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When Do We Start?

Take Me

A full year had past since Loki's encounter with the odd woman, and almost Two years thirty six days and seven hours since anyone from the outside world had come to visit him, but then again, who's counting?
He had supposed that he imagined her, seeing that her presence only came at the lowest end of his mental breakdown. Still Loki concluded the night as 'too real' for just another of his illusions and convinced himself otherwise. He had seen her before, once or perhaps twice before, yet after a year later he could not place where.
It was those eyes that he remembered, eyes that stung and burned through any thought or image within his mind. Still, he tried to ignore it. An eternity of solitude is much more easily handled without the torturer of irrevocable hope.
Or so he assured himself.
It wasn't until later that evening that his questions were answered. Finally bringing some light to the mysterious girl. Loki sat in the corner of his cell, quickly jumping to his reading chair as the large heavy doors jarred their way open. More servants, he presumed, here to bring them the leftovers of today feast. He sighed and quickly masked himself by his illusions. They tend to look far more presentable than the truth would at the moment and he didn't want the fuss of his mother or the arrogance of his brother to collide with today.
That would be far worse than any cell.
The servants came hurriedly and offered their meals through a hole in the golden gateway. Loki quickly snatched up a book and appeared to hardly notice the woman in the black cloak as she slipped an ornate tray through the barrier.
Loki, feeling an unsettling amount of eyes on him, glanced at the girl. The woman stared at him from behind a curtain of long wavy black hair, hidden beneath the hood of her cloak. Her Ice-like eyes smiled up at him, saying only that she enjoyed knowing, whatever she knew, too much.
"Astria?" He questioned softly so as to avoid suspicion from the others.
Again came that childish laugh as she raised her hands to her face. "Well, aren't you the clever one?" She smiled and tossed her arms aside in a dramatic bow. "My Prince." she said formally.
Loki sat in awe as the sounds of the room instantaneously silenced. Plates froze in mid air, servants during their chores, even prisoners in mid bite.The room gave off an eerie desolate vibe. It was as if time it's self had let them be.
This was no ordinary magic.
"What do you want with me?" He asked harshly as she dissipated from her spot and into his lounge chair. Astria took the wine glass from his tray and sipped at it. He gave her an angered look.
"Well, now that formalities are aside us I suppose I shall get right to it." She smirked devilishly as she crossed her legs seductively while supporting her chin in her hand and elbow on her knee. For an Asgardian dress it was rather different, Loki noted. Long in the back and short in the front which exposed her boots and much of her shapely legs. "I have a proposition for you." She spoke, snapping him away from his thoughts.
Loki's brow furrowed. "What could a mere chambermaid have to offer a prince?" He said arrogantly.
"A mere chambermaid who you've been ogling since we met. " Astria smirked as she sipped his wine and uncrossed her legs seductively.
"Don't flatter yourself girl." He said hastily as he took the glass from her and downed it before handing it back. Attempting to manifest control of the situation. She was annoying him with it, after all. "What is it you want?"
Astria laughed childishly once again and ran a finger over the rim of the glass, filling it magically. Showing her current superiority. It angered him and that amused her.
"Simply your assistance, and in return..." She tilted her head and smiled coyly. " I can give you what your heart desires." She said nonchalantly as she watched him pace throughout the room.
"That... Would be a bit awkward with others in the room don't you think. Personally I like to keep my endeavors private." He retorted with a smirk.
"Don't flatter yourself, My prince." Astria said sarcastically. She blinked at him, her face angered. "I can get you out of here." She stated blankly.
"You? A meager servant girl, plan to break me, Loki, bringer of destruction, out of prison? Oh how charming." He spoke in annoyance at the impossible feat. Even if she could, his brutish brother would have him thrown back in before nightfall.
She glared at him angrily, arrogance never being a redeeming factor for her in men and so far Asgard was full of them.
"I never did say 'Break', you pathetic nuisance. " Astria spoke coldly as she disappeared from his cage, her cloak flowing as she stormed off.
Loki regretted his words instantly. "When do we start?" He shouted. If she could potentially prove useful then he at least deserved to hear her out.
Astria turned to him. "Three days." She said in annoyance. "You will have a meeting with your father. I suggest you present yourself accordingly. He will want to know what you have learned from your suffering." She stormed off, boots stomping on the stone. " Oh! and a thank you would be nice, that wasn't exactly easy to obtain." She added before slamming the door and returning the room back to it's hustle and bustle.
Loki sighed and picked the dropped goblet off of the floor. Three days, in three day he could very well be out of this nightmare. Three days and he could be back to his usual tiding around the palace where a feats would be prepared for days of celebration and they would all cheer....
That Silver-tongue had returned.

Yes, he would thank her... Eventually.
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