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In Your Dreams


Six months later, Joey and Anne were still together. Billie was now divorced, and Dawn and Mike had gotten serious.
"Billie! Breakfast!" Anne yelled up the stairs.
Anne had moved in with Joey and Billie. They had an extra bedroom, but she usually slept with Joey. Billie was still alone, which made him angry and drove him to drink. Anne thought he was drinking too much, but Billie thought otherwise.
"I'm not hungry, Anne. But thank you anyway, sweetie." He smiled at her. "Me, Mike, and Tre actually have to go practice for our gig at the iHeart Radio Festival today so I probably won't be home for dinner." Anne told him to be safe and to not get too drunk.
Joey and Anne's relationship had grown. You could say they were in love, but Joey noticed weird things going on between his dad and Anne. He didn't think much of it, so he just let it slide.
"Hey, beautiful. You want to go out tonight?" Joey asked Anne.
"I don't really feel up to it, y'know? You can go with some friends or something." Anne replied.
It was ten p.m. when Billie had arrived home. Joey had left an hour ago and Anne was watching the tv series 'Lost'.
"Hey Annie. What ya watchin?" Billie asked.
"Lost. It's really good. Wanna join me?" She asked as she patted the seat beside her. Billie sat down and began asking questions about the show.
After three episodes, Billie stretched his arms.
"I'm headed to bed. Don't stay up too late!" Billie warned and walked up the stairs.
Billie was dead asleep when he heard his door creek open.
"Billie?" A voice whispered in the dark.
"Who are you?" Billie laughed a little. He knew it was Anne.
"It's Annie. Can I sleep with you? Joey's still not home." She said in a sad tone. It sounded like she had been crying. Billie looked to his clock. Four a.m. Shouldn't he be home by now?
Anne laid down and turned her back to Billie. He did the same.
"Annie, what's wrong?" A few moments passed by and she finally answered.
"Joey is driving me insane. He's always talking to girls who are his 'friends'. It makes me wonder sometimes."
"I don't think he would cheat on you sweetie, but I thought the same of Adrienne." At that moment, Anne slowly moved. She slid her leg on top of Billie's. Even though it was dark, she could see the expression on his face. He was shocked, but wanted it more than anything. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help himself. Billie kissed Anne softly on her lips. Her heart jolted because this is all she's ever wanted. He pulled away from the kiss and cuddled her up.
"Annie, let's keep this our secret. Forever." Billie whispered.
He felt her nod in agreement. They fell asleep face-to-face, arms and legs tangled in each other.
"Dad have you seen...what the hell?" Joey looked to see Anne
and Billie still in the same position.
"Morning, Joey. Annie got freaked out last night because you didn't come home. Let's go in the living room. We need to talk." Billie slid out of bed without waking Anne.
"What'd you do last night?" Billie asked his son.
"The usual. Went to the nightclub down the street."
"Joey, they close at one in the morning. What else did you do?"
"Dad, I don't need you fucking knowing everything I do. Seriously, I'm eighteen years old. I think I can make my own choices." Joey snapped at his father.
Billie chuckled in a smart-ass tone. "Joseph, if you are cheating on Anne, you best tell her now while she is expecting it. She will be hurt but it'll be the best thing you can do right now. Be honest with her, Joey." Joey sat in silence.
"Good morning sunshine!" Billie yelled to Anne. Anne's face puckered in anger. Then she remember what had happened between them. She smiled at Billie and then to Joey.
"Did you have fun last night babe?" Anne asked Joey.
"Not really, it was actually boring at the club." He said in a monotone.
"Hey Anne, we need to talk. Like now." Joey said.
"Okay..." Anne trailed off, knowing what she was about to hear.
"Honey, I know what you think I have been doing, but to be completely honest with you, I haven't done anything wrong. I've spent so much time away from you because I've been thinking about us and our relationship." Joey got down like he was going to plead for forgiveness.
"Annabelle Rose Morris, will you marry me?" Anne looked shocked. She didn't expect this at all. Let alone right now. He had a huge diamond ring that looked like it would weigh down her finger.
"Yes!" Anne agreed and tears came to her eyes.
They didn't notice Billie in the doorway smiling. He was happy for them, but hurt at the same time. An evil grin came on his face. He wanted Anne. And he was going to get her.