‹ Prequel: Everything Has Changed
Sequel: Come Back to Me
Status: Completed: 12.17.13

Beside You

Birthday Boy

Alex woke up around 8 the next morning, she quickly and quietly crawled out of bed and put her clothes on; she needed to go and run a few errands before she took Sergio out. "Nena." Sergio said, half asleep. "Go back to sleep, I will be back in a little while for you." She spoke softly. "Ok my queen, come back soon." He said in a tired morning voice. Alex walked over and kissed his nose quickly before she disappeared for a little while.

Alex made it back to Sergio's house in an hour and a half, tip-toeing back up to his room to see him curled up sleeping on his stomach, the covers had fallen down low enough to cover the lower half of his back, leaving a pleasurable view of his toned back muscles. Alex slowly walked over with the bags she had brought with her, she pulled the covers up to his shoulders so he wouldn't be cold. Alex sat back for a few minutes and watched him sleep, he was so calm. She studied his features silently, his normally sparkling clear brown eyes were closed, in a peaceful sleep, his cute little nose that sat nicely on his perfectly structured face, his jaw could've cut glass, it was that sharp and defined. He was growing out his facial hair a little, but he had it just the way Alex like it, short and stubbly, littering his face and cheeks; it did make him look older than he truly was and Alex liked how it looked on him. She scanned her eyes over his arm tattoos, seriously this man could make anything look good. Alex's eyes trailed all the way down to his hand, when she noticed what looked like a very small, new tattoo, she leaned forward and studied it closer, noticing it was two letters with a small heart around them, "A & C" is what it read and it made Alex smile happily. She leaned forward and lightly shook him awake, "Wake up my king, it's your birthday and we have things planned." She spoke quietly. "Mmm." Sergio groaned and stretched, moving to sit up. "I brought you breakfast birthday boy." Alex said handing him a box, Sergio opened it to expose a large stack of waffles that were still hot, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sergio smiled widely and hugged Alex. Alex moved her other hand from behind her back to place a crown on his head, "For my king, happy birthday." She said before kissing him. "Now you gotta wear that all day, we are going out to lunch and I'm taking you somewhere, then we can come back and you can... Open your present." She winked at him.

Sergio's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=104670830


Alex and Sergio arrived back at his house around five, Alex had taken him to a late lunch and a bull fight, it was her first one, but when she asked Kaka and Iker for all her information to make the perfect birthday for Sergio, they said he loved bull fights. Sergio spent the majority of the fight with his arm around Alex, constantly making sure she was okay, he knew it was tough for some people who were foreigners to watch it. The pair walked back into Sergio's house and were quickly greeted by a large crowd, "Surprise." Alex smiled. Sergio smiled widely and kissed her quickly before mocing around to mingle with everyone.

The party carried on and moved downstairs, to Sergio's favorite part of the house, his giant playroom and his dance club. Iker handed Sergio a shot of tequila, "Salud birthday boy." he said as he raised his shot glass. The whole line of footballers decided on two shots each to get the party started in their opinion. Sergio pulled Alex onto the dance floor as Timber By Pitbull started playing ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHESy8XsJPs ) Alex knew what he wanted and he gladly gave it to him, letting his hands moving up and down her sides as he kissed her neck. Alex could smell the alcohol on his breath as she grinded on him roughly. The bass picked up and the whole place started to look like a rave, a true standard in any kind of party Sergio threw. Sergio was having a fantastic time, drinking and dancing. He had had two shots of tequila, and a glass of whiskey when Alex approached him from behind, she pressed against him and whispered in his ear, "How would you liek one of your presents now?" She asked as she tugged on the hem of his shirt. Sergio didn't hesitate, nodding furiously as Alex led him out of the room, flashing Iker a wink. Alex dragged him into his kitchen and grabbed a few things, "Turn and face that way." She said as she pointed over his shoulder, Sergio smirked and did as she said. Alex moved and placed a blindfold over his eyes. Alex grabbed him by the hand and led him up to his room, guiding him as he was blindfolded, quickly sitting him down in a chair, "hands behind your back" she Instructed as she tied them with one of his ties. "Damn nena. Now you got me intrigued." He said with anticipation. "There's a strict no touching rule and I know you have a hard time controlling yourself around me in these kind of environments." She said as she dimmed the lights and music began to play. Alex seductively walked over to Sergio, laying a hand on his shoulder from behind, he could feel her hot breath on his neck,

