Sequel: If Only Until Morning

Pictures on Silence

Chapter 17

When I woke up the next day, the first thing my brain registered, after shuffling through half my morning routine, was the guys all sitting around playing Game Cube. Smiling blithely, I sat down, as of yet undressed, in their midst and took the control from Brendon who, groaning, had just died. Again.

"Ooh, Super Smash Brothers," I cooed before proceeding to boot both Jon and Spencer within five seconds of each other.

"Hey, no fair," Ryan complained, not taking his eyes off the screen. "You stole my kill."

"Sucks for you," I replied, similarly not ungluing my vision.

For the next fifteen minutes, no one said anything except the occasional, "Take that, biznitch!" or "Gah! Stop killing me!"

Spencer leaned into me, trying to throw me off, but to no avail. I still smashed the B button and sent him flying across the screen. He pouted at me and tossed his control on the floor. "This sucks."

"Tell me about it," Jon grumbled; I'd booted him eons ago. "The girl is good."

"Not better than me," Ryan challenged. I glanced at him briefly, smirking, and focused on the television again. Both on our last lives, Ryan and I battled for a good five minutes before...

The other guys shouted in zenith. "Oh man!" Brendon exclaimed. "She totally owned you!"

Ryan's mouth hung open, the controller limp in his hands. I smiled widely at him. "You were saying, sweetheart?" I asked sweetly.

His teeth snapped shut and a competitive glint appeared in his brown eyes. "Rematch."

After seventeen games, I stretched backwards with my arms over my head and fell against the couch. "I'm bored," I decided. "What time is it?"

Spencer looked at his watch and got up to get a Capri Sun. "12:32."

"Shit, I should get dressed." I attempted to move, but failed miserably, and made a sad face. "But I don't want to."

"That's okay," Brendon said. "I don't want you to either." I put one hand to my tank top collar and gave him the Look. People always talk about "The Look", but really there are several. I gave him the 'We're both going to pretend you didn't say that" Look.

"Well, that's as good a reason as any," I decided, flipping my hair off my shoulder and getting up. Unfortunately, I flipped my hair right into Ryan's face, and his frozen scrunched-up expression made everyone laugh. "Oopsies." I bent over and lightly kissed his cheek before hopping over Brendon's legs.

"Hey, how come he gets a kiss?" Jon insisted.

I paused with a hand on my hip. "Because I hit him," I answered obviously. Brendon picked up Jon's arm and jerked it into his face. He puckered his lips at me expectantly. I laughed and started back towards my bunk. "Nice try, Brendon."

"But it hurt!" he called.

I rolled my eyes. "Then have Jon kiss it!" I called back, sifting through my clothes.

At least fifteen minutes later, having gone through all my clothes, I still hadn't found a shirt I liked. I whined progressively louder. "I can't find anything to wear!" I shouted theatrically at the ceiling. Typing on his computer in his bunk, Spencer rolled his eyes. I tossed some things around and sat down on my bed, a little put off. I hate my wardrobe.

A green shirt dropped onto my knees and slid onto the floor. I stared at it a second before looking up. Brendon smiled down at me-- which was quite a nice image to remember later. "You owe me a kiss later," he informed me.

I picked up the shirt, shut the curtain, and changed into it; it fit a little snugly, but hey, I have big boobs and Brendon is skinny as shit. Jumping to my feet, I held my hands behind my back and struck a girly pose. "Thank you, B.B.," I drawled in a sickeningly-sweet tone.

He laughed. "B.B.?" he repeated.

"Der," I said, adopting Jesse's favourite word. "Your initials are B.B.U. I find it coincidentally strange that all four of you have double letters in your initials."

"How'd you know that?"

I shook my head. "It's called the internet, man. You're famous and I started out a fan." I quirked an eyebrow at him. "But in a completely non-stalkerish way," I assured him, artfully.

He hopped down from his bunk and we went into the main section of the bus. "So you know a lot about us, huh?" he inquired. "Okay, what's my middle name?"


"Who started the band?"

"Spencer and Ryan, covering Blink 182 songs." Jon seemed mildly impressed, which sent a devilish grin to my lips. "~Jonathan Jacob Walker, bassist guy~," I sang. "~Thaaat's my job too!~" He and Brendon laughed. "I also know that you're from Illinois, not Nevada."

"What's Ryan's middle name?" Jon challenged.

"Ryan!" I cheered, throwing my hands up. Ryan poked his head out and asked what I wanted, which made all of us laugh.

"We're testing Angie's Panic! At The Disco knowledge," Brendon informed him. "Wanna help?" Ryan shrugged and joined us. Way to put me in the spotlight, guys, I thought, rolling my eyes.

Eventually, though, we digressed from my fandom-- which extended pretty far, to my embarrassment-- into other topics of conversation until we arrived at the venue. The guys decided that I couldn't just sit in the bus and not be sort of social, so I went with them. Except that they kicked me out into the hallway when they changed.

Considering how many people were running around in there with them, my statement that guys are weird stands pretty well.