‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

From Bad to Worse

"Babe..." "Love..." "Sergio!" Alex said nudging the sleeping, shirtless lump next to her. "Mmmmm, I don't wanna go to work, my leg hurts." Sergio mumbled, still half asleep as he pulled the covers over his head. "Sergio wake up." Alex said, gently punching his arm. "No, I want to sleep, I'm exhausted." He responded. "Well I have to go to work in an hour." Alex said as she glanced at the clock next to her that read 7:30am. "Will Ryan be there?" Sergio asked, still under the sheets. "He's always there babe." Alex answered. Sergio shot up, throwing the blankets off and sitting up, "I'm up!" He spoke, his voice cracking slightly. Alex chuckled and rolled her eyes, before looking up at Sergio. "Buenos dias by the way." He said with a morning voice, smiling at her. Alex chuckled and licked her thumb, before wiping it across the corner of Sergio's mouth, removing the left over powdered sugar from last night before moving forward and kissing his forehead. Sergio smiled at her, he didn't look much older than seven with his soft hair tousled, and tired eyes and smile, minus the now brunette beard he had started growing. "You need a shave love." Alex said as she rubbed his scruffy cheek. "I don't like to kiss that much scruff." She smiled. "Yes mi amor." Sergio said with his morning voice now gaining strength. "You want your forearm crutches to help you to the bathroom?" Alex asked as she moved off the bed. "No, I'm a big boy." Sergio said moving to get up but immediately sat down, "Ok, maybe I do need those." He said wincing. "Thought so." Alex said walking over to hand him the crutches as she bent down to kiss him quickly. "You look beautiful as always." Sergio said taking the crutches from her and wiping the sleep from his eyes. "Thank you, now go get ready scruffy." Alex smiled, smacking his butt as he moved past her to the bathroom.

"Sergio are you ready?" Alex asked as she walked into the bathroom to see him finish shaving. "Almost." He said as he turned off the razor and grabbed a little gel to finish off his hair. "Okay, now I'm ready." Sergio smiled as he crutched over to Alex. "Good." Alex smiled up at him, she moved her hand to caress his freshly shaven cheek, "Much better." She said as she moved to kiss him, still holding his cheek; as she inhaled his enticing scent of mint toothpaste, hair gel, and cologne. Sergio's lips moved with hers gently. Sergio regretfully pulled back after a few minutes, "You're going to be late for work nena." Sergio whispered against her lips. Alex groaned and moved to gather her things as Sergio manuvered through the messy room. "Are you sure you'll be okay on those today?" Alex asked gesturing to his crutches. "Yes, I'll be fine, I refuse to have you push me around in a wheelchair all day." Sergio said. "Alright babe, if you get tired, you know where my office is, feel free to sit and relax." She answered as they entered the hotel elevator. "No no mi amor, I'm staying right by your side, I still have that nagging feeling in my stomach that something is gonna happen." He said. "Oh please babe, everything will be fine but if it makes you happy go ahead." She said as they stepped into the awaiting car to take them to Alex's office. "You took your prescription today right?" Alex asked as she placed a hand on Sergio's knee. Sergio nodded as he looked down at her hand, "Yeah." He said smiling at her. "Good boy." She smiled at him. The pair sat quietly as they were driven to her office. Sergio was looking out the window , enjoying the view when he felt Alex's hand move higher up, to his mid thigh, getting awfully close to his groin; Alex slowly slid her hand back and forth to the inside of his thighs and back again. Sergio wondered if it was getting hotter in the car or if it was just him, perhaps skinny jeans weren't a good idea. He looked over towards Alex, only to find her smirking as she looked out her own window. They were nearing Alex's office when she turned to him and spoke, her hand still on his leg, "I don't have a very busy day today." She said rather monotone. "So what does that mean for me?" Sergio whispered seductively, leaning in close to her. "It means we have more time to-" Alex trailed off and began to kiss Sergio slowly her hand moving even higher. Sergio wondered what had gotten into Alex, but he wasn't about to stop it. Perhaps it was her way of trying to make everything up to him after all the drama in Paris. Alex moved her lips down his jawline and down to his neck, kissing and nibbling gently as she rubbed Sergio's leg. "As much as I like where this is going, unfortunately we have arrived at your office." He said seductively. Alex stopped kissing his neck, and he could feel her hot breath on his neck, "I don't know where you thought this was going, but I'd like to find out later." She winked at him as she moved to get out and help him out after.