"I don't know what's going on, but I like it." He whispered. "Good" she whispered darkly in his ear. She carefully walked around to the front of him, as she removed the blindfold. Sergio looked at her as he began to fight his restraints. "Not right now love, you get to look at the presents, not open them." She said as she rubbed from his knees to his groin a few times, "nena please." He whined tugging as he tried to free himself. "Love, this is where I take care of you and you don't need to worry about me. I don't want you opening all of your presents right now." She winked. Alex walked behind him again, her fingertips tracing along his neck as she came back to face him, moving onto his lap. Sergio watched her as she began grinding on him lightly as she unbuttoned his shirt slowly, facing him, biting her lip Alex saw the look in his eyes and it made her want to end this and untie him, to let him devour her, but tonight was about him so she fought it. Alex moved off of him, causing Sergio to try and jerk his arms free again, with no success. He growled lowly to himself. Alex moved so her back faced him, she again began grinding on him, a little harder this time, as she ran her hands along his thighs, making him squirm, completely frustrated. Alex moved back around to face him, she roughly pushed her lips to his, still grinding against him, she licked at his bottom lip and began biting it and sucking it, making him moan weakly into her mouth as he struggled and moved his groin against hers, up and down, slowly in a circular motion. She moved to his neck, sucking hard and leaving love bites all up and down, making Sergio's breathing hitch and his heart race. She found his sweet spot, earning a pained and pleasured low moan, caught deep in his throat like a growl, even that drove Alex insane. He had never made that noise before. Alex held onto his lip with her teeth, pulling it back towards her to look into his eyes before returning to his lips, this time she sucked gently on his tongue. Sergio moaned again, louder this time, his fists were clenched so tightly they were now white. He was aching for release when her hands slowly slid down his tensed abs to his belt, teasing him effortlessly. Alex pulled back, causing Sergio to lurch forward trying to bring her back. Sergio growled and groaned loudly, moving and jerking furiously "Please I want you Alex I need you! Let me free let me have you!" He begged, Alex stood in front of him and she loved the effect she was having on him. Sergio let out another sexy, frustrated growl, "you alright love?" Alex asked, innocently. "Never better it's just getting a little tight in here, is it just me or is it warm?" He asked, fighting his urges, trying to act calm. Alex smirked and moved her hands down to slowly undo his belt and slip it from his waist before she unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down painstakingly slow, Sergio bit his lip and tensed up as he watched her with hungry eyes. She stepped back, "better?" She smirked. "Please nena!" Sergio squirmed again. "Relax, I'll take care of you birthday boy." She winked before sliding his pants and boxers down to the floor and lowering her head down to his groin.


Sergio and Alex rejoined everyone at the party, his crown sat a top his head, slightly crooked like the party king he was. Alex had her hand on Sergio's butt when they entered the dance club in his basement. Sergio entered the room, a large smirk on his face and his head held high. Alex kissed him and went to get a water, leaving him to go and talk to his teammates. "You got some lipstick on your lips, they're incredibly swollen and all over your neck you have lipstick and red splotches." Iker said laughing as he handed Sergio a glass of whiskey, which he gladly took. "That's not the only thing that's got lipstick on it." Sergio responded in Spanish, so he wouldn't get smacked by Alex. Iker, Xabi, and Kaka laughed, "I never would've thought Alex would have done that." Kaka said sipping his drink. "Hey me neither man, I didn't even ask for it, she just kinda did it. It's good to be the birthday king." Sergio sighed smiling. "Hey love." Alex smiled wrapping an arm around his waist, Iker and Xabi shot her a smirk and Kaka winked at her, "Way to go birthday boy, they think I'm a whore now." She joked slapping his stomach. "No no, you go sissy." Iker winked at her. "Piggies." She said before walking off to find Skylar, "I want more from you later." Sergio shouted after her, "don't worry, you'll get it" she shouted back, still walking forward.

