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In Your Dreams

Sex Talk, Baby Daddy

Anne and her mother were eating breakfast at the table.
"So how was it last night with Joey?" Her mother asked.
"It was, uh, good, Mom."
"What are you not telling me, Anne?" She giggled.
", did something."
"Did what?!" She exclaimed.
"Sex." Anne said too quietly for her mother to hear.
"You did what?"
"Sex, Mom!"
Anne thought her mother would be angry with her. She ran to her room in embarrassment.
"Anne, honey, I'm not mad at you."
"You're not?" Anne said, tears running down her cheeks.
"No, baby. I just want you to be safe. Did he use protection?"
"I'm not sure, it was too dark to see. What happens if he didn't?"
"Well, you can get pregnant, or worse, STDs. Ask him and let me know, okay? It's very important that you use protection."
"Okay, Mom. Thanks for not being mad at me." Anne smiled at her mother.
"I'm actually proud of you for waiting until you are eighteen. Some girls have children at very young ages because they aren't smart."
"Thanks again, Mom." Anne was happy her mother wasn't mad at her. It relieved her of some guilt.
"Hey, Joey." Anne talked through her phone.
"Hey, beautiful. How are you doing today?"
"I'm okay, I need to ask you something important."
"Um, did you uh, use protection last night?"
"Well, yeah! I don't want no baby yet!" Joey laughed.
"Oh, thank God!" Anne answered.
They hung up their phones and Anne went to her mother.
"Mom, he did use protection."
"Thank The Lord! I was getting worried!" Her mother giggled now that she was relieved.
Later that day, Dawn got a call from someone she didn't recognize.
It was Mike.
"Mike? Mike Dirnt?"
"Hey, Dawn, um, could we talk sometime?"
He told her about meeting Anne at Billie's house and what they talked about. She agreed to meeting him this afternoon.
Anne had went to Joey's house for dinner.
There was a knock at the door.
"Come in, Mike. It's nice to see you!" Dawn said to him.
"It's nice to see you, too." Mike sounded worried about something.
They talked about their lives and how they came to be.
"Dawn, you remember that night we got drunk and well, y'know?"
"Yes I do! Now that I think of it."
"I'm just going to come out and say it. I want a paternity test on Anne." Dawn, looking shocked, agreed with him. She deserves to know who her father is. Maybe this will give her a chance to get to know him.
"I'll tell Anne." Dawn said as Mike left.
Anne got home from Joey's and noticed a look on her mothers face. It was sorry and regretful. Anne was worried.
"Mom, what's wrong?"
"Well, honey, Mike came over today."
"That's what's wrong? I thought it was something serious!" Anne laughed.
"Annabelle, when Mike and I knew each other uh, about eighteen years ago, we did something very stupid. We had sex without protection. Mike thinks that he may very well be your father and he wants to do a paternity test."
Anne was in complete shock. She never knew of her father. This was too much for her.
"What if he is my dad?" Anne asked.
"What if he is? He'd be a great father to you, Anne."
"We're just now figuring it out? Eighteen years too fucking late!"
Anne ran to her room, but agreed to the paternity test. Anne called Billie. They have gotten closer the more she hung out with Joey. He told her to listen to her mother. She knows what's best and how to handle it. His advice did shit, but she listened to Billie.
"Let's do this, Mom."
Anne and her mother drove to the local clinic. A doctor swabbed Anne's mouth. Mike walked in to meet them and they swabbed his mouth, too.
"You'll get these results back in 2-3 days." Said the doctor.
"Hey, Anne. What's up?" Mike said quietly.
"Oh, nothing. Just trying to figure out who the fuck my dad is." She looked mad as Mike gave her the puppy-dog eyes and a pooched out lip.
"Stop it!" Anne laughed, but she didn't want to.
Two days later, the phone rang.
"Hello?" Anne answered.
"Hello, Miss...Morris?" The nurse said.
"This is her speaking. Can I help you?
"Yes, I have your DNA results. Michael Ryan Pritchard is in fact your father. Congratulations!"
"Thanks." Anne said as she slammed the phone down.
"Motherfucker! Now I'm going to have daddy issues!" Her mother laughed at her childish behavior and gave her a hug.