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Crossing Stars

18 November, 2013

18 November 2013

The apartment was small and almost barren. One bedroom, a living area with a kitchen and dining area in the corner, and a single bathroom with a sink, mirror, toilet and shower. No bath. All the walls were white, as was the carpet and the linoleum tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

In the main living area, there wasn’t much. There was a sofa the previous tenants left behind, almost too big for the small room, white with no stains besides the few coffee and tea stains, and the discoloration that comes with time. The sofa faces a small, dark-stained, pine cabinet, only perhaps three feet tall, a few scratches here-and-there, but in overall good condition. Atop the cabinet sat a small T.V., twenty-five inches, bought from a man with a thick Indian accent in a shop with all sorts of goods. Hooked up to the T.V. was a TalkTalk box, providing the best Television and internet and phone package they could afford, which wasn’t much, but it was something.

The kitchen was just as white as the living room. The cabinets were all painted white, and the table with two chairs was pine, stained just as the cabinet in the living room had (upon further inspection, it must have been done by the previous tenants, you could see the brush strokes, and a vague smiley-face on the top of the table). The refrigerator and freezer were small and blended in with the surrounding cabinets, and almost as barren as the rest of the house. The only thing that separated the kitchen from the living room was a half-wall, just a corner making the kitchen a perfect square.

The bedroom was small as well. Pushed into one corner were three guitars (one electric, two acoustic), two large suitcases, a smaller suitcase, a duffle bag, and two backpacks. It was all they owned. The wall across from the door had a window, which didn’t do well to keep out the cold, but it kept out the persistent, heavy rain that pelted the country on days like today. The cold was kept at bay by the radiator beneath the window. There was a closet on the same wall as the door to the living area, the door apparently long broken, as the hinges had been rusted .(they’d briefly wondered what kind of people had lived here before, but quickly pushed those thoughts away.) Pushed up against another wall, closer to the closet, across from the pile of belongings, was a mattress, the one they’d bought second-hand on their way from the airport, deeming it okay since it had no questionable stains or odors.

The mattress held two sheets, three blankets and a duvet in an attempt to keep the two sleeping on it warm. Of course, the fact they were still in their day clothes and coats, minus their shoes, was proof that the blankets and radiator weren’t doing their job.
The two, a young man and young woman were sleeping back-to-back. His arms were crossed, dark hair still messy from the long flight they’d been on not twelve hours before. She was hugging her pillow, her purple-ended, medium-dark oak hair creating a halo around her head. They weren’t dating, but they didn’t mind sharing a bed. Not like they could afford two beds. This was their eighth move in the last eighteen months. Part of them hoped it would be their last move. But a small part loved the adventure, thrived in it.
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Hi. The chapters will be short for now i guess, until I get the hang of the format. I'm looking for a cover (email to, and maybe names for our two protagonists. Feedback is awesome, especially constructive criticism, and tell me what you think happened or is going to happen! I'm curious!
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