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When Do We Start?

A Wilhelm Scream

Allfather's P.O.V. -

Alone in the Grand Hall Odin waited for the arrival of his son. He had chosen to speak to the boy in solitude. For it was his decision of trust that needed to be mended and no others. A decision much more easily made without the intervening thoughts of family and others deluding his mind. This way the division between King and Father stayed in balance.
This way he could see through his sons lies.
The doors to the Hall opened slowly and through them marched a small portion of Asgardian soldiers. With a measured tread, they walked to the Allfather's thrown and halted. Everyone in the room was terribly on edge, unknown as to what devious plots where spinning throughout his young sons mind.
For that he was both Proud.... and disappointed.
Only Loki could achieve such conflictions in the Allfather.
With a wave of his hand the soldiers parted, surrounding Loki on all sides except that in which the Allfather meant to travel. He walked the straight forth path, careful to look strong and valiant as he did. If Loki had any ideas, well, Odin would make sure they didn't come to light.
He stopped to gaze at his son, looking carefully for any signs of his master trickery. Loki kept his head down, eyes to the floor and said nothing upon his fathers presence. Whether out of shame or anger?
Odin had yet to tell.
"Those will not be necessary." The Allfather stated. A guard quickly disposed of Loki's restraints. Odin stood resolute as his son glanced at him questioningly.
His features softened and Odin embraced him. "My Son." He said comfortingly.
"Father." Loki replied, returning the hug. "I like the warm welcome."Loki said smartly. The Allfather smiled and grasped his sons shoulders warmingly before proceeding back to his throne.
"FATHER?" He questioned skeptically. "I would have thought that you had abandoned your family for your true heritage."
"No Allfather," Loki said tentatively, his voice low and scornful. "That way is behind me."
"Is it?" Odin asked, knowing his son would not be so eager to put the past behind him.
Loki hesitated a moment, clearly finding the most suitable words to benefit his situation. "I still may be a bit reserved about the topic, but those are my issues that need sorting." Loki paused a moment before standing tall and locking his green eyes with his fathers. "No one else."
Odin eyed him for a moment. As genuine as his son seemed Odin still felt the odd pulse of something lingering in the back of his mind. "Loki, you may be an intelligent liar but you forget.. A father is no fool to his sons."
"I understand Allfather." Loki replied and nodded respectfully.
" Your incarceration was difficult, so I hear." Odin said mater of factly.
Loki looked taken back and hesitated a moment. Not a good sign.
"Yes Father," He said cautiously. "As hard as that is to admit."
"And you were not aware of today's actions, yes?"Loki shook his head no. Odin scanned his sons face for any altercations to justify his lingering thoughts. "Good." He stated when finding none.
His son was either extremely guilt ridden or perfected his tongue.
Both were Odin's thought.
The Allfather stood from his thrown. "Astria!" He called.
A childish laugh echoed throughout the hall as a young woman appeared dexterously from behind the Allfathers thrown, walking a small box down to his son. Loki appeared slightly shocked at the emergence of the girl, no doubt from her charming beauty, but quickly he then composed himself.
"Astria, has been a great deal of help here in the palace. " Odin praised as he watched the girl beam with gratitude. "hardworking, strong and wise, even Invented many things."
Astria nodded politely and blushed . "The Allfather elaborates." She said shyly.
Odin smiled. She was truly such a sweet girl, and so much like his son before him. Astria placed the box on the pedestal near his son and watched as the two exchanged formal introductions. Loki took her delicate hand and placed a quick kiss upon it. The Allfather eyed them skeptically as a glimmer of hope slowly grew in his eyes.
"Not even she knows this yet," He spoke eagerly. " but I soon look to make her part of the court."
The woman turned to him immediately, thrill in her eyes as she tried desperately to hold her composure in front of him.
"W-why thank you sir!" She exclaimed graciously. "The honor can not be expressed enough."
Odin looked to his son, confusion written on Loki's face.
It pleased him to know that his son wasn't the only one capable of playing games.
Astria turned to his son. "Your hand, it must go in the box." she explained.
Loki surveyed the metal box uncertainly before looking to his father. Odin nodded for him to comply and, with much apprehension, shoved his hand into the containment of darkness.
With a intense roar of pain Loki ripped his hand from the dark box and stumbled backwards.
"What have you-?" He grunted, eyeing the new wristband furiously.
Odin silenced him.
"The band is merely for your containment within this world and it's palace grounds. " The Allfather explained. "Astria has assured me that there is no fail safe, no trick that can dispute it."
"Well, Perhaps there is one," She said smoothly. "But that would require removing flesh from bone." She gave Loki a sympathetic look. "Sorry for the shock."
Odin smirked at his triumph over the young trixter as he tried strenuously to push and shake the bangle off.
"Father are you serious?" Loki huffed. Odin nodded.
"Trust the sweat, not the face it's on." Astria mocked.
"Now!" The Allfather said, silencing them and waving permission for others to enter and guards to leave.. "Let us feast tonight in celebration of the return of the young Odin son."
Loki gave a sigh of relief.
"Mother!" The Odinson greeted joyously. "This is only temporary yes?" He asked angrily.
The queen averted her eyes awkwardly. "we'll let your father decide on that for now" She said tentatively. "Now come my son, your in need of new robes."

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