The music started getting louder and the bass got heavier, Sergio went to find Alex and bring her to the dance floor. "Welcome back." He said, placing his hands on her hips from behind. "I must ask where you learned all that stuff from." Sergio said. "What stuff?" She asked. "The lap dance, the kissing, the...." He trailed off, hinting at it. "Some things are better left a mystery, it makes it more..."she paused and placed her hand on his inner thigh, "exciting." She said seductively. "You have no idea what I can do." She whispered, moving her hand up higher, "oh but I intend to find out." Sergio smirked. "Every last thing." He whispered darkly in her ear before kissing her neck and pressing his groin against her and wrapping his arms around her from behind, letting them rest just above where the button of her shorts was. The pair moved to the music, and Sergio moved his hands into her front pockets, "have I told you how sexy you are when you're desperate?" Alex asked. "No you haven't, lets hear it." Sergio said against her neck before nuzzling back into it, kissing it lightly, lovingly. "Desperation is /very/ sexy on you, especially when you get that frustrated growl going." She said. "Yeah?" He answered. "Just when I thought you couldn't get any sexier you go and do that." She smiled, moving her head back on his shoulder, and her hand up to his cheek to kiss him. Sergio smiled into the kiss, as he pushed his hands as deep into her pockets as they would go. He pulled back and fixed his crown before placing his hand back as Alex started to grind on him.

A slow song finally came on and Sergio finally got his wish, he finally got to pull Alex close to his chest, to feel her heart beat with his, to breathe in her flowery, enticing scent, and to never have to let go, all he needed now was to seal it with the perfect kiss. That was what he had wished for, the prefect kiss and he would know it by what he felt in his gut when it happened. "She's Everything." By Brad Paisley came on and the two gently swayed to the music, holding each other tightly. "You are my everything." Sergio whispered to her, hugging her and placing a kiss on her head. Alex squeezed him tight and smiled. The guitar solo came on and the pair pulled back, Sergio took both of Alex's hands in his, facing her and looking into her eyes. The two smiled at each other, seeming to be in their own world, forgetting everything and everyone around them. "I love you so much." She said sincerely. "I'll love you longer." He smiled. "Promise?" Alex asked. "Forever and always." Sergio responded, leaning down to her lips. Alex immediately followed, tilting her head as she watched his lips move forward towards hers slowly as her heart began to flutter. Sergio pressed his lips to hers and it felt like their first kiss all over again. He had that same knot in his stomach and his heart fluttered too as he moved his hands to Alex's waist as he kissed gently and lovingly. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss, running her fingertips through his hair. Sergio pulled back and grabbed Alex's hands again as he leaned his forehead on hers, smiling like a teenager in love. Alex giggled causing Sergio to giggle too and extend his lips to hers again, before pulling her into a hug and kissing her cheek. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." She responded. "That is sooooo cute!!!!!" Skylar yelled. Alex rolled her eyes and pulled away from Sergio. "Way to ruin the moment." She joked. "It's moments like those explain how you got pregnant in the first place." Kaka said back causing an uproar of laughter. "Oh c'mon he's irresistible" Alex smiled up at him as he wrapped an arm around her. Skylar shook her head and laughed, grabbing Iker's hand and kissing him quickly. Alex walked over to Sky leaving Sergio with the boys. "It's ridiculous, you guys can be so raunchy with the right music and Sergio tries all his player moves on, but as soon as a slow song comes on, he looks at you as if he hasn't seen you in years and all he wants is your head on his chest." Skylar smiled at Alex. "That's true love, he's so in love with you it's ridiculous." She continued. "I know, I love him so much, I love when his eyes sparkle when he looks at me." Alex gushed. "I've known him for years and I have never seen him look at a girl the way he looks at you, look at him right now, he's staring at you like a lost puppy." Sky motioned towards Sergio who winked at the girls. "Unf that wink, with the little smirk." Alex said biting her lip. "He's such a turn on and he doesn't even try, he's so sexy." She continued. "Trust me, he knows he's attractive." Skylar reassured her. "I'm so lucky to have him." Alex smiled to herself. "You have no idea." Sky smiled at her. "You see his new tattoo?" Alex asked. Sky nodded, "I was there when he got it." She said, "it was like two weeks ago I think, he doesn't usually talk about them unless you ask though." She said. "Does it mean what I think it means?" Alex asked. "Yeah, if you think it means Alex & Carter, then yes." Skylar said seriously. Alex smiled to herself, fighting back happy tears.

All of the guests had finally left, Alex and Sergio waved from his front door, he was a little drunk, but not enough to ruin things. Alex closed the door and turned to face him, a lustful look in her eyes. "Can I open my presents now?" Sergio asked giving her a devilish look before he started kissing down her neck, and putting his hands in her back pockets. Alex placed her hands on his chest, and moaned a little louder than she expected as he bit down hard on her neck before kissing it, right on her sweet spot. Alex jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he kissed her lips roughly, moving towards the bedroom, slamming it shut behind them.
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