The pair entered Alex's floor and Ryan was right there to greet them, his face turned from a smile to a dark look when he saw Sergio, it soon turned to a smirk when he saw he was on crutches. "Alex, you have a few items and designs to approve to be sent to some major companies, and a video conference with Nike this afternoon around 12:30." Ryan said flashing her a smile as he followed behind her, cutting Sergio off. "Just cause I'm on crutches doesn't mean I can't kick your ass." Sergio mumbled under his breath, thinking Ryan hadn't heard him. Ryan huffed loudly and slammed his notepad to the floor turning to square up to Sergio, "Is that a challenge? You really wanna go Wetback?" He hissed as he came in close to Sergio's face, the pair were pretty even in size, Sergio standing just a bit taller. "I'm Spanish you racist, not Mexican." Sergio said through gritted teeth. "Do I look like I give a shit? Same difference, they're all criminals." Ryan smirked. Sergio was about to retaliate when Alex had stopped and turned around, "Everything alright boys?" She asked, obviously missing their short but heated exchange. "Everything is fine mi amor." Sergio said, moving around Ryan but not missing the opportunity to shove him a little with his broad, muscular shoulder.

Alex and Sergio found themselves entering her office alone, they had been there for a few hours, giving him time to cool off after his heated exchange. "So, we're alone." Sergio smirked as they moved towards her desk. "So we are." Alex said. "Are you alright you seem a little bothered?" Alex asked. "I'm fine." Sergio lied. "Good, because a very hot Spanish soccer player like yourself shouldn't look upset." She winked. "Oh so you just like me for my body? I thought I was more than that." Sergio joked, pretending to be upset. "Of course love, you're, much more than that." Alex said, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down to her lips. Sergio was just about to close the space between them when Alex's phone rang. Alex huffed and moved to answer it. Sergio looked impatient, and gave her a pleading look. "yes. No, no not today, no move the appointment to tomorrow, yes I'm busy with another meeting right now." Alex said into the phone as she winked at Sergio. "No, it's not a short meeting, it's quite long, so tomorrow we will reschedule. Alright thanks. Bye." Alex said as she hung up the phone. "So where were we?" Alex asked as she wrapped her arms around Sergio's neck again. Sergio wiggled out of his crutches, and grabbed her waist, "Something about you loving my body." Sergio smirked. Alex smiled as she began to kiss Sergio. "I don't think this is good for my leg." Sergio said, he couldn't believe he was denying himself what he wanted. "Like you said, you don't /need/ that leg for this." Alex smirked. "True, you locked the door right?" He asked. Alex ran over and locked it, slipping her heels off and quickly moving back to Sergio. "Yup." She smiled before capturing his lips and moving to unbutton his shirt. Sergio decided to make a bold and quick move, immediately moving his hand up Alex's dress to grab her ass, making her jump at the motion. Alex pulled off Sergio's shirt as he helped her out of her dress; she reached for his Gucci belt and fumbled with it for a few moments before unzipping his jeans and letting them drop to the floor as he dominated their kiss. Sergio moved to kiss her neck, starting to suck and leave a trail of love bites making Alex moan. "Damn." She said breathlessly as she gripped his hard biceps, rubbing her hands up and down his arms. "I love you." Alex said "I love you too." He whispered against her neck as he bit and sucked a little harder, Intending to leave a few marks, making sure everyone knew she was taken.


