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When Do We Start?

Blasphemy in My Wasteland

Loki lay sprawled onto his prison floor, watching feebly as his two illusions argued back and forth about nothing in-particular. That's how things had been for the past year or so. The two clones would start fresh and afterwards grow angry and dark till Loki no longer found their company appealing and banished them back within his mind. Today it seemed that things were changing, the act molding into something darker. They were changing because he let it change. Loki hadn't the strength to stop them this time. No not today, and as such they spiraled into something deeper and darker. Knifes drawn at the ready, Lust in their eyes. The two illusions battled and fought till nothing resided within the cage but blood and dead flesh.
It had been three years since he was brought home by his brothers hand as a prisoner and those years of solitude had changed him. Now he couldn't even tolerate the death of the pretenses he created. Loki watched in horror as A severed head of his illusion fell from it's body and rolled to his feet, turning unnaturally to lock eyes with it's creator. He cringed, an unease and fear settling within him as he hurriedly willed the dismembered bodies of his creations away.
If this was what was left of his mind within solitude,
Then Loki was only bound to get much worse.
He had to escape this nightmare.

It was late into the night as the Asgardian prisoners lay fast asleep within their cages, mumbling soft sweet murderous grunts as they dreamt. All but one, who sat in his lonely darkened camp, attempting to read one of the dull books his mother had brought him over the years by candlelight. Loki tossed the mundane book aside and watched as it landed with an echoing thud against the cold floor. He sighed a sigh of relief as the oafs he was forced to endure made no more than a breathy growl at the noise.
"Filthy creatures." He mumbled as he took the candle from it's place on the desk and played with the flame. Nights had become more and more restless for him over the years, sleeping very little, if at all, had taken it's toll and he still could not yet understand exactly why. He sighed, hating questions because they never came with answers.
Spontaneously he searched throughout his cell and grasp the first thing he saw.
Loki placed the spoon into the fire and watched as the metal heated from the flame.
The young asgardian chuckled, feeling a bit of pleasure from this small act was enough to calm his mind. Still he wondered...
Was this it, had he gone mad? Was this his fate, left to burn away like the melted steel in his hand?
Loki gave an amused huff. His mind never calmed.
"I've got a candle," Loki sang softly into the darkness were no one but sleepless murderers lingered to hear. "And I've got a spoon."
"I live in a hallway with no doors," His voice traveled melodically throughout the prison.
"And no rooms."
"Under a windowsill," He could feel his sanity slowly slipping with each word as he sang, Watching as each of the captives tossed and turned within their slumber chambers. "They all were found."
"A touch of concrete within the doorway," His voice carried beyond Loki's control, disturbing someone within the cell nearest him. "Without a sound-."
"ASGARDIAN SCUM!" Someone shouted through the darkness. "Another verse and your tongue shall be mine!"
Loki quickly distinguished his candle and dropped it to the floor where it rolled and hit the golden barrier of his cage. The candle illuminated again and bounced back into his hand.
Startled, Loki dropped the wax cylinder aside and watched as it once again returned to his hand.
This was not his magic. No, this was something else... Something more.. Someone.
"Who is there?" He asked to the darkness, fearing that he may just be that mad to imagine such things. " Reveal. " He muttered and with a wave of his hand a woman appeared.
She laughed childishly, tilting her head in amazement and wonder.
Her pale skin gave off an airy glow illuminated by the candle. Her long black hair cascaded in spirals down her shoulders, the contrast made her icy, blue eyes shine underneath her cloak like a beacon in the darkness.
She was no one he knew.
"Some of us." she said in an airy voice as Loki watched her wander aimlessly throughout the hall. " Should not be left alone to tinker with our own thoughts, eh?" she paused and turned back to the Asgardian prince on her heel. "It gets... Messy." She smirked.
Was this woman there, has she seen, been watching? The one thing Loki had made sure of since his constraint was to always appear as he always had been to others.
To appear in tact, no matter how deranged.
"Who are you girl?" He asked tentatively. "What business do you have here, with me?"
The young woman smiled deviously, clearly finding humor within his words that Loki himself could not see. "Business indeed." She replied simply.
Confused, Loki sighed angrily. "What is that supposed to mean?"
She merely laughed mockingly at him, humming a simple tune as she walked throughout the room.
"So be it. I needn't be part of your childish games." Loki grumbled as he turned to blow out the candle and finally diminish the confusing woman from his presence.
Unfortunately,The candle moved from his grasp. Annoyed, Loki sighed and stood, instantly to faced by the woman with the ice eyes, floating just enough to meet his.
" Oh, whats the matter my prince?" she asked coyly, circling him as she spoke. "I thought you were the king of games, after all."
"Well that's a neat trick." He gasp, shocked that she had figured out how to enter an Asgardian prison cell. "Perhaps it would be more menacing if you needn't levitate yourself a foot to match my height. "
He spoke as he gently pushed her back onto the ground.
This, he quickly found, was not the right thing to say for she glared darkly at him before disappearing completely.
"WAIT!" Loki shouted and sighed deeply, his first interaction with outside life in over a year and he wasn't handling it well.
The woman materialized in his reading chair and eyed him cautiously.
"What is your name beautiful?" He asked curiously while walking towards the intriguing woman.
She smirked at him, her eyes glistening brightly as she stumbled into the wall behind her. Loki caught her from falling and gazed in wonder at her mysterious beauty. She laughed childishly at him as her form dissipated into a blue cloud of smoke that melded into a explosion of smog and flame. Bits of burning paper Lingered throughout the air where she stood, falling lazily to the floor. One, however, was larger than the rest and still on fire as it floated freely in the wind. Loki snatched it from the air quickly and smothered the flame, careful not to damage the writing further. Scribbled neatly into the page was a sole name, one Loki knew he would never forget.
No matter how much needed to.
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