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The Way I Loved You

The one thing she wanted the most was to be happy. The problem with Gabrielle Gomez is that she doesn't know exactly how to achieve that. She has always believed that good things come to an end, and that nothing lasts forever. Life is like a wheel; sometimes you're at the top and sometimes you're at the bottom.

One day, she comes into work after having a rough week, and makes a impulsive decision that acts as a catalyst to shaking up her white bread world. Then she meets the man she's been secretly pining over from afar.

After some social media psudeo-controversy, they get to know each other and realize that they complement each other in some really great ways; similarities and difference that just work. Gabby finally believes that she has found what makes her truly happy. But they soon find out that sometimes being so similar, and too different at the same time can lead to rocky times.

Is the man that stirred up her bland world the answer to her malcontent? Or is he in the way of what she truly wants?

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is probably something I don't own. But all original characters are mine. Any similarities between my original characters and real life people are purely coincidental.