved to sit down. "um, how many kids do you want." She asked. "How many kids do /you/ want, cuz I kinda need you for that." Sergio winked, Alex opened her mouth to speak but Sergio cut her off, "TWO! I want two!" He smiled. "I want three." Alex said. "In total? Because I wasn't counting Carter silly." He slurred. "Oh uh yeah." She blushed. "I love kiddies." Sergio said flopping down on the bed. "Me too." Alex smiled. "Can we get food now?" Sergio asked, sitting up. "Sure." Alex handed him the menu for room service. "What do you want love?" She asked. "Waffles, duh." He said throwing the menu to the floor. She ordered the waffles and looked at the prescription they gave him. "That stuff is funnn." He slurred as he pointed at the bottle. "Not for me." Alex said. "Wha, why?" He asked. Sergio sat up and tried to act normal, "I'm." he paused, "I'm fine." he held a straight face looking at her before bursting with laughter. Alex giggled and set the bottle down, "You need to calm down." She smiled. Sergio took a deep breath and then started giggling again. "Sergio, I mean it." Alex said sternly. "I'm trying but this isn't helping." He said gesturing to the small bandage on his arm where the IV was injected. "It's helping your pain, but not mine." Alex said. "Well I can help yours." He said winking. "No." She said. Sergio pouted, "That expression won't work on me, my son has the same one." Alex responded. "I need a shower." Sergio huffed. Alex sighed, "Alright, I'll let you know when the food is here." She said. "Ok love." Sergio said in a British accent as he limped into the bathroom. Alex heard a heavy thump and briskly walked over to the bathroom. "Owwwie." Alex heard Sergio say from the other side of the door. "Sergio, are you alright?" She asked as she walked in to help him up. "Yeah, I think so. Thanks." He said, seeming to sober up for moment. "Need anything?" Alex asked. "A kiss, maybe two." He smiled. She rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek quickly. "Not what I meant." He frowned. "I know." Alex responded. "Then why can't I just kiss you?" Sergio pouted again. "You smell mud and boy, take a shower and I'll give you a kiss." She proposed. "Deal" He said smiling. "Now go shower." Alex pointed to the shower. "Yes ma'am." He said limping over as he pulled off his shirt, his back muscles flexing and moving. It never seemed to matter how many times Alex had seen him shirtless, it still made her heart race, he was gorgeous. "Enjoying the show?" He asked smirking. "Oh, I was just making sure you didn't fall again." Alex defended. "Sure." Sergio chuckled. Alex walked out and left him to shower. "Call me if you need me." She said as she closed the bathroom door. "Ok babe." He said. Alex went and changed into her pj's while he showered and didn't hear the water shut off. She finished changing and turned around to see Sergio behind her. "Hey, you're done." She spoke. "Yup." He smiled. "Well, I'll let you get changed." She said as she passed him, walking out of the room. He slid on some Nike shorts and limped into the bathroom to hang his towel up.

Sergio walked back into the room Alex was in, "Now about that kiss." He smiled. She stood up to meet him, standing on her toes, she captured his lips in a sweet, meaningful kiss. "As promised." She said pulling back. Sergio opened his eyes slowly after it, "Gracias." He said. She still managed to take his breath away every time she did that. "You're so cute." Alex gushed. "Aww thanks." He smiled all goofy, with his hair a wet mess. Alex flattened out his hair and helped him over to the bed. "Is the food here yet?" He asked. "Not quite." Alex answered as she put him down on the bed, she tried to stand back up but fell on top of him. "Sorry." She said quickly. Sergio wrapped his arms around her, "It's fine, I like you right where you are." He spoke. "I didn't mean to." Alex said as she tried to get off of him without hurting him. "No, stay where you are." He smiled. "Ok." She shrugged and settled back down on his chest, listening to his heart begin to race. Alex smiled to herself, she still couldn't believe after all this time, she still gave him butterflies. Sergio sighed heavily as he began to twirl Alex's hair with his fingers, creating ringlets as he played. Alex hugged him, "I love you." She sighed. "I love you." He answered without missing a beat. "How are you feeling?" She asked. "Better with you here." He responded. "You're so cheesy." Alex giggled. "It's true though." He argued. "I'm sorry." She said sadly. "Why are you sorry?" He asked concerned. "Because I'm a piece of work." Alex said. "I like a challenge." Sergio said coolly. "I'm hard to love, I know I don't make it easy Sergio." Alex said quietly. "I certainly couldn't do it if I stood where you stood." She continued. Sergio moved to sit up and pulled Alex into his arms, "Love is a strange thing Alex, but one day you meet someone and wonder why you wasted your time with anyone else, and you finally realize why it never worked with anyone else. You just need to make sure that you love yourself and I'll take care of the rest." He said. All was quiet for a few minutes before Alex spoke, "You stay with me even though you know my past. You love my son like he's your own. You put up with my constant yelling. You know to calm me down." She said. "What are you doing?" Sergio asked. "Telling you all the things I love about you." She said seriously. Sergio smiled. "You have the cutest smile I've ever seen. You're an amazing kisser." She giggled. Sergio shrugged nonchalantly, "Yeah well." He said. "You always know the right thing to say. You've never lied to me. You're passionate about everything you do. I love that little crinkle by your eyes when you smile, your laugh, your hugs, your heart." She spoke, Sergio couldn't stop smiling. "I don't want to be with anyone else." She sighed and cuddled into his chest. "I would never want to be with anyone else." Sergio responded, running his fingertips up and down her arm. Alex smiled and closed her eyes, she was drifting off when she heard Sergio's stomach growl. "Hermosa, don't fall asleep, we have waffles to eat." He joked. "I got those for you." Alex said as she stood up, after hearing a knock at the door. "Well I want to share with you." Sergio said as she pulled the food inside.

