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Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

The Semi Final

It had been over a month since Sergio got in the fight with Ryan who had been arrested shortly after, with no charges against Sergio. Alex had moved her office to Milan for the month, and much to Sergio's dismay, stayed there the entire time while she waited for the office to open in Madrid so she could be home again with Sergio and Carter who hadn't returned yet. Carter was due to fly to England in a few weeks time if and when Sergio made it to the Champions League Finals. Tonight was important, one of the most important of the year for Sergio, the second leg of the Champions League Semi-Final against the defending champions Bayern Munich. The first leg was a thrilling and even 0-0 in Germany so Madrid had to bring it to defend their home. Sergio's birthday was the next day and Alex had worked hard to create a great day for him, with Iker and Slylar's help of course. Though Alex had some stunning news for Sergio first.


Sergio hadn't seen Alex in a month and he missed her more than he ever had, he didn't even know if she would make it home in time for his birthday which was the following day. He hadn't heard from her all day, it unsettled him slightly that he didn't get his usual "Good luck." Text message. He decided not to stress about it too much and call her after the game. He laced up his cleats as he took a deep breath, ready to start the match that would take them to the Champions League final, if they were successful. Sergio was ready, he was excited, and he wanted to win this more than anything, it stung pretty bad to come this far to lose last year and he certainly didn't want a repeat of that, especially at the Bernabeu.

Alex had been a nervous wreck all morning, how was she supposed to tell him? She wished she could have told him before the match but her flight was delayed out of Milan, what Sergio didn't know was that she was coming home for good now, her office had finally been moved to Madrid. Alex swallowed heavy as she walked into the VIP box to be greeted by a flurry of WAGs. "You alright?" Sky asked as the group returned to their seats. "yeah I'm alright, my stomach is a bit off i should be fine." Alex smiled, trying to shake off anyone's suspicion. "I'm starving and I need to pee, I'll be back." She said before disappearing for a bit. She returned with two bags of popcorn, one already eaten, three candy bar, a soda, and a hot dog; causing a few bewildered stares as she ate and looked on, watching the boy enter the field.

The game, in Alex's mind, was uneventful, Sergio and Iker both played really well and though her face was blank, but her mind was racing; the game ended with Madrid getting a last gasp winner, courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo. Alex swallowed heavily, as she quickly made her way down to the tunnel. All of Alex's worries melted away when she saw the familiar inked, tan, arms, and torso with a jersey slung over the muscular shoulder. Sergio's eyes lit up at the sight of Alex who quickly ran and leapt into his arms. Sergio kissed Alex, for a little longer than publicly acceptable, causing his team to let out a few whistles as a few sports photographers slyly snapped some harmless pictures, they were much different than the paparazzi that usually plagued Sergio, more polite and professional and would probably send him the pictures. Sergio pulled back from the kiss and rested his forehead on Alex's, looking into her eyes, as she was still wrapped up in his arms. "We won." He smiled and bit his lip, Alex nodded and smiled too, "I know, and I was here to see it." She said happily before kissing him again, "I missed my big, bad boyfriend." She joked making him laugh, he flexed his muscles and growled, going along with the joke. Sergio set Alex back on the ground as he interlaced his fingers with hers. "Sergio I need to talk to you." Alex said suddenly serious. Sergio's face paled and he swallowed heavy before nodding and leading her to an empty hallway. "You can relax, I'm not breaking up with you." She said seeing the worry on his face. Sergio sighed in relief, "Oh thank God." He said quickly. "It's almost the opposite." Alex mumbled to herself. "So, mi amor, what is it?" Sergio asked, looking at her intently. "I-um." Alex hesitated. "Yes...?" Sergio coaxed. Alex swallowed hard and looked him in the eye, "Sergio." She spoke. "Mi amor, you're making me nervous, what happened?" He asked concerned.

"I'm pregnant." She said looking deep into his eyes, "And it's yours."

