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Crossing Stars

December 17, 2010

December 17, 2010


“Lemon honey?”

He hummed. “Throat coat.” She nodded.

They were in the apartment he shared with his mother. She wasn’t home at the moment, unsurprisingly. She usually was working at a quarter past two in the afternoon. The two unlikely friends were there instead of at school, the young lady being ill and the screaming match with her parents did a number on her throat, and the young man because she needed a place to go and was ill.

She coughed, sounding more like a hacksaw then a human.

“You know, if you got into a good college, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick.” He said, imitating her parents, then more dramatically, added “Everyone knows good college can cure all your ailments and sickness and disease.”

She snorted and raised her middle finger at him, taking a mug from the cupboard, ignoring the mumbled “make yourself at home’ from her friend. He didn’t really mind anyways.

There was a silence over the apartment. Not that they minded; they didn’t need much other than each other's presence. The only sounds were of the kettle boiling and tea being poured, and the sound of them waiting for the tea to cool.

It was comfortable.

“Movie?” She shrugged. “Home alone, one and two?” She nodded. “Go sit on the couch, I’ll set it up.”

Normally she would feel bad about not helping, but she was tired, and sick. She also didn’t expect him to bring all the blankets from his bedroom and the hallway closet and dump them on the sofa for them to create a makeshift nest in.

some hours later, his mother came in to see the credits for Home Alone 2 rolling on the screen, and both of them asleep on the sofa, mugs of tea and coffee sat forgotten on the small coffee table. She was never really a fan of the girl, not liking the family she came from. Their stuck up, professional holier-than-thou attitude was enough to make the mother want to tear her hair out. But even so, she saw something in the girl that was different from the likes of her parents. In her sleep, it was like she was a different person, letting down the mask she wears so carefully and revealing the bags under her eyes from many sleepless nights, and lines of worry gracing her face. And when she was awake, the spark in her eye that warms her heart.

Well, the mother thought, her son could have definitely picked worse people to befriend.
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