"I have a secret." Alex whispered and sat down on the bed as she handed Sergio a big plate of waffles, syrup, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. "What is it?" Sergio asked he began to devour his waffles. "I can sing." She smiled at him. "Well I knew that." Sergio muffled through a mouthful of waffles. "How?" Alex asked confused. I've heard you." He responded. "I haven't sung in front of you." She said. "Yeah but I've heard you in the shower." Sergio said as he swallowed, "That sounded wrong." He said laughing. Alex chuckled. Sergio sat up and grabbed another plate of waffles, "So... sing" He said with another mouthful. "What?" Alex asked nervously. "Sing." He said chewing. "Uh-" he cut her off. "Please." He begged. "What d-do you w-want me to s-sing?" She asked. "you know that song 'Sin Ti' by Dyland and Lenny." He asked, Alex looked puzzled. "The one we always listen to with the girl who sings part of it from Aerosmith and the two guys and Pitbull sing in English and Spanish." He continued. Alex nodded, remembering the song now. Sergio sat back and waited as Alex took a deep breath and began singing. "I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep cause I'd miss you baby and I don't wanna miss a thing." Alex stopped and looked at Sergio nervously. "that was brilliant." He smiled. "Should I keep going?" Alex asked, Sergio nodded in agreement. "Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do, cause I'd miss you baby and I don't wanna miss a thing." She finished. "you wanna know a secret?" Sergio asked smirking. "Sure." She responded. "This is probably the drugs talking and Iker will kill me when he finds out I've told you this, but he wears tighty whities." Sergio giggled. "Oh my god." Alex stared at him, before bursting out laughing. "Sometimes they're black too." Sergio chuckled. "oh Jesus that's priceless." Alex said. "I know, and there's another secret, I wear them too, but only during games." He blushed and started giggling. "You're joking." Alex said looking at him. "Nope not kidding." He responded. "I'm never letting you live that down." She said laughing.

"Alexandra, I wanna ask you something and I want you to be honest with me." Sergio said seriously, playing the food on his plate before looking at her, waiting for an answer. "of course what is it?" She asked looking at him. "Did you ever think we would end up where we are now?" He asked. "No I didn't." Alex said plainly. "What changed your mind?" He asked seriously. "You did." Alex said looking at him straight in the eye. Sergio stopped eating and swallowed as he looked at her. Alex stayed silent, playing with her hands. Sergio set his plate down, "So I've done my job then." he spoke. Alex fumbled with her fingers and shrugged. Sergio moved towards her, lifting her chin so she would look at him, "Hey, I'm glad I did." He said before kissing her gently. Alex smiled lightly, "Me too. I love you." She said. "I love you more." He said. "now you've got to try these waffles, they're amazing." Sergio said shoving waffle into Alex's mouth. "Oh my god these are amazing." Alex said through a mouth muffled with waffle. "I think my loopiness has worn off." Sergio said, sobering up. "Good." Alex huffed. "What? Am I not allowed to be goofy." He giggled. "I'm too tired for this babe." Alex said shoving her face in a pillow. "well I need the rest anyways." Sergio said as he cleaned up the bed and carefully slid under the covers. "yes you do. You are are gonna need to get better if you want to do anything." Alex agreed as she moved under the covers next to him. Sergio pulled her close to his chest and she placed an arm across his chest. "Buenas Noches nena." Sergio whispered as he turned out the lights and placed a kiss in her head. Alex sighed exhausted as she snuggled into him. "Good night babe, I love you." She whispered back. Sergio sighed and relaxed, "I love you more." He said sweetly. "I love you most." Alex said without missing a step.
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