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In Your Dreams

Hey, Neighbor

After meeting everyone on the block, Anne and her mother started home.
"Wait! What about that house?" Anne questioned.
It was a average-sized house that sat far back from the road where you could barely see the top.
"I don't know if we should bother them, Anne. It looks like they like their privacy."
"Oh, just go up there, Mom." Anne said curiously.
Knocking on the door, she felt nervous. All the other houses were full of sweet hellos and goodbyes and that was it. This one felt different.
The door swung open to a woman in her late 30s with black hair and bright eyes.
"Well hello there! Can I help you?" The woman smiled.
"We just moved here from Indiana and we just wanted to introduce ourselves. My name is Dawn Morris and this is my daughter, Anne."
Anne looked at her mother with tears in her eyes. She stuck out her shaking hand and the woman looked fearful. Locking hands, the woman opened her mouth to speak.
"I am Adrienne Armstrong. It is very nice to meet you two girls. Would you like to have dinner tomorrow night, my treat?" Adrienne smiled widely.
Anne still in shock looked to her mother.
"That would be wonderful, Ms. Armstrong! See you tomorrow then."
As the two girls walked away, Adrienne smiled to herself and went to tell her husband about the dinner.
"Mom! Do you understand who the fuck that was?" Anne yelled and waved her hands.
"Shit, Anne does the whole world need to hear you? Who was it?"
"Um, y'know Green Day?" Her mother nodded and realized what she was saying.
"No way! That was not..." Her mother looked excited.
"Yes, Mom! That was Billie Joe's wife!" Anne screamed in excitement.
Falling asleep was hard for Anne. She had gotten invited to the lead-singer of Green Day's house for dinner. She swore she would wake up in the morning realizing it was only a dream. She tossed and turned in her huge bed. Not realizing how much time had passed, she looked up at her clock.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Anne yelled as she jumped out of bed. She was late for her first day of school. She had fifteen minutes to get ready and be in class. She threw on a pair of black jeans with her black shirt that had studs on it.
Rushing to find her converse, she heard the telephone ring.
"Hello? Oh, yes, sir, I can be there in twenty minutes. Is that okay? Alrighty, see you soon." She heard her mother hang up the phone.
"Who was that?"
"The law firm, they need me there ASAP. Have a good first day, honey. Don't forget about dinner tonight!" She winked at Anne and closed the door.
Of course, Anne was late. She walked into her class and went straight to an empty desk. She looked around, everyone staring at her clothes and make-up.
"What are you looking at?" Anne scoffed.
"I don't know, what am I looking at?" A jock said from across the room.
"Not a five year-old like you." Anne said under her breath. Anne was pretty for the most part. Her hair was to the middle of her back, falling in blonde locks. She had put purple in her bangs but it had faded into a pastel color. She was fairly short; about 5'0. Her bright green eyes fell under long, mascara-coated eyelashes. She thought as herself as average.
"How was your first day, honey?" Her mother asked sweetly.
"Hell." Anne looked at her mother with angry eyes.
"Well, forget about that. Remember, we have dinner tonight. Dress nice, Annabelle!"
Anne sighed. She knew her mother was serious when she used her full name.
Ready for dinner, Anne trots out of her room in a short black dress with a high neckline. It had lace on the bottom and she paired it with a pair of black flats. Heels weren't really her thing. She entered the living room to see her mother in a very expensive red dress with matching heels.
"Mom, you look pretty." Anne complimented her mother.
"Thank you, dear. So do you! I don't remember the last time I seen you in a dress."
Anne smiled, wondering what Adrienne will be wearing.
Dawn knocked on the door as Anne fidgeted and chewed on her nails.
"Anne, stop it. Don't look so nervous!"
"Don't look so nervous? What am I supposed to do, look all calm and have that 'oh it's nothing' attitude?" Anne was sweating on her forehead when Adrienne answered the door.
"How are you two lovely ladies? Please, come in, dinner is just about done. Anne, have you met my boys?" Anne shook her head.
"This is Joey and Jakob. Boys, this is Anne. She just moved here. Be nice!" Adrienne left the room.
"How old are you, Anne?" Joey asked quietly.
"I just turned eighteen last month. What about you?"
"I'm seventeen. I'll be eighteen in February." He smiled sweetly.
In the kitchen, Dawn and Adrienne were stuck in an awkward silence.
"How many children do you have, Dawn?" Adrienne asked.
"Oh, just my Anne. She was a complete accident but she's the best thing to ever happen to me."
"That's sweet. I have Joey, who is about to be eighteen, and Jakob, who will be fourteen this year."
"Wow, I couldn't imagine having two teenage boys!" Dawn exclaimed. Adrienne smiled and giggled a little.
"Boys! Dinner!" Adrienne yelled up the stairs.
Anne's mouth hung open as three people walked into the room.
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