"Can I take you to lunch?" Sergio asked as he pulled his shirt back on. "Can't I have a video conference with the head of the Nike Euro-US division" Alex said as she pulled her dress back on. "Is his name Gareth by any chance?" Sergio asked as he buckled his belt. "Yeah... Gareth Royce." Alex said confused "you know him?" She asked. "We go way back, tell him I say hi." Sergio smiled. "Alright babe, I'll be back soon." Alex said as she fixed her hair and walked out to the conference room, leaving Sergio in her office. Sergio was scrolling through Twitter when the door burst open. Sergio looked up from his phone, clearly annoyed as he watched Ryan stroll over to him. "Can I help you hombre?" He asked as he sat back in Alex's chair. "What are you trying to do?" Ryan asked. "Excuse me?" Sergio asked. "You left her crying in this same room three days ago, you think you can just keep walking in here and breaking her heart?" Ryan growled. "I didn't intend to hurt her, and I have no interest in leaving her for someone else." Sergio said, trying to keep his temper and be the bigger man. "Are you kidding me? I know you'll cheat on her when you get the chance, if you haven't already." Ryan laughed bitterly. "And what makes you say that? I think you have me confused with her ex-boyfriend Justin." Sergio asked, baffled at his bold words. "I know about your past Sergio Ramos. Everyone knows you aren't capable of being faithful" Ryan hissed. "My past has nothing to do with who I am now, I've changed for the better and I have no plans on leaving Alex." Sergio said genuinely. "I've been here for three years and I've seen her cry countless times and I'm sick of her hurting, you don't deserve her." Ryan growled again. "Who do you think you are?" Sergio asked. "I know exactly who I am and I know exactly who you are." He responded. "Oh really? Than who am I?" Sergio laughed bitterly. "You're nothing but a stupid, asshole, player who cares only about his money and himself" Ryan said before walking out, "Just watch you back." Ryan said as he closed the door.

Sergio grabbed his crutches and headed down to the conference room, he barged in to find Alex sitting alone with a laptop, video chatting. "We also have a winter sport collecti-" Alex said before turning to see Sergio, "Uh y-yes?" She asked embarrassed. "Hola mi amor, Gareth how are you man?" Sergio asked. "I'm great and yourself?" He responded. "Good besides the leg." Sergio answered. "It's a shame, I was watching that match too. You'll be back in time for the semi final right?" Gareth asked. "Yeah I should be alright, and if we advance I will have the tickets to Wembley sent to your London home." Sergio answered. "Fantastic." Gareth said. "I'm sorry Mr. Royce, I really didn't plan this." Alex said turning bright red. "Really Ms. Roberts, it's alright." Gareth said. "Listen Gareth, whatever she's selling you, I promise you the Nike execs with love it, endorsed by Sergio Ramos himself." Sergio smiled. "Precisely what I was thinking, but having such a large endorsement should ensure a deal." Gareth answered and turned back to Alex, "I will discuss with my board about a six figure deal, possibly draw up a contract and regroup in a few days?" He asked. Alex's eyes widened, "U-uh yeah, yes that sounds fantastic, thank you, we will talk Monday." Alex smiled and said her good bye to Gareth. She closed the laptop and looked at Sergio and smiled before wrapping her arms around him tightly, "Thank you." She squealed. "Anything for you mi amor." Sergio said kissing her head. "uh babe?" He asked hesitantly. "Yes love?" She asked looking at him. "Your assistant just told me that I will never stay faithful to you and that I'm nothing but a selfish asshole player who is stupid and only concerned with money and himself." Sergio said. "Well then, he's not my assistant anymore." Alex said walking out and to Ryan's office.

"What the hell Ryan?" Alex asked angrily. "What?" Ryan asked confused. "Why are you talking to my boyfriend like that? Stay out of my personal life!" She yelled. "Are you kidding? He's terrible for you! He's gonna break your heart and I'm left to pick up the pieces and watch it happen all over again. You're making stupid choices." Ryan said, he seemed to look almost evil today, dressed in dark clothes. Sergio leaned against the doorway, standing guard. "Sergio I'm fine, please just let me sort this out and wait for me in m office." Alex said turning to him. She heard Ryan open a drawer, but ignored it. "Please Sergio, I'll be right over." She smiled at him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ryan looked at Sergio darkly, darker than he had before, unsettling Sergio even more. Alex closed the door behind him and turned back to Ryan who had moved to stand right in front of her. Ryan quickly moved the knife in his hand to Alex's neck as he shoved her into the wall. "Say a word, and bad things will start happening. Undress." He commanded. Alex started shaking, silently screaming in fear. "Now." He growled.
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So Ryan is going to attempt the unspeakable, will Sergio get there in time?