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In Your Dreams


With her mouth still open, Anne was still star-struck. Dawn snapped her fingers at her daughter.
"What? Excuse me." She realized a short man with dark, shaggy hair was holding out his hand. It was him. It was Billie fucking Joe. Anne held hers out also and their hands joined. Anne felt a jolt when his hand grazed hers.
"How are you, Anne?" Billie asked.
"I-I am great. How about you?" She said nervously.
"Hungry!" He laughed and everyone joined in. Except Anne. She did a fake, wheezy laugh that sounded like she was crying.
Adrienne brought in plates for everyone. She had made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls.
"How American." Anne whispered to her mother, causing her to giggle.
The adults started talking about the usual things. Politics, baking, clothing prices, school policies, and most of all how well-behaved their children were. Why did parents have to show off like that? When Anne thought about her children in the future, she was going to call them 'little shits' to everyone.
"So, Anne, how is school for you?" Adrienne asked as she took a drink of her expensive wine.
"It's great. The other people are nice and the teachers help me a lot." Anne lied.
"Liar." Billie looked up from his plate with an evil grin on his face.
"No, no, I'm not lying." Anne said as stern as she could.
"Whatever you say, kid." Billie replied, still with his grin.
Saying goodbye sucked.
"We had a wonderful time Adrienne, thank you so much for the wonderful food. It was very good to meet your family!" My mother smiled too big.
"You girls are welcome here anytime! Here's my phone number if you ever want to talk!" Adrienne smiled at Anne who's eyes widened at the piece of paper.
Back at home, Dawn and Anne had music blasting and were celebrating their new neighbors.
"I wonder what it's like to be Adrienne." Anne quietly said to her mother.
"It has to be good. I mean, rich-ass husband, beautiful kids, expensive everything. It must be amazing." Her mother replied.
"Yeah, lucky bitch." Anne and her mother laughed together.
The next day, it was sunny and warm. Anne decided to go for a morning stroll. She walked everywhere and seen everything there was to see in Oakland.
Three hours later, she drug herself into her driveway to see an unfamiliar car. Running up the steps, she trips and bangs her head on the metal flower pot.
"Fucking pot!" She yelled. Anne looked up to the window to see Joey with wide eyes. As Anne gets up, Dawn hurries outside to make sure she is okay. Billie follows. Anne's eyes widen with fear. Everything gets blurry and eventually turns black.
Waking up in the hospital, she sees wires going into her arm and has a massive headache. Remembering what happened, she wonders what Billie thought of her and if he was here. She hoped he would be.
"Hey, baby, how are you?" Her mother said in a sweet tone.
"My head hurts." Her mother laughed a little and told her she would be fine.
As Billie walked into the room, Anne's heart fluttered.
"Hey, kid, how are ya?" He asked slowly, like a child.
"I'm okay, now", Anne replied, keeping her eyes away from his.
Billie got closer to Anne and she looked her eyes somewhere else. It felt good to know that Billie cared for her. He put his hand on her forehead. He told her she had a fever. He looked at her with sweet eyes and walked out of the room. A tear fell from Anne's eye. She realized it was because she was so happy.