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In Your Dreams

But He's Dreamy

After Anne's date with Joey, he was all she could think about. They went on a few more dates and got to know each other more. Anne also got to know his family more.
"Hey Joey, Mike and Tre are coming over today. Do you want to give Anne a call?" Billie said.
"Yeah, Dad I'll call her. I'm afraid of Tre being around her though. He might just scare her off!" Joey laughed at himself.
Joey got out his phone and dialed Anne's number.
"Hey, Anne, what are you doing today?" Joey asked.
"Nothing actually. You got something in mind?"
"Yeah, be here at five if you want." Joey hung up and hoped for the best.
Tre and Mike came in the door and said hey to Jakob and Joey.
"You girlyfriend coming over, Joey?" Tre asked.
"Yes, Tre, please don't freak her out!"
"Dude, relax." Tre laughed.
Anne pulled in the drive way to meet Joey by the door.
"Hey beautiful." He blushed and kissed her on the cheek.
"Hi guys!" She said loudly an everyone replied. "You must be Tre"
"How'd you know?!" He said like a child.
"I just know. Im psychic." She joked.
"What?! Get this lunatic out of here!" Tre picked up Anne and walked to the door. Letting her down, everyone laughed.
Anne walked up to Mike and stuck her hand out. Mike stood up for a hug and Anne looked awkwardly at him.
"What? My niece-in-law shouldn't shake my hand!" Mike said laughing. Anne hugged him back.
Anne and Mike began talking. He asked her about school, boys, and what she wanted for her birthday.
"Who is your mother again?" Mike asked.
"Dawn Morris. She's about your age I think."
"Oh, I think I knew her a long time ago. We used to party with each other." Mike replied.
Mike rushed to the kitchen for absolutely nothing. Anne thought that was weird of him to just leave their conversation like that. It left her wondering what got him so upset.
Later that night, Joey and Anne were in Joey's room watching a movie. They were cuddled up on the floor with snack food around them. Joey looked at Anne. Anne felt him looking at her, but she wanted to avoid the awkward stare. Finally, as soon as her eyes met his, their lips locked once again. This time, it was more intense. Tongues filling each other's mouths, Joey carried Anne onto his bed. His parents went out with Mike and Tre so they had the house to themselves.
Neither of them had ever slept with anyone before and Anne could tell that Joey was nervous. But so was she.
Joey kissed Anne passionately, his hand on her cheek. He lowered his hand to her collar bone and turned her head to the side. He kissed her neck. His hot breath sent chills flying down Anne's body. She moaned quietly, which excited Joey. Anne could feel Joey's body pressing against hers when he sat her up. He removed his clothes and hers and laid her back down. Their naked bodies exploring each and every inch of the others. Kissing her collar bone, he lowered to her stomach. He kissed her sides, making her twitch.
"Have you ever done this before?" Joey asked Anne.
"No, have you?" She asked shyly.
"No, I haven't. But I'm freaked the fuck out." He laughed.
She smiled as he slid inside her. It hurt at first, but then felt like heaven. He went slow at first until she hinted that she wanted more. He sped up, the moans getting louder and louder. She squeezed his back to let the pleasure go. He lasted a longer than she thought, which wasn't bad. When he let it go, he fell into her.
"I love you, Anne." He whispered in her ear.
She smiled and replied, "I love you, too."