Status: One-Shot that I wrote for school.

The Ghost of You

This was simply for a school assignment and I got a 95. I personally don't like it that much and I think it sucks, but my grade says otherwise..

“Alex, I dare you to go into the Haunted Asylum down Main Street.” Rian giggled as he popped a few skittles into his mouth.

“What? No way, dude.” Alex breathed out shaking his head.

“Hey, a dare is a dare. You have to do it.” Zack mentioned which Alex groaned.

“I’m going to make it easier for you. Jack, you go with him.” Rian added which knocked Jack out of his trance with wide eyes.

“What?” Jack asked, head tilted towards the side.

“You heard me. You and Alex, Haunted Asylum, tonight.” Rian said with a smug grin on his face.