Sergio froze and his eyes widened, he wasn't sure he was ready to be a father, to let go of his young, party lifestyle to become a responsible parent, surely this must have been a mistake. Sergio stood there, processing what she said. Alex stood there for a long time, waiting for a response, "Sergio please say something." She said worried. "A-a-are you sure?" Was all he could manage to choke out, suddenly out of breath. "Sergio I'm a about a month pregnant, I checked four times with home pregnancy tests and went to a doctor, I'm certain." Alex responded. "Oh my god." He said as he slid down the wall to the floor. "Impossible, we were always careful, the last time we even had sex was.... Oh." Sergio said, speaking out loud. He suddenly remembered the last time he had been with Alex, in Paris, in her office, he certainly didn't come prepared and she must've run out of her pill. It all added at up, that had happened about a month ago. "I'm sorry I know we should have been more careful." Alex said looking down at the ground. Sergio didn't know what to say, he really hadn't been expecting this at all, and be didn't know if he was ready. "Sergio please don't be mad." Alex said. "I'm not mad, I'm just processing this, I'm going to be a padre." He spoke softly. "yes you are Sergio, a very good one." Alex said, she was so nervous. Sergio sat, huddled on the ground as he stared at his hands. "How long have you known?" He asked, starting to catch his breath. "Two weeks, but I wanted to tell you in person." She responded. "Oh." He responded. "Are you alright love?" Alex asked concerned. "Yes, yes I really am." Sergio said as he stood up, regaining his energy. He pulled her into hug, breathing in deeply. "This is what you want right?" Alex asked as she pulled back. Sergio placed his hands on Alex's arms, "Of course, I just wasn't planning on it being four and a half months into our relationship." He smiled. "It is what you want, yes?" He asked, looking intently into her eyes. "I didn't give up on Carter, I certainly won't give up on this one." She smiled before grabbing his face and pulling him into a meaningful kiss. Sergio pulled back after a few moments, "C'mon, everyone is celebrating in the locker room." He said grabbing her hand as they walked down to the locker room.

Just as Sergio and Alex entered the room, Sergio removed his hand form hers and placed it on her butt, making Alex jump slightly, after all, he didn't usually do that. She decided to give him some slack and left it there, it was probably just because he was around his guys. Sergio quickly walked over to Kaka and Iker and whispered the news to them, the two looked at each other before shouting in unison, "ALEX ES EMBARASADA" (Alex is pregnant) to the entire locker room, Alex and Sergio blushed violently as they looked at each other cutely from across the room. Alex had been having a conversation with some of the WAGs when she felt warm, moist arms wrap around her from behind, and soon enough the smell of masculine body wash enveloped her. She felt a kiss on her neck before she turned to see Sergio resting his chin on her shoulder, looking up at her. The girls walked away, leaving the pair alone, "Hola hermosa." He said tiredly. "Aww are you sleepy?" he asked as she ruffled his wet hair. "A little, I just have to change and then we can go back to my place can order takeaway and watch a movie." He suggested. "That sounds lovely, I'm in a cuddling mood." She replied. "Do I have a chance to get some action?" He flirted. "We are cuddling, that does include a few kisses here and there." Alex winked. "It will be more than a few, you said it yourself, I'm an amazing kisser." He whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek and walking over to his locker to change his clothes. Alex chuckled and moved to wait for him in the hall.

Sergio came out in a Nike baseball hat shortly after. "Didn't feel like styling your hair?" Alex smiled as he wrapped and arm her shoulders, she reached up and grabbed his hand, holding it as they walked to Sergio's car. "I wanna get home and relax." He smiled as they got into his Audi. The pair quickly arrived home and Sergio quickly changed into nothing but a pair of sweatpants, he brought down one of his blue button up shirts for Alex to wear, she smiled and took it to go change. The two ordered pizza and demolished it quickly before moving to it on the couch. "Come lay with me." Alex said as she motioned for Sergio to come over. He smiled and laid down on the coach as Alex cuddled onto his chest. "Tomorrow is my birthday you know?" He spoke as he mindlessly played with her hair. "Mhm, I know, and I have /plenty/ of surprises for you." She winked at him as she smirked. Sergio shot her a devilish look, she loved that look. "Could I have a sneak peek?" He asked smirking. Alex chuckled and kissed him quickly but he pulled her back in, she kissed him passionately, moving her hand over his bare chest as they made out on his couch. "I think I may end up having the best birthday ever." Sergio mumbled against her lips, his hand had slipped under the shirt, he ran his fingertips gently over her back, up and down. Alex pulled back and looked down at his lazy smile, she leaned down to his ear, "trust me, you have /no/ idea" she whispered seductively.
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