‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You


"The more you cooperate, the less I'll have to use this." Ryan said as he gestured towards the knife, Alex stood in only her underwear, shaking with fear. "You'll do what I tell you, and you better make it good." Ryan said as he studied her body. "Why are you doing this?" Alex asked, her voice shaky and unsure. "That's a wonderful question, you see, I've had a crush on you ever since I started working for you, I've watched you get your heart broken, and I've seen how you pick men who don't treat you right." Ryan paused. "Sergio does treat me right." Alex said, stronger this time. "Do not mention that name!" Ryan spat, "He doesn't know how to treat women, he's been all over the papers now it's time for him to be punished and you're just what I need to make him suffer. I've been planning this for a long time Alex, because you obviously do not know what a real man is like and how a real man treats a girl." He said. "So this is treating a girl right?" Alex snapped. "One more word and I will use this." Ryan snapped, walking over to Alex. "Do everything I say and do it well, and this will be over quick." He growled against her neck as he began to feel her up, he placed a hand over Alex's mouth as tears began to fall. Ryan's hands explored Alex without boundaries, moving in her panties and up towards her chest as he kissed her neck. Alex screamed under his hand before he silenced her by resting the knife gently against her side. He pulled back, "Get on you knees." He commanded. Alex did as she was told, she looked up at him. "Well? What are you waiting for? An invitation?" Ryan asked as he gestured towards his crotch. Alex looked straight ahead before clenching her fist and punching him straight in crotch, making him crumble to the floor. "Sergio!" Alex cried. "Help me!" She screamed, trying to open the door that had seemed to stick. "You fucked up now Alex." Ryan growled. He lunged at her, pulling her wrist towards him as he slashed it with the knife, Alex's tears began to fall uncontrollably as blood trickled out of both her wrists. Ryan grabbed her and bent her over his desk, removing her underwear. "Looks like your Superman isn't going to show, it's a crying shame he was injured last night." Ryan said cockily as he went to unzip his pants. Suddenly there was a large thud at the door, Ryan paused.

Sergio had heard the screaming, and ran to Ryan's office, trying to shove the door down with his shoulder, it wasn't working. "This is gonna really hurt." Sergio said as he backed up to square up to the door, he pressed all his weight on his injured left leg and kicked the door down with his right. Ryan froze like a deer in the headlights. Sergio looked like a crazed animal once he had seen what was going on, Alex half naked with bloody wrists and tears streaming down her face and Ryan with a knife, moving to unzip his pants, he saw red as he lunged at Ryan, jumping over the desk to tackle him to the floor. "Sergio! He has a knife!" Alex shouted, shaking in the corner. "Get her out of here, I don't want her seeing this." Sergio said to the crowd gathered by the door. Employees ran to collect Alex and rushed her out, wrapping a blanket around her half naked body.

Ryan slashed at Sergio with the knife, leaving cuts all over his arms and one on his face before Sergio knocked it out of his hand. Sergio punched Ryan straight in the face, breaking his nose before Ryan retaliated, smashing Sergio in the mouth, causing him to bleed even more. That was the last straw for Sergio, something changed in him and he went even more insane than before. Alex had sneaked back to watch the fight unfold, she wanted to make sure Sergio was okay. She had never seen him like this, he never acted this way and it scared her, she didn't know if she could even look him in the eyes. He looked like a fierce lion, fighting for dominance. Sergio continued fighting Ryan, now seeming to have more control as he punched the now blood covered Ryan before he knocked him out cold. Sergio got up and gave him a swift kick in the stomach before he wiped some blood away from his mouth. He looked over at the doorway to find Alex Standing there, cowering in fear before scurrying off.

Sergio limped back into Alex's office, the adrenaline wearing off and his leg beginning to hurt badly, Alex was standing in the corner, shaking and crying as she looked up at Sergio quickly before looking back down at the ground. "You know I would never hurt you." He said, his face beginning to soften. Alex simply nodded in agreement without saying a word. "Alex please look at me." Sergio said softly. Alex looked up at him, taking in his battered appearance, his arms had a few cuts on them, still bloody, his mouth was dripping blood and he had a long cut on his cheek and a small one above his eye, his hair was matted with blood, most of it not his own. Alex rushed into Sergio's arms, gripping him tightly as she cried. Sergio had no magic words he could say to make things better, he simply needed to be there for her, he wrapped his arms tightly around her, moving to sit down, he couldn't stand on his leg any longer. Alex began to shiver from the cold temperature, forgetting she only had her underwear, bra, and a small blanket on. Sergio pulled back and unzipped his jacket, taking it off and wrapping it around Alex before hugging her close to his chest. Alex relaxed slightly as the familiar, comforting scent enveloped her. Sergio sat with Alex in his lap for a long time, he wasn't sure how long, an hour, maybe two before he realized Alex had fallen asleep. He moved slowly, careful not to wake her, he picked her up and limped to the elevator with her in his arms. He quickly limped to an awaiting car and had them driven back to his hotel.

Sergio carefully laid Alex down before moving to take his prescription painkillers and removing his shirt and pants, leaving him in boxer briefs. Sergio moved carefully onto the bed and pulled the covers over himself and Alex before pulling her onto his chest. Sergio didn't want to sleep in fear of nightmares but he was exhausted beyond the point of being able to stay awake, he soon drifted off to sleep.


Alex awoke feeling Sergio's warm skin under her, she didn't remember how she got there or how she had ended up in just her underwear and bra with Sergio's jacket wrapped around her; then it all came flooding back to her, everything from the time she stepped into Ryan's office up until she fell asleep in Sergio's arms. She carefully sat up, trying not to wake him; she looked him up and down as she noticed he had dried blood all over him, even his chest had some scratches on it, Alex didn't realize how much Sergio had been hurt, when he fought to save her. She tip-toed into the bathroom and wet a washcloth with warm water as she gathered medical supplies before walking to Sergio's bedside and gently dabbing the cut above his eye. Sergio stirred, and flinched awake, "Alex? Alex where are you?" Sergio asked, getting scared as he felt around the cold bedside where Alex had gotten up. "Sergio, Sergio I'm right here, everything is Okay." She said as she caressed him arm gently. Sergio relaxed and looked up at her, "Thanks." He said as he watched her gently clean his cheek and around his mouth before she kissed his temple lightly. "You don't need to thank me Superman, I'm just cleaning you up." Alex said as she placed a bandage on one of his cuts. "I'm sorry I scared you." Sergio said as he flinched at her putting some disinfectant on his cuts. "You were only protecting me, I've just never seen you like that." She said as she wrapped his cut up arms. "I know, but when guys hurt girls, especially when guys hurt you, I go crazy and lose my self-control. No man had the right to make you do anything you don't want to, not even me." Sergio said seriously as he looked up at Alex who had just finished cleaning him up and bandaging him. "I love you." She said as she stroked his still blood matted hair. "I love you too." He said as he painfully moved to sit up, "Are you alright?" Alex asked concerned. "I'm fine, just a little bruised up." Sergio smiled at her, Alex kissed his lips gently before going to get a rag to clean Sergio's hair and forehead. "Thanks nena." He smiled up at her.

Alex finished cleaning Sergio up and handed him a glass of water and his prescription, before cuddling up close to his chest, listening to steady, strong heartbeat. Sergio moved to wrap his arms around her, protectively, before the pair fell asleep again.
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