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In Your Dreams

Moving Day

"Fuck!"Anne yelled at the top of the stairs. Her mother scooted out of the way of the chair being tossed down step-by-step. "Why do we have to move anyway?" She looked at her mother disgusted by how many times they have left everyone behind.
"Because we need a fresh start, Anne," her mother snapped back. Anne hated moving. She liked the same old routine and how everything worked out. She didn't know why she liked to be in the boring, sluggish town. Anne didn't have friends or people to go to when something was wrong. She enjoyed her own company.
Getting on the plane was hectic. People were scurrying their way to the shops and over-priced restaurants when she finally sat in her seat. Sticking her headphones in her tiny ears, Anne looked up to an obese man walking down the narrow isle. "Just my luck," Anne whispered under her breath as she was smashed against the window when he slowly sat down.
Anne woke to the sound of the landing gear smacking the pavement. They were in California.
Anne and her mother finally pulled into their new driveway. Anne was surprised that it was paved and smooth.
"I'm so excited to see the house, aren't you, Anne?"
"Well, duh, Mom. But I call first room!" Anne ran through the house half-checking the rooms. "Found mine!" Anne yelled. Her mother had just stepped in the door.
"Okay, okay calm down!" Her mother laughed. The house was immaculate. The high ceilings connected to marble walls that ran into plush, white carpet. Anne's family wasn't rich, but they could afford nice things.
"It's fucking amazing, Mom! How are you affording this?" Anne asked, still out of breath from running.
"Anne, I got a new job. That's the whole reason why we moved out here. There is an attorney's office across town that paid our way here and they offered me a job on a VERY high salary."
"What?! I mean I knew you went to law school and all that shit, but how did they find you of millions of people?"
"They just did, Anne! Now, let's go meet our neighbors, shall we?" Her mother smiled, holding out her arm for Anne to lock with.
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